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  1.  Console Rubbish


    I have only gone a small way in to this game, but I'm giving up for the following reasons: a corridor, linear shooter; a spoon-fed babyish way of delivering plot and objectives; tedious tedious checkpoints, dumb AI; clicheed and irritating soundtrack; terrible voice acting (and who wrote the lines? They should be sacked!). But above all, it's boring. It's a grind. I really fail to see what people enjoy in this game that hasn't been done better elsewhere.

  2.  I must be missing something


    I wish I could see what others see in this game. I'm not really a RPG gamer, but I really enjoyed Oblivion and I thought I'd give ME a go to see what Bioware does for the RPG scene.

    Someone somewhere described ME as "Oblivion with guns". I really think that's misleading. This game is far too short, for a start. Secondly, the level of involvement and character development is extremely limited. Not to mention the shabby enemy AI and highly repetitive scenery. Sometimes it feels as if you're playing something from four or five years ago. The enemy are simply not smart and neither are your team-mates. And what's with your two shadows following you around everywhere you go! Ludicrous.

    I think this game is a missed opportunity to make a great space opera-style RPG with many many more missions and places to explore. This, to me, is a classic example of the console's destructive effect on games. The port isn't that bad, but it's clear where the game's origins are.

    On the plus side, good voice-overs, synthy soundtrack and sci-fi artwork create the atmosphere that I feel should have been rewarded with a more intricate, more in-depth game.

  3.  A great game for FEAR fans


    I don't really understand the poor reviews of this game, which is, after all, an expansion. Just because it is standalone, does not mean it should be something completely different from the original. It is gimmick-free, stable, highly playable and action packed.

    A lot has been said on this game's engine, that it is now dated and not as good as newer games. Fair enough, but it's still a decent engine, which I've had running smoothly on Vista on full settings at 1600x1200 with no slow-downs or stuttering.

    This episode is different from the others in that you play a new character with apparently similar talents to the original. There are new weapons and new set of bad guys, and the action is relentless. If you liked FEAR, I believe you will like this game.

    Having said that, this episode gets you exactly no further forward in the story than before, as for most of the time you are acting out events in parallel to the other two episodes. I'm looking forward to Monolith's continuation of their part of the story, in addition to Sierrra's future episodes (Monolith left Sierra's production, but Sierra has kept the rights to the FEAR name).

  4.  What Crysis?


    Typical of an over-hyped game, Crysis is buggy and clearly poorly produced. Many players are suffering graphical and AI glitches - unfortunately, I'm one of them. Crytek claim to be releasing a patch in the near future which should address these issues, but it's a bit lame to pay for poor quality when other producers, such as Valve, 2K and ID can release a masterpiece first off - and then improve upon it.

    Gameplay is OK, however the early stages are boringly reminiscent of Far Cry (could it even be the same islands?). I think all in all, Crytek must do better.