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  1.  loved it!!


    Another great summer read, I love the fact that what ever book I pick up that Katie Price has written I can put it down until it is finished - hoping Paradise will be the same x x

  2.  another great read


    I couldnt put this book down, I love the Katie Price novels, what can I say I cant wait for the next one, I also gave a copy of this book to my best friend and she loves it too !!!

  3.  FANTASTIC!!!!


    I went to see this film yesterday with my 3 best friends - and what a film, singing in the audience, i cant imagine there was anyone in the cinema that didnt enjoy it, this film is in the league of grease and dirty dancing and people will still enjoy watching & singing along to this film in 20 years!!!

  4.  unmissable


    I loved this series - my husband would call this cheap thrill tv - however I completely disagree (didn't stop him watching though!!!), I thought Courtney Cox was okay in friends but she really steps into a different league with this - excellent!!!

  5.  excellent


    it shames me to say it but i didn't even know what Iron Man was about - need less to say I was not that enthusiastic when my hubby kept raving about it - however I have say that I really enjoyed this film much more that any of the spiderman films, which I also dragged along to see!!

    This is completely different, in a class of it's own - helped by great acting & RDJ - a must see!!!

  6.  very good read


    I wasn't sure when i picked this book up that I would be able to get into it but I did it was quite refreshing to see an insight into this life style that didn't revolve supporting a drug habit, I look forward to ready the next book.

  7.  loved it


    I really enjoyed this book - I couldn't put it down - just shows that some people will do what ever it takes to keep their head above water & look after there family, not a seedy or sordid story just honest, all though a couple of her clients had some strange ideas!!

  8.  this is a great story


    All though the of the content in this book is sad and shocking this is a really great story to read and the changes this lady made to her life in order to make it better from the abuse she suffered from a young age to a husband that could be violent it was good to see that the outcome was good

  9.  excellent


    I read these stories alot and this is one of the best - it is unbelievable that this sort of thing happens and it's so recent - I think it is such an inspiration for others in this type of situation to come forward & be heard & to see that justice can be served on abusers like this.

  10.  excellent


    It is incredible to think that the life that was led by this lady and her sisters with a mother that didn't accept the norm for the era that they were living in. This is a well written story that really shows the hardship of the time.