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  1.  Perfectly Watchable Bond.


    If people can get past the still-prevailing attitude of dismissal when it comes to george lazenby's bond, then they will be rewarded with one of the most finely crafted bond films to date.
    Good direction; a coherent storyline (although the villain's scheme is as daft as ever!) and a love story for bond help to make this an unfairly derided entry in the series.
    As to lazenby, it would seem in retrospect that he was the right bond, but at the wrong time. He now admits to being too immature and screwing up his big - and only - chance; upsetting most everyone else around him while he was in the role.
    A shame. Any promise he showed as bond here would never be fullfilled. Perhaps in some alternative universe he went on to be the best bond of all (although that may be stretching it i admit!)
    Still he was bond for one glorious film and he does have his moments, particularly that ending and nobody can take that away from him.
    A good film and a promising bond which many people never watch because of their dismissal of the 'miscasting' of the 'rubbish' lazenby.
    Which is - as i said - a shame.

  2.  Forgotten Doctor Who Movie!


    What many people do not realise is that Peter Cushing portrays his Doc character in exactly the same way that he played 'Dr Who' in the two Dalek films of the 1960's. Lovable and scatterbrained, he makes a good team with good ole Doug Mcclure in this adaption of the E. R. Burroughs novel.
    Crazy monsters, dubious science and very British 1970's effects and sets make this wonderful rainy afternoon viewing!
    Suspend logic and your critical faculties and just let Cushing and Mcclure - and the crazy monster - work their magic!
    Daft, but lovable!

  3.  Forgotten Island


    I think this film has been largely forgotten with the passage of time; which is a shame as it is a perfectly watchable film.
    It is quite a few years since I saw the Marlon Brando '90's version - and I intend to watch that one again, if only to see if it is as bad as they say! THIS version however is not bad at all.
    Michael York is well cast as the hero and Burt Lancaster does his best as the misguided Doctor Moreau. The make up effects are effective for their time and the location filming is very good.
    It is even more years since I saw the Charles Laughton version, but until I do, I have a suspicion that this 1970's telling of the tale may just be the best adaption (to date).
    Worth a watch - and at a good price too.

  4.  Nostalgic Romp


    My critical faculties fall apart when reviewing certain films, as I am transported back to the cinema of the 1970's, when my Dad took me and my brother to see this film one Saturday morning.
    A giant octopus; bizarre creatures, an undersea tyranny, lots of British actors and Doug Mcclure.
    Those were the days!
    Any faults it has are the product of it's time and the way films were made in those days.
    It also has a better than average screenplay (considering this is just an adventurous romp) by Brian Hayles; creator of the Ice Warriors for Doctor Who.
    And it still makes a great afternoon matinee on the dvd when it's raining outside!
    I can't really knock it, and if you can watch it without cynicism it is still very watchable.

  5.  Bowing Out (Fairly) Gracefully.


    This is the only full season of 'Enterprise' that I have watched - and the reason I ended up purchasing it was because of the 'Slimline' price - and also because it was widely acknowledged that this was the season where somebody (Manny Coto apparently) was finally making a determined effort to start foreshadowing the original series in a respectful way.
    Thus you will see Green Orion Slave Girls and an explanation for the change in the Klingons' appearance. Even Data is foreshadowed for Next Gen fans. We have a prequel to the Tholian Web episode and other goodies sprinkled along the way.
    For some reason the final Episode 'These are the Voyages' seems to be almost universally loathed by Trekkers, but I found it an all-encompassing and neat conclusion to the series and the run of Trek up to that point. The only question mark would be trying to pass Riker and Troi off as their younger selves from season 7 of TNG.
    Overall then, well worth a watch, because some love has gone into it. I may never watch the earlier seasons of Enterprise (although season 3 has a good rep), but I am happy to welcome this into my collection and am sure I will watch it again one day.

