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  1.  Great game, but can get frustrating


    There are a lot of mixed opinions about this game, many love it whilst others hate it. Personally I think it's a great game but the way people play it online can be frustrating, so bear that in mind before buying this.

    Graphics are good and still probably the sharpest looking first person shooter to date. Gameplay is very smooth, runing at 60 frames per second. The way that the game has been built is pretty much flawless. Singleplayer is quite good but not narrated well at all.

    The multiplayer is what you'll be spending the days playing, very addictive like previous titles in the franchise. As mentioned, it can however get annoying when people sit in a corner overlooking an area waiting for you to walk out into view.

    The main addition this time around are the killstreaks and there are plenty. Whilst many are useless in relation to the amount of kills needed to obtain them, they offer great variety to the multiplayer experience.

    Overall great game and this is probably one of the few that you will play long enough to make the payment absolutely worth it, personally I would recommend buying it.

  2.  Polished to Perfection


    As far as third person shooters go this is by far the best so far. The level of detail alone is unmatched by any other game, I really never have seen graphics like it before. The first game's jungle looked good but this time around, well you will be speechless.

    Gameplay is smooth but overall not really improved upon from the first game, however is very fun it's just that it would have been nice to see more tweaks and improvements.

    The story is thrilling. Never before in a singleplayer experience have I actually found it that hard to put down the controller for the night, it really is gripping. The character development and cutscenes are what make it memorable, the whole game is like an inter-active movie experience.

    Multiplayer will add many more hours to the game and is fun but it would have been nicer to have more maps, weapons, perks etc.

    Overall this is a great game and I would throughly recommend getting. Still hesitant? Don't be - it won Game of the Year 2009 (IGN) against competitors such as Modern Warfare 2 and Assassin's Creed II.

  3.  Excellent off-road racer


    If you are considering buying the game then I would highly recomend getting hold of the demo on the PS store.

    Graphically this game is superb, the environments look great and detail in both damage and reflections on cars is impressive. Gameplay is also very fun, not quite a simulation racer but it does feel natural.

    The DiRT tour is very good, offering over 100 events, and many events are more than 1 race with plenty of environments, tracks and cars. You get to know the names of the AI drivers you compete against which is nice and there is a buddy system, shame there's no rival system though. Online play is exceptional, no lag, high quality voice chat and a good random selection of tracks.

    Fans of the first game will be disappointed with the lack of rally races in the tour, about 30% are rally events, since it was originally built as a rally racer. The events such as trucks and buggies, whilst fun, were included too much in my opinion.

    Overall if you like racing games then it's worth getting hold of DiRT 2 as this is without a doubt currently the best off-road racer on the market, and with a fun trophies list you won't get bored quickly, worth the price tag.

  4.  Enjoyable but expected more


    Resistance: Fall of Man was the first game I played on the PS3 and thought it was incredible compared to any previous games I had played on the PS2. It was also so widely popular because it was included in so many PS3 bundles. Is this game worthy as a sequel?

    Well firstly the graphics are a huge improvement and definetely compare to some of the best on the market, but the water was a bit jelly-like. Bullets could look better and having flashes of light constantly passing over the battlefield it does tend to ruin what could be a much more realistic looking shooter.

    Gameplay is similar to the first game and still fun, thankfully. They borrowed some of the mechanics of other games, such as aiming with L1 rather than R3, which I think is a good thing.

    The story, for me, felt weaker than the first game. There was no woman narrating as each chapter passed, you would occasionally hear a radio broadcast but other than that there wasn't much about what was happening globally.

    Online was ok, co-op whilst sometimes fun became annoying because all the enemies take too many hits to kill. The 60 players competitve (against eachother) was badly executed in my opinion because you die too easily simply because there are so many other players. A lot of the time I would find it ended up with 2 large groups, each firing hundreds of bullets at the other.

    Overall it's an enjoyable game but I would have expected that from all the money Insomniac made from the first Resistance they could have made a much better sequel. If you were a fan of the first then you will enjoy it but I felt it lacked some quality and polish in most compartments in the game, shame really because it had very good potential.

  5. inFamous



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     Electrifying but more variety is needed


    This game is very good, there's no doubt about that. Graphics are brilliant, explosions look good, electric is cool and there are no, or very few, glitches or problems with visuals. Gameplay is very fun, the open world approach is very good. Powers are amazing, as well as the story, you can see a lot of work went into this game and it really paid off, everything is polished off to a very high standard. I really like the karma system as well, adding replayability and allowing you to play the game as you would prefer.

    Overall, it is an incredible game and one that is, in my opinion, worth getting.

    I only have one problem with inFamous, which is that it can get repetitive. As mentioned in the title, I think that the developers should have added more variety into many key aspects of the game. All the enemies are very similar to their type, and there are only three factions, also side missions are repeated at least three times throughout the story.

