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  1.  Man on the run!


    This film is full of action and thrills....prob why its an action thriller, lol!
    It is a very nice compliment for this film to be called a sequel to The Fugitive, as it is also filled with chase scenes and big explosions too! It also has a fast-paced feel and the usual things that come with action thrillers....the shoot outs and of course, the running!
    US Marshals also has a twist in the tale, and one that made my heart sink! I am a MASSIVE fan of Robert Downey Jr, so i am biased towards practically all his films! He is my absolute fave actor, and its great to see him in an action role (even if he wasnt thrilled about playing a cop at the time due to personal probs) but either way he is very convincing!
    There is also a moment of what i call 'hand candy' when Rob is trying to get himself out of handcuffs, and they zoom in on his hands, he has nice hands....i know, im weird!
    Tommy and Wesley are also great in their roles, and its funny how they have all been in films together before....Rob and Tommy were in Natural Born Killers and Rob and Wesley were in One Night Stand aswell, so the chemistry is there with the 3 main leads!
    If you like action, great story telling and twists and turns, then give this film a try. Its a thrilling rollar coaster ride!
    Be careful who you trust!

  2.  Intriguingly satanic....


    I mean that in the nicest possible way of course.
    The acting from the 3 leads of Damon, Law and Paltrow are exceptional.
    Its a shame Jude Law couldnt of had more time on screen, he was only really in half of the film, then Matt and Gwyneth had to pick up the flack, with some great support from dear Jack Davenport and Philip Seymour Hoffman and Cate Blanchett. Though, i gotta say, that i found Jude's last scene in the film very creepy and extreme.....
    The film is based around, of course, the 'talented' mr ripley, aka tom ripley, played by Mr Matt Damon. Unfortunetly, it seems his talent is impersonating people, specifically, Dickie Greenleaf (Law).
    Ripley gets paid by Dickie's father to go bring him back from vacationing so Dickie can re-focus on his schooling. But while there, Ripley grows close to Dickie, creating this fantascy life that is only one sided on Tom's part. When on a boat, Tom confesses his 'love' to Dickie, when it is probably infatuation, and both he and Dickie have a fight, which does not end well for Dickie.
    Tom then finds he has a telent at impersonating Dickie's life to those who have not met him, such as forging his hand writing and signiture so people think Dickie is alive. But Dickie's girlfriend Marge (Paltrow) isnt convinced by 'Dickie's letters' and Tom's stories. Will Tom be able to keep up the pretense for long?
    The story is strangely intriguing and weird in places which gives it plenty of charm and character, and the acting is very good. I esp love Gwyneth anyway, so ill always like what she does. The settings are also lovely.
    Watch if you want to be surprised by something new and try something new.

  3.  The Wolfman......not just a wild ride!


    This film is not just a film full of blood and scary parts, which you might think looking at the posters and thinking bout the title. There is also a tender thread that runs through the whole thing, makes it more real on a human level.
    Set a little after the case of Jack the Ripper, in England, The Wolfman is based around one families struggle with lies and secrets that run deeper than you might think.
    Benicio Del Toro plays Lawrence Talbot, a man who has returned home to deal with his brother Ben's myserious death.
    Lawrence soon discovers, through exploration into the circumstances, that his brothers death was weirder and had more sinister dealings than he ever thought possible, it even has links with his mothers death years before. Now more deaths are occuring and people start to want to know the truth.
    Not only that, but Lawrence's return to his home, after years of being away, will change his own life forever, in very dark ways.
    Benicio plays Lawrence very well, grasping the pain and suffering that he has to go through, and still keeping it tender and believable.
    Emily Blunt plays Gwen Conliffe, Ben's now ex fiance, who finds herself falling for Lawrence and trying her best to protect him. Emily is one of my fave actresses. She has a warmth that she brings to each character, and warmth in a film based around this concept is always welcome.
    Anthony Hopkins plays the father of Ben and Lawrence, with many dark secrets of his own, central to the film, while Hugo Weaving plays a Scotland Yard dectective, trying to uncover the truth behind all the deaths.
    People should go and see this film. Aswell as having heads literally flying off, it also has deeper twists and turns that unfold throughout and a passion that runs deep. HOWLLLLLLLLL!!!!

