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  1.  Best series yet


    In response to some of the other comments regarding the other two series', I completely disagree. Admittedly, I've only become a Boosh fan recently, but I actually watched them from the first season, right through to this one; and I personally think the last is the best.

    I think that the jokes are wittier and I can watch this season over and over again.

    I also noticed a comment about the moon in an earlier comment; and I think that the moon plays a very important role in the series. It's just hilarious for how stupid and pointless it is. Slightly off topic, but the moon is hysterical in the live DVD.

    Anyway, fantastic season, definitely worth getting even if you've not seen The Mighty Boosh prior.

  2.  Highly recommended, can't fault it


    I've got to start off by saying that I'm an Apple fanatic, and therefore have a general hatred towards anything branded with the Microsoft logo... but they have really excelled themselves with Office 2008.

    Having purchased iWork '08, I was disappointed by the lack of ability to save natively in the most popular formats (.doc/.docx), you have to go through a process of exporting the documents and they aren't always reproduced as they were saved, etc.

    So initially I decided to go with Office 2004, which granted, was good, because it was simplistic.

    But since then I have upgraded to Office 2008 and what a difference! Making documents look professional has never been easier. Recently I have been making a lot of flow diagrams integrated within my work and its unbelievably easy.

    Absolutely amazing product, and great value!

  3.  Amazing


    This is a purely amazing game.
    Absolutely fantastic :)
    Highly addictive!

    R.I.P. Colin.. sadly missed by all.

  4.  Almost perfect


    This keyboard, despite being updated on Tuesday, is absolutely perfecttt =]]

    Typing with it is an absolute joy, the keys are very soft, with the tactile feedback that many prefer.

    The only issue that I have had with it is the fact that it gets very grubby so make sure you keep it clean!

  5.  Wonderful


    Absolutely fantastic film. Bought this on blu-ray a few weeks ago and I was absolutely blown away by the quality; certainly one of the best to date.

    As a film, it is brilliant. It really brings to light some of the issues with the diamond industry and will leave a lasting impact on your way of seeing the world.

    Definitely get this film, you wont be disappointed!

  6. Hostel



    8 New from  £6.17  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £12.25



    This is an amazing film. Very artistic in the way that it is filmed. There is an immense amount of gore, so it is certainly not for the faint hearted. Basically, the story is about an almost 'exclusive club' whereby people pay money in order to torture and kill others. Nothing more, nothing less.

    As for being on blu-ray, I feel it is a bit of a let-down to be honest. For the price, I suppose it is quite cheap, so not worth bothering over. But this is certainly not a film that you would use to show off your high definition 'capabilities' as it were.

    Certainly worth buying as a film and for the price, as if you like it, it is undoubtably something you will want to watch over and over again. If you already have it on DVD or you can get the DVD for a lot cheaper, its certainly not worth bothering with the blu-ray!

  7.  Top quality


    As a film... this is absolutely amazing, a true classic. Martial arts fans will never be disappointed with this. Bruce Lee was truly a legendary man.
    Just because this is an old film, dont think you'll be bored by it. I'm 18 with no real interest in martial arts, and I think this is fantastic.

    As for blu-ray... what have I got to say other than WOW. The quality is absolutely spectacular. This is one of the first I bought and to be honest I didnt have high expectations because of it being over 30 years old. In reality I found the quality of Enter the Dragon far better than the blu-ray version of Hostel! (2005).

    Definitely definitely buy, you will love it without a shadow of doubt.

  8.  Hmmm


    I've got to say, this film isnt bad, I'd recommend it to anyone for watching. As mentioned in aother reviews, Jim Carrey's performance was absolutely excellent, especially considering this such a diversion from the genre he would usually act in.

    The plot was very interesting and there were many twists in the tale. All the references to the 23 were cool and you were constantly analysing numbers the whole way through. It was quite spooky for me personally because I started going out with my fiancee on the 23rd!

    I suppose this is a film worth renting, but not necessarily buying. Not a classic film that you'll want to see over and over again or anything I dont think!
    But then again, films are based on opinion, so many people may not agree with me.

    I thought the end was a bit of a letdown, but the film throughout on the whole was gripping and clever.

  9.  Couldn't be better!


    Just received this morning and it is absolutely fantastic!
    The sound quality is brilliant and works with the PS3 absolutely fine, not a single problem.

    The style of the headset is gorgeous, definitely one of the nicest I have seen, and is also very very light!

    This is certainly a value for money headset and you will struggle to find a better looking and better performing one anywhere else.

    I have also tested on my Sony Ericsson mobile too and also worked fine.

    Definitely worth buying for anyone that wants a bluetooth headset for either there mobile or other device!

  10.  Does exactly what it's supposed to


    Had this for nearly a year now and has been constantly perfect, nothing has ever been wrong with it.

    When I opened it for the first time, I was surprised at just how tiny it is! So excellent for being a portable device.

    The price is also brilliant aswell for the amount of space you get. More than what most would need on a pen drive.

    I haven't even really needed to try the virtual expander to make it 6Gb as I've only ever used it for documents, but I've read reviews in various places of many happy customers that have got it to work.

    If you are after a high storage and highly portable pen drive, look no further.