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  1.  On second reflection this is a decent game.


    Basically when this game first came out I played it for a while but ran into the mouse lag problem. Some people may not have had this problem but when Vsync is turned on it creates a weird bug that makes some mice tracking lag :S Strange. Anyway turning Vsync off stops this problem.

    So i picked this up again a few days ago and finished it a few days later. And i really enjoyed it!

    The story basically follows a team of engineers on their way to fix a broken mining ship in space. When you arrive there is no contact with the workers on board and you are forced to make a crash landing within the craft. Basically you and a small team of survivors are stranded on a derelict ship in the middle of space with hordes of mutated undead humans as you company.

    Graphically the game looks pretty good. It's main charm is its atmosphere. It reminded me of the old horror movie Event Horizon.
    Spooky ship in space plus undead mutated humans and freaky women whispering stuff while you make your way through dimly lit, tight corridors with ventilation shafts, floor grates and holes for these nasties to jump, smash and crawl through in order to slice, pounce and bite you to death. *Breath*
    So yes the game looks good all round.

    The soundtrack and sound quality are what make this game freaky in my opinion. Chains clanging, people screaming and things crawling around in the vents around you. It uses its sound to distract you while nasties creep up behind you. Everything sounds very fitting and believable within the atmosphere.

    AI well theres not a huge amount to say about the AI. Its pretty stupid but it fits in with whats going on i suppose. Get a bunch of enemies together in a large room and they'll generally try to split up or crawl through vents in order to get to you in different directions nothing shockingly new but its done fairly well at times. It usually depends on where you are fighting the enemies.

    Gameplay wise the game plays very much like Resident evil four and five with the same slightly over the shoulder camera angle. However what i really liked about the game was the UI. there is no HUD to the game other then laser sights from your weapons. Everything is projected infront of the character when you want it.
    For instance when you want to see his inventory a projected image is displayed infront of your character which can add to suspense when you're being chased by a group of enemies. Do you have time to stand still and heal or not? Do you have time to recharge your stasis power? etc.
    Another thing i like about the UI is that Isaacs health is shown on a blue bar on the back of his armor as well as a small dial showing your current special attack charge so there is quite literally nothing cluttering up the screen.

    As a whole this game is very fun to play alone in the dark on a weeknight. It takes a few hours to complete depending on how direct you go with the story, between 8 and 12 roughly so for the price its a bargain.

    Just make sure you have a decent sound and graphics set up otherwise you'll miss out on a huge part of the game. Id recommend 5.1 or a decent headset etc.

  2.  Like the origional Vegas just worse!


    This game is pretty much exactly the same as the original Vegas but relies more on its half baked "new" features and narrative to draw players in..... It doesn't!

    Put plainly this game is just boring, so much so that i didn't even bother finishing it before i uninstalled.
    None of the new features make me want to play such as being able to create your own RB6 member and play through as him/her because in an FPS why does that really matter?
    Online this game sucks as well and just isn't worth the time save some cash and buy a decent game or a pint on the weekend!

  3.  Recommended by a friend, wish it hand't of been.


    I've played a few of the older games such as Raven Shield and Rouge Spear and this game just doesn't make the cut when I think of a Rainbow game.

    The hole point of the Rainbow series is that you never feel fully in control over the terrorists. In previous games you could take two, possibly three shots from a terrorist. Sadly in this rendition of the game they implemented the cover and recover system enabling you to take roughly ten bullets before even considering falling back just to regain all of your health. This just makes Rainbow Vegas an all out FPS and way to easy compared to its predecessors.

    Graphics wise the game looks alright. Obviously the games pretty old now but it shows of some of the finer features of DX9.0c, Nothing jaw dropping though.

    The AI is okay... Terrorists take cover and sometimes throw grenades at you. Nothing fantastic really.
    Sometimes they can just be plain stupid however in walking around whilst in a fire fight even though they just saw their team mates being slaughtered.

    The game play still has some features from the older games with some okay new ones thrown in for good measure like the tagging system and the simpler team control system as well as entry features like zip lines etc but the pre planning has been taken out.

