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  1.  No problems at all and cheap


    I bought a couple of these a while back for my Canon SLR. Absolutely fine , decent transfer rate and cheap. Can't ask for a lot more.

  2.  Brilliant


    He's such a weird little man, but oddly, a lot of what he says kind of makes sense. In fairness, most of it makes little sense. Definately worth watching, I watched the whole two series in a couple of days as I just could stop until I fell asleep. When I first heard about it, I was put off as I thought Ricky Gervais would have a larger role and I can't stand him, but thankfully he manages to keep himself out of most of it.

  3.  awful


    This is one of the cheesiest pieces of rubbish I've seen, really surprised that Seagal or Van Damme don't star in it. I think they took a look at low budget action movies from the 80s and 90s, then put all the worst lines in a sequence that pretty much makes sense. The quality of filming is also terrible, most of it is like it was done on a half decent mobile phone and the rest of it is stock footage. Films like this really make me sick, the money they wasted making it should be spent on charities.

  4.  Still great


    The CM and then FM games are some of my favourite games of all time and each year I get the new one. This one has me hooked like the rest, even though there are a few things to get used to. The match animations are much better than 2011.

    People that are moaning about Steam need to get used to it, that's the way gaming is going due to copywrite problems. I hated Steam at first, but I think that's because I had to use it for COD:MW2. Since then I have had several games through it and they are fine. Try using EAs Origin, a terrible program that makes BF3 unavailable quite often. At least Steam is stable.

  5.  Good, but the Standard clip is better


    I had a Sansa Clip 8gb and it started to struggle with battery life, annoyingly I found it was the USB socket on my pc after I sold the player. I bought one of these off Play as a replacement, expecting it to be like my old one, but better. It isn't. Firstly the battery life is about half of the old one and the other thing is that it seems to lock up for several seconds when trying to play some mp3s. The old one did that too, so I guess there is something up with a few of my mp3s, but this one does it more often and the pause is longer.

    Unless you need the larger memory (8gb is a lot of music anyway), I'd get the old one.

    The old one is the best player I've used, including Sonys, iPods, cheapies etc etc, and this is almost as good, but the battery life isn't ideal and the lock ups are a bit annoying.

  6.  Terrible


    A truly awful game. I bought it as it was on offer and I heard there were loads of weapon combinations. No point really as the weapons seem so similar and ineffective. I'm glad I only paid a few quid as I was back on Black Ops in less than 2 hours. Save your money for either Black Ops, COD4, Bad Company 2 or basically anything but this.

  7.  Brilliant


    Thought this would be rubbish after seeing the trailers on TV, but accidentally flicked it on one night. I was crying with laughter. The best bits are way too dark for TV adverts.

  8.  Surprisingly good


    Not a fan of Nas, but it works so well, get it and chill out/ get amped all in one album

  9.  awesome


    Best album I've heard in ages, just quality and this is someone who normally listens to metal, punk and ska

  10.  Great Book


    Definately worth buying, a really good read. It's amazing how the guy can remember all the things that happened.