  4.  Great acting.....mmm story


    Im not saying that this film isnt good, its just its painted as a 'romantic' film, and while it has eliments of that, the story itself is quite sad and solitary.
    Ben Affleck plays Buddy Amaral, an advertising exec who, while delayed at a chicago airport, meets two fellow strandies. One of whom is desperate to get home to his family so Buddy gives him his ticket so he can take the first flight out to LA. Little does he know that a twist of fate happens, and the plane Buddy was supposed to be on, crashes and all the passengers are killed, including the man he gave his ticket too.
    Stricken with fear from his near tangle with death and guilt over the man, Buddy begins a problem with alcohol and then goes into rehab (typical solution in america) and when he gets out, he tracks down the man's widow to see if she is ok. Dear Gwyneth Paltrow plays said widow, Abby Janello.
    You can probably guess the rest since it is labelled as a romantic comedy.
    The performances by Affleck and Paltrow are really good. Ben is very convincing at a man struggling with his emotions aswell as his motives and the lovely Gwyneth is extremely endearing as a woman struggling to mend her life. Im a fan of Gwyneth anyway so im maybe biased.
    The plot may not be everyones cup of tea but its worth checking out, as their are some sweet and funny moments, esp when the characters go out on a date and Dido's song 'Here With Me' is being played over the top. I love the sweet moment when Gwyn, as Abby, puts her own foot on a piece of toilet paper that is stuck to a girls foot in order to save her embarassment to her prom date.

  5.  Watch your back


    This film is centered around the lives of a married couple, namely Steven and Emily Taylor.
    Steven is a Wall Street investor/banker and Emily works for the state.
    This is not the happiest of marriages, but the one thing they have in common is they both have a secret. Emily, played by the lovely Gwyneth 'Pepper Potts' Paltrow, is having an affair with a artist by the name of David Shaw, played by Viggo 'Aragorn' Mortensen. Little does Emily know but her husband Steven (Michael Douglas) finds out about the affair, but not is all what it seems. Once he discovers that David is an ex-con, and that David is not even his real name, Steven then lures him in using money and requests that 'David', in return, kill his wife, and David's lover, or he will put him back in jail.
    Thus follows lots of twists and discoveries, that will lead to showdowns and maybe more than one loss of life, but which lives? Not all is simple. Does Steven have another motive, not just jealousy?
    I am a big fan of Gwyneth, and she is of course brilliant. Aswell as Viggo playing his part very well too, and not to mention charming Mr Douglas. Not the first time he is playing a Wall Street guy, and not the last either.
    Watch if you like suspence and thrills, and if you don't....what u doing reading this? Lol.

  6.  Couples Retreat......trouble in paradise?


    Not so much.
    I liked this film better the second time i watched it. The first time i dont think the tropical sun 'warmed' me as much as i thought it might but it definetly did the second time. I got more attached to the characters, which could be said of any film, but i like Vince Vaughn and Jon 'mr Iron Man director' Favreau anywho, so its already got 2 thumbs up there. The male chemistry the two has is great, prob coz they are close friends in real life too.
    Couples Retreat is centured around 4 couples who travel to a island paradise. Little do they know that this island is not all what it seems. Not only is it a place for fun and relaxation, but also a couples skill building and therapy centre.
    Suddenly each couple is discovering new things about their partners and what troubles they have in their marriages, some they didnt even know they had.
    I didnt really like Kristen Bell's role in this film, she was a little too rigid and whiney for me, but i really liked Malin Akerman's role as Ronnie. Not to mention cookey Jason Bateman and Faizon Love's brilliant work as Shane. I love how he tries to keep up with young Trudey but fails, i love the bike ride he takes uphill and when they go wind surfing!
    This film is quirky and loveable, and has plenty of laughs and not to mention the beautiful surroundings of their tropical paradise.
    The tropical paradise is even more lovely in Blu-ray!

  7.  "some disturbed images..."


    Mainly the only disturbing image in this film in my poor Robert Downey Jr's hair!!
    This film is very strange and complex, almost like a psychological thriller.....except unfortunetly the film is not very thrilling. The only real reason I watched it in the first place was out of loyalty to my fave actor, Mr Downey. For me he plays his part extemely well as an obsessed serial killer called Vivian, who enters the main character Claire's mind 'in dreams'. Don't ask me how it works....all I know is that Rob's voice is so deeply toned that he can make it fit any situation, to be a creepy serial killer or even someone covered in fur (if your a Downey fan you'll know what that means).
    It's only really in the second half of the film where the story unfolds and becomes half interesting, so stick with it. Then again, the last half an hour is where we finally see RDJ fully, so I'm biased. My attention fixes.
    Still not quite good enough for higher than 3 stars. Annette Benning plays her part really well though, as a mother being haunted by Vivians dreams and wants to avenge her daughters death (Vivian killed her).
    So all in all not too terrible but not brilliant either.

