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  1.  Awful


    Really shocked by the positive response to this series. It is badly acted, very out-dated, lazily written and shockingly obvious; every joke is telegraphed well in advance. If this is what equates for modern British comedy then we are in a very bad way.

  2.  Ensential Viewing


    Fincher makes yet another 5 star movie following on from Se7en, Fight Club & Zodiac. Saw this film a few weeks ago and I can't wait until its DVD release to watch it again. 2 hours with seemingly little action simply flew by due to the quality screenplay and sesnstional directing. The performances are great with Andrew Garfield looking as though he will become a major star, based on this performance Eisenberg already is!
    Switch your brain on, watch and enjoy Hollywood at its rare, intelligent best. Then pray that Fincher keeps on going for many years to come.

  3.  Best Pratchett TV Adaptation to Date


    Surprisingly enjoyable TV mini-series that was well acted & how okay production values. This was certainly better than Sky's previously appalling attempts to adapt Pratchett's work.

  4.  Well Acted Bio


    Paul Bettany is fantastic in an enjoyable telling of the creation of Darwin's 'Origin of the Species'. The gentle plot pace & character development may distance some action film fans but seriously how many explosions could you fit into a film about a man writing a book?

  5.  Great Family Fun


    It would be very difficult to find two more well crafted family films. The first was excellent fun but was somehow surpassed by the one of the greatest sequels ever made. Brilliantly crafted & voiced - almost perfect family fun.

  6.  Overblown Fun


    This film, like the book it is based on, is primarily trashy pulp fiction so don't expect the usual Scorsese fair. That said it is enjoyable hokum, well acted by its excellent cast. Major complaint would be that this doesn't need to be over 2 hours long & takes itself too seriously at times.

  7.  Terrible


    Cheap, boring & very badly acted.
    I was amazed to see the positive reviews on this site, were they watching the same film.
    The plot is convoluted to the extent that it is impossible to care for the characters (not that you would given the standard of the acting).
    Please avoid this poorly executed attempt at a 'clever' horror film.

  8.  Slow Burning Gem


    This CD gets better with each and every listen. The National's slow rise to the top continues. One of the true great indie bands working today have produced an album that may not be bettered this year.

  9.  Over the Hill


    The King of Radio Pop is dead. Music moves on very quickly & Robbie has struggled to stay with the times. This bland collection of tunes will not return him to the throne.

  10.  Pixar continue to soar


    Pixar's track record is astounding and they follow up Wall-E with another clever family treat. The opening half-an-hour is close to film perfection with beautiful sequence illustrating the lead character's life story. If the rest of the film is less effective then it is only because the early standard is so exceptional.