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  1.  Apart from the 1st one, this is the best!


    I have been a Resident Evil addict since the very first entrance into the mansion. I love everything about the resident evil franchise. Ok, so yes this game is different - however I also understand that games have to move on. If it was the same as the 1st game, then it would be boring.
    Apart from the 1st game - this is my favourite in the series - it has amazing graphics, at first annoying but controllable once you get used to it - and to be honest the camera angles add to the mystery.
    This is a GREAT game and well worth buying - it reminds me a little of the silent hill games in that it does direct you to locations but does leave some things for you to figure out. Within the first 2hours there were plenty of "jump out your skin" moments which we have come to relate to these games. No matter how much you expect it, it still gets you (watch out for those dogs).
    Overall this is an interesting game with new angles (both story and cameras) - the zombies can run, walk up stairs and can use weapons. You will be continually surprised and if you want something different from each game then you wont be dissapointed.

  2.  ZUMBA-LICIOUS. Cant wait for Zumba Fitness 2.


    I brought this game the first day it came out and im about to unlock the trophy for "30 days in a row".
    You dont need to navigate the menu with the move control - this can be done with the normal PS controller. The game is so fun! I do 7 workouts a week as it is that much fun!!.
    The tutorials are useful but felt that they go from v basic to hard too quick - however if you look on U tube that is how the instructors teach it so not going to knock the game down for that.
    Beginner classes - you learn the moves virtually straight away so by the 2nd go you feel at home.
    Intermediate - is basically the same as Beginner but with a few extra moves and in some cases longer.
    With the Intermediate 45mins - you will sweat!!!
    Just moved onto the Expert classes and I feel the jump to expert is quite a big one and I feel the expert classes are more "toning".

    ****You are not gonna be a dancer in 5mins****. The game cannot be mastered in a few days. Yes the belt doesnt pick everything up but you really have to move your hips (which is the whole point of Zumba). It Also wont pick up moves where you are just moving your arms or moving very slow. It will only pick up moves where there is hip action.
    Also the other point to bear in mind, if you "just follow the moves" you are either gonna be on no colour or on yellow which means you hear the music. You only score Green when you "feel the music" which takes time. Even though I have done more than 30 workouts in total - there are still timings I miss or moves I havent mastered yet. Also you have to add a little bounce into it. Its not just copying arm/foot/hip movements, its also about adding that spring in your step.

    And really - all the green energy gets you is more silouhettes on the dancefloor so dont let the fact that the control may not pick up every little movement. I find I have so much fun that I dont care!!

    I highly recommend this, im having so much fun with this. Its a fun way to excercise and you will see it as a "treat". I love it and it was worth the wait. Cannot wait till Zumba 2 comes out.

    I may even go to a class and show off my moves.

  3.  Essentially the same game but more sophisticated


    Ok so Tiger Woods 12 is essentially the same old game ie you play golf....nothing new there.....The game is much more sophisticated from the get go - perhaps due to the focus being on the prestigious masters. Ive played 1 round, and played using the move and the caddie!. For someone who has only played golf on the playstation, then the caddie is useful but still not essential- I could take it or leave it. The move has been nailed at last! great reaction, although on putting, until you get used to it, may seem a little sensitive. Graphics are great! Dont bother with the game face - takes about half an hour to load and the results are not brilliant. Overall I give it 5 stars because its more fun (and infuriating) but actually makes you feel you are playing a round of golf. Oh and dissapointed Lee Westwood isnt on the game!!!!

  4.  Say goodbye to the gym!


    I had a gym membership but hated going..esp in the winter when its so cold, and in the summer when its just too hot to workout. Thought Id give this a go and I can safely say GOODBYE Gym. This game is interesting, fun, combines interval training and goes from cardio one minute to strength/balance the next (which is what any good personal trainer will tell you keeps your body on its toes and really makes the impact we all want).
    Excellent!! Even at 70pounds I paid for it, its so worth it. No downloadable content at the moment but there is so many things on there already, you probably dont need to download anything for a couple of months. The only additional item I would advise you to purchase would be a yoga/gym mat - although there arent many floor excercises, it is beneficial.

  5.  Ok but not great


    I had such high hopes for this film and it did dissapoint.
    Kate Hudson very good, as was Owen Wilson, it just didnt seem that funny. Few moments where you do laugh quite a bit. Its a film of childish fun. Worth a fiver

  6.  I say YES MAN to Jim Carrey


    He's back and he's back with style. This is a hilarious film that will make you look at ur life and wonder if there is more to do.
    The story works well and the actors are really good togther. Lots of giggles will be the result of watching this film. Nice to hear Journey's Separate ways as the sig tune!!

  7.  Patterson is back


    7Th heaven - as always, james patterson does what he does best. A short, snappy but interesting story but i felt this was lacking something that the previous 6 books in the series had. Enjoyable read though as the womens murder club carries on. Bring on 8th confession

  8.  Good reading for a debut


    This is quite a good read. Its an interesting story made even more interesting by the fact that the author actually lives in a birthing house.
    You can tell its a debut book - story wasnt fully developed in parts and was a little "amateur" compared to other authors out there however these things come with time and practice and i will defintely be taking a look at this guys 2nd book.
    An enjoyable read - quite bizarre in places and a little bit scary. Can be hard to follow if you are not fully concerntrating but overall defo worth a look. Very good for the debut

  9.  The accidental brilliant film!


    Very surprisngly, this is a fantastic film! Its a very clever storyline and very funny!.
    Its a really easy going love story but its one that the men would enjoy (purely for the "evil" side of it).
    Nice to see Uma in a comedy with 2 great leading men. I would recommend this to everyone

  10.  What a film


    This film will grip you with intensity and twists all the way thru.
    Its quite gory in parts, but there is not too much of that.
    Although there are 2 stories going on at the same time (present day & 6 months ago) it explains everything really well and you never lose track of whats happening. There are plenty of "oh my gosh - cant believe it" moments.
    An excellent film with brilliant acting.