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  1.  Pacific Rim


    This is my new disc choice for demo -ing my system. Brilliant special effects - razor sharp picture. The familiar Gung Ho attitude when kicking alien butt is prevalent in the storyline but where would sci- fi be without it?
    .Whoever did the transfer for the Tom Cruise version of "War of the Worlds " should watch this and weep!

  2.  Battleship


    Absolutely loved it! It won't appeal to those who hate "Gung ho " red white and blue American World Police type movies , but it's 100% entertainment all the way. I love all sci-fi and this is a different idea.

  3.  Tarantino's Best To Date


    An outstanding movie. Very entertaining with the rich extended dialogue pieces we have come to expect from this director. You either get Tarantino or you don't. There is very little middle ground, as is apparent from some of these reviews. Rewriting history to suit the plot, killing off your main characters when needed, is this directors trademark. True, a film which contains many moments of suspense and unexpected events loses some of its impact on repeated viewing - as did some of hitchcock's work, but taking the experience as a whole, there are some great characters here . Worth adding to your collection

  4.  a pasage to bangkok


    " A passage to bangkok " , which was on the double live vinyl album, was left off the original c.d because of time restraint. however it IS on the remastered c.d. , as i found out after writing a bad review last week, ( which has not appeared fortunately!). i have since purchased said album and jolly good it is too!



    The reviewers seem to have the film more or less covered. It is a brilliant action movie, but i'm not entirely convinced about french landing craft!

  6.  poor transfer.


    this is a great sci fi movie but is totally let down by the picture quality. i have never seen such a grainy print , comparable more to v.h.s. than d.v.d. how they ever got away with this standard amazes me. funny thing is , the trailer on the disc is in high definition! i played my d.v.d. copy in upscale mode and it is far superior. even the disc itself is totally blank with no picture scene on the topside. they just did not bother here at all. avoid!!

  7.  best of cozy


    Where's dance with the devil then? These are all good tracks but it needs his biggest ever hit.

  8.  animals 2


    avoid like the plague! this is not the animals we know and love from the sixties!

  9.  classic western


    a long-awaited release of one of the sixties finest westerns. it shows charlton hestons ability to easily change from historic roles to the american post civil war era.it contains everything that makes a good western - a powerful story line with great action pieces, excellent casting - and nobody could direct a western like sam peckinpah. enjoy!