  8.  "I love how you assume all men are as perverse as you are"


    Katherine Heigl plays Abby, a tv producer of a morning show. However when the show takes a nose dive in the ratings, her boss brings in a very bold and brash guy by the name of Mike Chadway (played by Gerard Butler), in order to spice up the viewing figures. He has a dating show called 'The Ugly Truth'.
    His ideas about men and woman and love in general rub Abby up the wrong way. As a woman, not just a producer, Abby believes that Mike's view that men only want one thing and love means nothing, make her want to prove him wrong and that not all men are dirty minded womanisers.
    Thus begins a challenge between Abby and Mike to see if her way of comparing a man to a check list of requirements and acting normal or his way of flirting and 'treat them mean keep them keen' attitude will land Abby a boyfriend. But will sparks fly between the 2 of them?
    The chemistry between Katherine and Gerard is really great, each playing off eachother perfectly.
    The Ugly Truth is the perfect film for a night in. It's funny, witty, great plot and great characters, and while the film is a tad too ott on the dirty and kinky stuff at times, I'm a woman of the world and willing to run with that.....it is called the 'ugly' truth after all!

  9.  "I don't want you to spend your life waiting"


    This is such an emotionally driven film which tugs on the heart strings, and has such a special presence that it is one of my favourites.
    The story is based around Henry, a time traveler, who can't help when he passes through time. He therefore finds it impossible to lead a normal life and make friends, as he is always disappearing. This therefore leads him to feel isolated a very lonely. That is until he meets Clare.
    Clare is a girl who has known him since she was 6 years old, when he happened to time travel back to the meadow behind her parents house. So when Henry and Clare meet again when she is all grown up, she is immediately drawn to him and so begins a relationship.
    Since Clare knows Henry's secret and loves him inspite of this, Henry no longer feels alone.
    Time Travelers Wife has a unique story and an amazing cast. Eric Bana is brilliant at playing the adoreable Henry and Rachel McAdams is fabulous at portraying Clare's struggles as she continuely has to wait for him. Rachel is one of my fave actresses, as she is so talented and endearing.
    This film makes you believe in a love that truely does desend through time. Clare is a woman who despite the hard times, loves Henry unconditionally. But how long will she have to keep waiting? And does Henry want her to put her life on hold....

  10.  Affleck, Crowe and McAdams try to get the truth!!!


    State of Play is a complex and gripping thriller, full of suspense and intrigue aswell as detailed plot lines and interesting characters......so everything a thriller should have!
    Based on the British tv series of the same name, the film centres around the politicians of Washington and the scandals of the nations power structure with links to big corporations and the military.
    Ben Affleck plays Stephen Collins, a congressman out of his depth and surrounded by scandal, which links him to a recent affair with an employee. Stephen wants to expose certain corruption at a big company, Point Corp, and so when his mistress is killed, we find the thread runs deeper.
    Stephen's friend, Cal McCaffery (played by Russell Crowe), is a reporter for the Washington Globe and finds out that a story is developing and vows to discover the truth surrounding it. But at what cost to his friend and his career will the conclusion lead to?
    The fabulous Rachel McAdams plays Cal's partner, Della Frye, a fresh and new face to the reporting world, who dives head first into the pit of the scandal to help Cal discover the truth. Rachel is one of my fave actresses and she plays her role brilliantly in this, as do all the leading actors. Helen Mirren is also great as the stressed boss of the Washington Globe, desperate to save the paper and help her employee's.
    When you start watching State of Play, you cant help but get carried along by the depth of the story and the quality of the acting. You get drawn in and you yourself end up feeling part of it and wanting to know the truth.
    Also, having the film on Blu-ray is a real treat, as not only do u get to see it in HD, but some of the special exclusives like U Control and My Scenes are fab! Esp My Scenes, as you can bookmark your own fave parts as you go along and then they are saved and ready to watch whenever!