  6.  Good, But Just Falls Short of Classic...


    It seems clear that once the idea of doing this film in a Blair Witch style was decided upon, then certain sacrifices were made in terms of plausibility and logic. Would ANYONE really hold onto a camera for that length of time and under those circumstances? If not, then maybe this style of filmaking should have been vetoed at the start - or the script redrafted and these problems ironed out. . The true test of a good - indeed classic - film is also whether it can stand up to repeated viewings. When you have watched this for the first time, ask yourself honestly how many times you think you could sit through it again? I'd like to see it once more at least, just to see if I missed anything, but beyond that is another matter. It is indeed a good film IMO, but frustratingly - for me - the lapses in plausibility, story logic, and believable reactions from the characters conspire to stop it becoming a classic, which is a shame. Still, a must see (even if only once!).

  7.  Comprehensive Release


    Whether you love this story or hate it, it cannot be denied that this release is a comprensive package; detailing the behind the scenes chaos from which emerged this ultimately confused story.

    Perhaps the final verdict on this trial should be that a bold concept ultimately failed, due mainly to the untimely death of Robert Holmes just before he could write the final episode. Holmes' death left the trial without a verdict and also was the catalyst for script editor, Eric Saward's departure.

    Instead we got Pip and Jane Baker's episode 14. Pip and Jane did their best in a very short time; but we can only wonder how Mister Holmes would have wrapped this up. Eric Saward DID write his own episode 14 before Pip and Jane were bought in, but walked off the show and withdrew his script when John Nathan Turner disagreed with the ending that Eric had written. Saward now admits that he was upset at Robert Holmes' death at the time and this disagreement with Turner was the last straw for him.

    The upshot of all this is that there is no 'through-line' in this story. There is a real sense of it being made-up as it goes along. And it shows.

    Looked at as a story it could have been so much better. But once you have watched all the special features you may just agree that under the circumstances it is lucky it is any good at all.

    And it is not a total disaster. But the drama behind the scenes is more fascinating and full-blooded than the drama on the screen; as anyone who read the Starburst interview with Eric Saward at the time will know.

    Bad blood would seem to still exist between Saward and the targets of that interview -even 22 years later - as Saward is conspicuously alone, left to do his own solo commentaries on two episodes.

    There is a foreshadowing of modern Who here too. A season long story arc, building to a climax, despite this arc being a fairly inept one.

    This, of course, proved to be Colin Baker's final story. With this in mind, perhaps Saward's climactic episode 14 would have been the preferred choice. But that's life!

    So, the final verdict. Watch the story only - and you'll feel ripped off. Watch the story, listen to the commentaries and view all the special features and you might just hail this release as a bargain!

  8.  The Beginning.


    Blake and his crew get together and begin their battle against the Federation in the first season of this storytelling classic. This first season starts off in Terry Nation's hands as 'Robin Hood/The Dirty Dozen in Space'. In later seasons, in Chris Boucher's hands it would becomes less black and white and more about the thin line between freedom fighting and terrorism. You need to make allowances for when this was made, but if you do, you will be rewarded by entertaining storytelling and great characterisation. See it now, before the recently announced remake arrives!

  9.  Okay Film, But Bad Next Generation Finale.


    This is an experimental Star Trek film, when what fans (and perhaps the general viewing public) really wanted was a big flashy bang wallop, poignant romp for the Next Generation crew to exit on.
    What we get here is a character study, where Data is mirrored by B4 and Picard is mirrored by Shinzon. The message of the film is that Picard and Data aspire to be more than they are; whereas B4 and Shinzon do not. All very deep and all very well, but this kind of profound philosophising is not what the paying audience were expecting for a Next Gen finale. The other regulars are pushed well into the background while this Jungian drama is played out. Then we get some belated action scenes/showdown; unfortunately reminiscent of 'The Wrath of Khan' and that's about it. The screenplay is by a Trekker and the film is directed by someone who knew nothing about Star Trek. Maybe this film will be reappraised as time goes on, but, brave or not and regardless of whatever qualities it may possess, it perhaps chose the wrong approach for something that was excitingly advertised as 'A Generation's Final Journey Begins!'.

  10.  A Quieter Star Trek Film, But Still Good Quality.


    One of the quieter entires in the Star Trek movie cannon, with less flash, bang wallop (certainly in contrast to the previous entry 'First Contact', but this is still a watchable and entertaining film. The steady stream of humour will either amuse you or grate on your nerves. Yes, it could have been an episode of the television series; but at least it's an okay episode. Worth a reappraisal.