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  1.  Amazing headphones while they last


    My friend had some of these headphones and I decided to buy some after hearing the sound quality on them. They fit comfortably in your ears and most of the outside noise is cancelled out so you get a clear sound. They produce good bass and clear highs.

    They feel well built with the metal part of the headphones and the volume control on the cable was extremely useful.

    However, after around three months, the headphones began to break. One headphone stopped working, then the other until I couldn't get any sound from them. I contacted Skullcandy to return them, but it was so complicated and frustrating that I gave up.

    These headphones, as stated in the title of this review, are amazing, but they break too easily. I would stay away from these headphones, and other Skullcandy products, as I have now had two pairs of Skullcandy headphones which both broke in less than four months. I would only recommend buying these headphones if you have a lot of money to spend or if you don't mind headphones that only last a short period of time.

  2.  Great sound quality, rubbish build quality


    These were the second pair of Skullcandy headphones I had owned after my previous ones had broken. I was very impressed by the sound quality of these affordable headphones and began to wonder why I opted to pay a premium price for the Full Metal Jacket headphones as I couldn't tell the difference between them.

    These headphones have a good base response, which is favoured over the highs. This is fine for modern day music, but older songs can be hard to hear at times. They are comfortable in your ears and there is no worrying about which each they belong in as they are able to be placed in either ear. The wire is long enough for comfortable use and most of the outside noise is cancelled.

    However, these headphones only last for a short amount of time before they break. Like my previous Skullcandy headphones, they began to produce a "cracking" sound every time I placed one of the buds into my ears. Eventually, one of the earphones stopped producing sound, followed by the other one. I had to hold the cable by the headphone jack at a certain position to produce any sound.

    The most disappointing part of this was that I had only had the headphones for around two months, definitely not any longer.

    After shelling out over £60 on two pairs of headphones that collectively didn't last more than five months, I have learnt the hard way not to buy another Skullcandy product. They just aren't built well enough to last for a suitable amount of time.

  3.  Excellent protection, frustrating application


    Once this product is on and protecting your iPod, it's great! But applying it is another story. It is cut to the EXACT dimensions of your iPod which makes it extremely difficult to line up perfectly and the more you try, the more frustrated you'll become. Unless you're very very patient, you'll unlikely be able to line it up perfectly and you'll end up with some parts that don't look right, but you should be able to get 95% accuracy. I gave up trying to perfect it after one hour, but it still looks good.

    The back is the hardest to put on, but I think it's better than the screen protector because the back scratches more easily than the front.

    The front is easier to put on, but it's still difficult, especially since you have to apply the home button part, then the little part surrounding it, and then finally you do the rest of the screen. Your protector will spill over the edges of your iPod because it doesn't seem to fit properly, even though it's cut exactly. You have to really press the edges down to get a smooth fit, but even then, it looks imperfect.

    This product provides excellent protection and is nearly invisible - you can see it slightly if you look hard enough, especially on the front. However, it does require A LOT of patience to apply. If you're not patient, avoid this product.

  4.  Perfect!


    This film has to be my favourite film of the year. It is creepy, funny and jumpy! The plot is immense and a devilish twist on suburbia.

    I would highly recommend this film, especially to those who love a good scare once in a while. You'll never feel safe in your own home again and you'll never trust your neighbours ever again!

  5. 1408



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    If you don't like complicated plots, then stay away from this film!

    I really enjoyed this film, and was genuinely scared by some parts. I think the plot, although confusing at times, was very good and really picks up after the first 30 minutes or so.

    I highly recommend you watch this film alone in the dark at night for the best experience. It is a very very good film!

  6.  "It was the boogeyman!"


    Although the film tries extremely hard to live up to the original, unfortunately, it does not succeed. The 1978 original was just so much scarier, and Myers was a mysterious person wearing a mask, and was truly terrifying. In this one, he just isn't scary anymore because we learn so much about his past that we no longer see him as a mindless killing machine, but with a human being with a motive, which just takes away the scare factor.

    Dr Loomis in this film seems totally not needed mainly because he serves no real purpose in developing the plot. Most of the characters, including Laurie, don't actually serve a purpose given that over half the film focusses on young Myers. Although branded a "re-imagining" of the film or a remake, it is more like a prequel because of the overly long beginning.The characters aren't as developed as they were in the original and you don't wan't Laurie to survive like you did - you want her dead because she is so annoying!

    However, all this aside, it is a watchable film. I wouldn't choose it over the original, but it is one of the best of the sequels and makes a very good effort to establish Michael Myers a truly terrifying killer. Happy Halloween!

  7.  D'oh! They left it too late.


    If this movie had been released 10 years ago, it would be more enjoyable. However, it's not a total disappointment. There are some very funny moments scattered throughout the movie.

    After the hour mark, the movie seems to drag on, and it ultimately feels like three episodes squashed together. The storyline is good, but it just doesn't pan out for 80+ minutes. Some parts just feel like they're added in to make up some time.

    I thought the film didn't live up to the hype, but maybe that was because I was expecting so much, but I still did enjoy the film.

    Overall, The Simpsons Movie is a good film, but should have happened a long time ago.

  8.  The original and the best!


    "Why did Mary Alice kill herself?" One of the greatest TV mysteries ever to go with one of the greatest TV shows ever.

    This first series of Desperate Housewives is truly magnificent, and will keep you entertained from the first to the last episode.

    Inventive, funny, evil, fresh, creepy, sexy and smart, the first series of Desperate Housewives is astonishing, and a TV show you can't live without on DVD.

  9.  Back with a BANG!


    This series picks up 6 months after where series 2 left off and from the word "go" it is a rollercoaster ride until the last jaw dropping, heart stopping, hair raising moment of the season finale.

    There are some superb episodes in this series. One of the best is "Bang". Make sure you haven't just had your nails done before you watching this episode as you'll be biting them like crazy. The season finale is spectacular and you will be left drooling for more when the credits roll.

    This series includes more of what made series one so enjoyable, but puts a deliciously devious spin on it to make it that extra bit more special.

    Overall, an outstanding series with terrific performances from the leading ladies.

  10.  It was the best of seasons, it was the worst of seasons.


    OK, so the second series of Desperate Housewives didn't live to up to the incredibly high expectations, but that's not to say it was a total disappointment. Sure, it's less entertaining than the first series, but only because the first series was so outstanding. This series is still very watchable, and whilst the mystery may not be as inventive, the rest of the series is.

    There are some superb episodes in this series, such as when Bree finds out what George did and he then gets what's coming to him, and of course the hillarious funeral scene!

    When compared with series one, yes this series isn't as good but if you watch it without comparing it to anything else, it becomes a very enjoyable series.