    Storyline......Well this game has a jab at a story but fails miserably if I'm honest. Rainbow games never really had great narratives because they really didn't need one but Vegas tries and fails at drawing you into a compelling plot.

    As a whole this game is simply okay. For the price I'd say its a bargain as it'll keep you amused for a few days but you probably wont be coming back for a second run through.

  4.  Suprisingly very good!


    I didn't expect much when coming into this game if im honest. I've played a fair few movie to game conversions in the past and all of them have been pretty bad....

    However there is a gleam of hope for these conversions and this is it! This game is actually very good. I've been told that Escape from Butchet bay was also decent but haven't gotten my hands on it yet. Anyway.

    This game does what it set out to do and does so very well. It's a combination of FPS action and stealth. Graphically it looks nice. Gameplays pretty solid and the AI isn't to shabby either. Didn't find any major bugs or problems with the game which would put people off playing it. As a whole this is a very good game for if you have a spare weekend when you can sit down and bash out a game in a few hours.

  5.  Definately a single player game!


    Played this game over three or four days. And i have to say I actually really enjoyed it.. Graphics are nice, AI is pretty good and its got an okay storyline.
    Story and gameplay wise 80% of the game is really good however the last 20% starts to go down hill and the end boss is very disapointing. Thats my only gripe really.

    Multiplayer is dreadfull if im honest so if thats what your after go for COD4 or CSS but I'd definately recommend this game to anyone who wants a decent single player experience.

  6.  Fantastic mat


    Well to start off this mat is a great jump from my old S&S steel plastic mat that i was using for about three years.

    I can't really say much other then this mat works great with razer mice! I have other mice such as the Logitech g5 and Microsoft IE3.0 but they just dont feel as good on this surface as Razer mouce.

    Its big but not too big for most desks
    Its got a smooth surface and sticks well to the table beneath
    Good pickup using most gaming mice

    Razer mice seem to work slightly better with this mat compared to other brands

  7.  Great mouse


    I've been using this mouse for a couple of hours now and already i've formed a solid opinion about its performance.

    This is the best mouse I've ever used! Period, and I've used a great number of brands and models of mice before including the Logitech G5, MX518, the Razer Copperhead, Diamondback and the Microsoft IE 3.0 and out of all these mice the Deathadder is number one.

    Statistics wise the mouse is very similar to the Diamondback (another good mouse) and the Copperhead but its the overall feel of this mouse that wins me over everytime.
    Obviously I'm only one person but I'm sure the rest of the people that own this mouse and have used a wide range of other mice will also tell you the same as i have.

    This mouse rocks!
    Well worth the money!

  8.  Dissapointing quality


    Friends is great, I stopped watching at the end of season three when it was on TV. However i thought id pick it back up now. However I've had some problems with the DVDs inside. For istance some of the features on the DVDs dont work and on my third disc of season three im missing an episode! (EP.25:The one at the beach) I've heard of a number of people having problems with this boxset on forums with the set containing duplicate and missing discs.
    All round however if you get a full and working box set its well worth the cash for how many hours of watching you get.

  9.  Not bad


    I've been waiting for this game for a while now. Finally its arrived.

    After playing for a an hour however i discovered that online this game is terrible because of the poor quality of servers. It lags!!! Alot!!! And this can be very prohibiting to your enjoyment of this game.

    However single player the games alrite. Nice idea, nice gameplay generally not bad.

  10.  Makes me want to cry!


    If this game was an example of a human it would be Arnold Schwarzenegger.
    Muscular, Popular, Bronzed but completely annoying and talentless in everyway but its looks...

    After playing this game for an hour (Far to long if you ask me) I had already become bored of it. This is the first of a series of games the company has made which didnt include monsters of any kind and yet it still bored the pants off of me.

    It's too easy even at its hardest difficulty, Its plain, the storyline must have been formulated by a two year old and is generally nothing new.
    Freecell is more enjoyable!