  6.  Truely epic


    After getting all the trophies for this game I'm confident that I've seen most of what this game has to offer and, if I have to describe it in a word then it's epic. The world you find yourself in is massive, with well over 100 individual locations. It is a RPG and definately offers a lot of choices and ways to play the game, especially due to the karma system. There are loads of story quests and sub-quests which lasted me tens of hours. With so many locations to explore, weapons to acquire and quests to complete this game easily packs in 50 hours of gameplay. It's a shame that exclusive content for this game is only currently available on the 360 however I hear that we will get it on PS3 eventually, I look forward to that.

    A lot of people don't like the shooting aspect of this game because it's not nearly as well presented as games such as CoD, but I personally think it's unfair to compare it to FPS games because Fallout 3 is so much more than a shooter. Also, the VATs system is great and offers some really nice views of kills, it also brings in a more tactical style of play.

    My only criticism of this game is that there are a lot of bugs in this game. It's a shame really that Bethesda couldn't spend a little more time evening out the small problems. However, overall this game is truely great and I absolutely agree with it being a strong contender of Game of the Year 2008, the small issues should not hold you back from buying this game, seriously!

  7.  Genuinely exceeds expectations


    At first I wasn't sure what to expect. Trailers I had watched made the game look like a little kids game and I was hesitant to buy it, although after such great reviews I decided that it was worth the risk and I definately do not regret the decision. It's uncommon these days to come accross something so different yet so fun. Graphics and physics in the game are perfect, customisation and the ability to create your own sack person with so many possibilities as well as being able to create a handful of levels with so many items to include is brilliant. The list goes on, this game does not disappoint.

    Don't be put off by first impressions, this game is for all ages, even those mainly interested in shooting games (i.e. myself) as even you will love this game I'm sure. It never gets repetitive as hundreds more levels are created and published every day by users, there's a wide range of variety. If you haven't tried this game yet then I would throughly recommend at least renting it.

  8.  Brutal but brilliant


    This game is an excellent off-road racer and one of the best to date. The graphics and different track types are superb, there are a number of different events, vehicle/character customisation and great online play.

    Whilst I don't think there was anything particularly bad about this game I think that there could have been a couple of improvements made, and may well be included in a future release. Firstly, although you can choose from different vehicle types, there is no real vehicle progression in the game. By this I mean that you cannot upgrade vehicles, which I would have quite liked, you can only change a vehicle's appearance and the possibilities are quite limited. Another feature that I would have really liked to have been included in the game is the ability to create your own track, this would really add to the variety of environments.

    Overall this is a very good game and if you're looking for an excellent off-road racer then I think this could be the game for you. The engine is one of the best I have seen yet and the gameplay is very addictive with lots to achieve, it's hard to find any faults!

  9.  Enjoyable but over-rated


    I know there's a lot of people that will disagree with my title but personally when I played the game I was expecting better than what it delivered. Don't get me wrong, it is still an enjoyable game. Graphics are very good, Konami really polished this game off beautifully. Gameplay is a little slow, I know that it's intended to be a tactical shooter but all the crawling around, waiting on the floor did get a bit boring.

    The story is good, Snake's voice is a bit too gravely for my liking but how it plays out is satisfying. A lot of people had problems with the cutscenes because they can be quite lengthy but personally I didn't mind them, I'd pause it, get myself a drink and enjoy the 10 or so minutes of the cinematic experience.

    Online is ok but not the game's strongest point, I didn't play it much. It's a shame there are no trophies for this game because once you complee it there isn't much of an incentive to replay it.

    Overall, I would recommend buying this game, especially at platinum price as it is still a fine exclusive for the PS3. However, try not to get too excited about it just incase, like me, you find it a little less than you'd hoped for.

  10.  Good game, shame about the era


    Ok so after the huge success of COD4 it was Treyarch's turn to bring the next game in the popular series, and in my opinion they did a good job.

    The structure and engine of the game is identical to COD4, if you haven't played it before then just know that it's a good thing and gives good gameplay. Graphics are detailed with good textures, maps well made and realistic however usually only one path you can follow. The voice acting is great and very emotional, you have to admire the work put into this game. One of the down sides is that the story mode is quite short though. Overall the experience and atmosphere is very WWII like and has been well made.

    Personally I preferred the modern day war style and going back to WWII is a bit of a step down, and you miss all those 'WOW' moments that were such a big hit in COD4, such as when the nuclear bomb exploded.

    Online is good, although not sure vehicles was a very good idea, the rankings, custom classes and gameplay make it an enjoyable asset to this game. Nazi zombies is an enjoyable extra put into the game and really requires players to work as a team, I liked it.

    This is definately a good game and if you enjoy FPS games then I would defniately recommend you buy this as it is currently one of the best you can get hold of.