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  1.  Awesome Game - But could still have been better!


    Really Really big gears fan here... Like alot of others i was eagerly awaiting GoW2 midnight release and am finally glad it arrived!

    I'll start with the MP side of things as i believe this has evolved to a whole new level with the addition of many game modes and party system. Horde is absolutely awesome and worth playing for that alone!

    Now Onto the 'main' part. I have to agree with someones review a bit further down, it feels a little Gears 1.5 rather than a new release, I like the addition of new characters, even though they arent in it for long!!!

    I played through the campaign on Normal (i played the first through on all 3 levels) as i knew what i was doing and knew the buttons etc.

    The graphics are astonishing, the best i have seen in any 360 game in my opinion! But again the story is a little weak and i found Normal mode very easy to play through. I will be skipping Hardcore to go straight onto Insane as i thin kit will make the experience alot better and alot more tactical.

    Some of the missions are frankly... poor! the level where you drive the tank and ride the Brumak are rubbish, they feel thrown in to make the game that little bit longer.

    All in all though i still believe this is the best game to hit the 360 and will be for some time to come!

    Lock and Load!

  2.  Could Be Better - Although Full Game will be...


    This review is purely based on the beta so fanboys hold off of your abuse for not giving it 5 stars!

    When i got the mail saying id been selected heres my token, i was really excited to download and play the game. I fired it up and instantly went into some tdm.

    The first thing which stood out was the graphics, i have to say in this they look really sweet - although a tad dark in some areas. The weapon skins and map layout also look really good.

    Gameplay was the same as modern warfare (run and gun with no particular skill required- yes fanboys thats right, it takes next to no skill to play cod games!) which is good fun for a little while just to play some games on rotation.

    At the same time i downloaded the beta i also bought fable ii and dead space... Since then waw has just been stuck in my downloads folder untouched and unloved, which is a shame as i really thought it would have massive potential.

    I will definately be buying the full game as 4 player campaign co-op has been confirmed, whcih is enough to win me over for the time being, although im not sure how much mp i will play as gears 2 is superior in everyway (in my opinion, i am a big gears fan, so i am obviously a bit biased!)

    Looks like it will have a solid campaign and the usual multiplayer stuff, but nothing groundbreaking like cod4. Modern warfare was a brilliant change of scenary and it should have stayed that way!

    In short, worth getting, but it is not as good as it should of been and is not as good as cod4 was. All the above is my opinion - not fact!

  3.  Hmmmph :(


    Let me start by saying A) i am not a devil may cry fanboy BUT B) i am not a hater either.

    I bought this game after a friend said how good the series was. Quite frankly i will never take his opinion seriously again. Graphically its ok, its just a cartoon, typical Jap stuff rechurned out from previous generations.

    The camera is possibly the worst i have encounted for any 360 game to date, it will just change midplay and your character moves in the wrong direction or something because of it, quite frankly its plain annoying!

    If you like to go through a whole game only mashing the x button then this game if definately for you!

  4.  The Best Single Player Game on the 360!


    This game is truely fantastic.

    The graphics, the story, plots and characters, everything is superb..

    It has a few minor issues, The story line isnt that long. You need to do the side quests in order to make it last. Occasional Loading time\framerate issues but nothign to get worried about.. i've played through the game twice now and would still play through it again!

    far superior to any other single player games out there.. including oblivion imo.. I'd much rather have a gun than a sword!

    Third person view is great too, plus theres a few great twists in the story! ;)

    Happy Gaming people!

  5.  Great Concept, But Poorly made


    I played both the demo and main game of this and i thought wow, the ability to change time!

    but in all fairness the gameplay isnt great and it gets very samey all the way through, the multiplayer isnt very busy causing lots of lag and it seems an after thought.

    With the quality of titles due this month, this game only scores 3 stars for me....

  6.  Disappointed...


    Not Really a fan of the PGR series and played the demo and main game at a friends house.

    I owned PGR 3 for all of about 1 hour before i promptly sold it, and if i had this one i'd do the same!

    I much prefered Forza and even the demo for need for speed prostreet (which was a little glitchy etc)

    Not for me but people who like to crash at 150mph and have no damage and no skill will like it!

  7.  I cant understand the online hammering


    As a patch is being produced to cure this, just like pro evo 6 had, i fyou can take your minds back that far.

    Anyway, unless your 10 years old and get your parents to buy you fifa games then this is for the real football fans!

    just be patient with online as i stated a patch is due out asap!

  8.  Brilliant, Possibly the best game to date for the 360


    In my opinion this is far better than any other game i have played or owned for the 360, I was addicted to the beta, it took me back to my counterstrike days!

    Superb graphics, gameplay, maps and modes. A great ranking\level system to match too.

    A definate for any FPS fan.

    I bought halo to occupy me until this but halo fell waaaaaaaay short of the mark!

  9.  a Decent FPS but very linear!


    When i put jericho in, i was wowed at the whole idea of the demons etc and lots of gore, and it delievered for a while, but throughout the whole game you can only go 1 way - hence why th etitle states very linear... a solid shooter but you'll only ever need a few of the characters, which is a bit disappointing.

    If your an achievement junkie then unless you complete this on hard then you wont get many achievements :)

    If the price drops i'd buy it but otherwise save money for November releases (CoD4, Assassins creed, Mass Effect)

  10.  Orange Box


    A superb game choice for ht exbxo360 and FPS fan.

    Everyone knows how good the HL series is so i wont go into too much detail on them.

    I, however have been totally shocked by how good 'portal is'. You actually have to use your brain and think to get passed some of the later levels! An absolutely brilliant game!

    TF2.... Very good, however i dont seem to find too many people online and it can connect you to like france or italy which can cause some lag issues. Valve say they are working to sort these though!

    a very good buy, and £40 for 5 games, you cant complain!