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  1.  Something done right


    I bought Red Faction on basis that I assumed that the multiplayer would be excellent and it was but it was not until I played the main game that I realised that this was a game done right.

    If you was to describe it you could say it was a GTA on mars but so much more. The game is undoubtedly fun in every way no matter what you are doing. Because of the environments you can literally assault bases in any way you want; for example, I came across a situation where I had to kill some snipers hiding in a huge tower building. Should I use my sledgehammer to knock of out the buildings supports and watch it collapse? Or should I bust through the main doors and shoot my way up? Or should I jetpack my way to the roof and work my way down? Or should I run around the ground level placing charges on every wall then ignite it all. My point is there are tons of ways of doing it; hell I could get a jumping walker and just rampage through the whole thing.

    Now the game could have sung this one note tune but it also adds some other key functions, such as collecting salvage to upgrade and buy weapons, armour and other fun toys; which if your like me and have been indoctrinated by Mario that collecting stuff on is the whole a good thing then this will be a big bonus. The weapons and toys are all good fun but mostly generic, however the system of upgrading and changing them is fairly enjoyable and makes collecting salvage well worth it.

    Among all this is a fairly cut and dry storyline, which is fairly acceptable for the game. The storyline is simple some oppressive force is oppressing you and your friends and it's your job to help the resistance. There was a point where I could not help but realise that I had seen the EDF (the bad guys) kill a handful of people where as I am just finished stomping on 150 of them, which really led me to wonder who the bad guys where.

    The only downsides to the game is the somewhat repetitive missions: drive vehicle to safe house, rescue hostages, help raid, defend area which you find yourself doing over and over. Don't get me wrong though these are fun as hell but can get tedious when you're playing it on hard and keep killing the hostages.

    I have to say at £18 odd you should buy this game if you enjoy the genre. It lacks the advertising campaign of GTA 4 but god it's so much better in pretty much every way. To sum up Red Faction 3 is fun and highly playable and considering I've enjoyed only a handful of games in the past few that is something.

  2.  Oh Westwood


    When I saw the preview to this I thought great! Another Allied soviet style game that spun off from the 'red alert' title series and although these games, in my humble opinion, are not as good as the NOD and GDI games, they are usually highly playable.

    This game, however, seems to fall victim to the usual things contemporary games do; a lot of time has gone into graphics, highly paid actors and quirky cut scenes and while this game does have those improvements, after awhile it feels like Red Alert 2 again.

    There are more teams and hence a lot of different vehicles to choose from, although when you pick your team things feel limited. There is a new system or ground vs ground, air vs air, boat vs boat, and you find your self having to utilise your whole range of units to combat the apposing forces. This sounds good on the surface but in reality you find your whole army taken apart by a single unit that your units cannot attack. The system is a good idea and does get people to use all the units available, but clearly is not perfect.

    The game also hates the player... Ok, so you begin playing against a team or number of teams and after awhile of building a base you find someone has launched a super weapon at it; and guess what happens next? Good-bye base. You see super weapons seem out of proportion and it very quickly becomes a race to build them.

    Personally I feel the games needs only a few adjustments to make it better; one, a tech level slider similar to the one in TS. Two, a button to turn of super weapons. Three, enable all units to fire at any unit it logically should be able too. Four, give us more content, maps and such like.

    Should you buy this game?

    Die-hard fans like myself will probably say yes, it is still a fairly decent game and has an enjoyable campaign and quality online community. But then again it's not perfect and it could be better, I personally enjoyed Kane's wrath more. Still multiplayer will keep his game afloat and for that reason I recommend the game but if your on a tight budget then try Dawn of War, which in my opinion has over taken the C&C series as the leading provider of RTS's.

  3.  Game in a Shadow


    Fallout 3 is the long awaited sequal to Fallout 2 and Fallout 1 (we don't talk about fallout factics, hopefully it will go away).

    The problem with this game is that in the ten years since the last Fallout game was made, people have developed some very high expectations up to the point of having the realese date to Fallout 3 on countdown since it was anounced (like me).

    The problem was because of my incredibly high expectations I almost thought that the game would bring around enlightenment and true happyness. Thus, my expectations over shot the possibilities of a single player game on its first release.

    However, Fallout 3 is brilliant; and I promise a lot of gameplay before you get bored, even if that gameplay is discovering all the brilliantly nasty ways to dismember someone.

    Should you buy it?

    Yes. If I had my way we would all march to Bethesda and sacrifice ourselfs in honor of its work, however, I am bias. But If you enjoy RPG's then yes, if you enjoy FPS's then hell yes. Bethesda will reward your money with futher development in the form of content releases, expansions and of course the GECK (the new modding tool).

    The game can lack emersion at some points as the quests can be a little dry and difficult to find but it is a wasteland and there is still oddles of things to explore but sometimes you just cant make your self motivated enough to treck accross the map. However the GECK should make things very exciting and anyone that has played Fallout 3 will be already planning their very own little village brimmed with monsters and new weapons.

    The game will be a classic so buy it.

  4.  Transition to PC


    Ok, GTA4 is a good game and if you want to play it without any trouble then go buy it for PS3 and enjoy it.

    However, I have 2 gig of ram, a BFG 9800 and A 6600 Quad. The setup is fairly up to date and after the tedious installation and lenthly loading screens I was met by a mid to low range graphics and a laggey game.

    I don't think denoncing a game purly based on the fact that my computer struggles to play it is fair; but Rockstar don't seem to compensate for people who can not afford to pay out for the high range gear.

    The point here is GTA 4 is a great game, but this is a review for PC, and if you buy it on PC you better have a brand new £800 setup at least to run this hog, otherwise, look elsewere, go buy Fallout.