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  1.  Still a quality series.


    Blood and Sand was always going to be a hard season to follow.It gained momentum with each episode until finally everything spontaneously combusted in the season finale Kill Them All.Never has a series gripped me and made the payoff so worth while.For those not familiar with the Spartacus series the story loosely follows a Thracian whose wife and he were condemned to slavery.He is thrust into a Ludus(gladiator school) while his wife is sent to shores unknown.The rest of the season deals with his rise through the ranks to gladiator and him becoming Spartacus.I won't say anymore because the plot is best experienced while watching the show.
    Vengeance starts off slow much like season 1 but by episode 5 it really finds its stride.The quality of the Blu Ray is fantastic but I am convinced that Blood and Sand looked slightly better in High Definition.The picture and audio are both superb nonetheless.There are scenes included in most episodes that were cut probably due to air time and they add emphasis to some things that you might have missed the first time round if you watched the series on TV.Episodes come with audio commentary which can be very insightful and amusing at times.It is definitely a reason to re watch episodes.There are also some bonus features but personally I felt they were slightly underwhelming.For example there is a bloopers reel but it is only 3 minutes or so long.Surely there were more than 3 minutes of bloopers over the production of the entire season.Also there are no subtitles included which in this day and age is baffling to me.Besides these slight deficiencies Spartacus Vengeance Blu Ray is a worthwhile purchase for the high quality of the transfer to HD and the show in general.I have not mentioned the story of this season because I do not wish to spoil anything.Even in my basic description of Blood and Sand I gave only the basic premise but nothing more.This is definitely a series best enjoyed without spoilers.I would recommend watching Blood and Sand first,then Gods of the Arena and finally Vengeance as this was the order the seasons were produced.It is one of the most enthralling,adrenaline pumping and nuanced series you will ever watch.

  2.  These games deserved far better treatment than this.


    Having read numerous reviews of this game collection online I will give my two cents worth...
    Firstly I have had the game a few days and have completed both titles.The first thing that springs to mind is the obvious probelm with the word"collection".A collection in game terms usually means a number of games or even trilogies like Prince of Persia or Jak and Daxter for example.Here we have merely Silent Hill 2 and three so I think this is false advertising from the get go.Next is the word HD.These game for the most part don't look any better than they did on ps2 and this left me sorely disapponted.After seeing what could be done with the Metal Gear Solid HD collection I was dumbfounded how bad Hijinx made this restoration.
    Now on to the specifics of the games.
    Sound.Both games have been given new voice work with the option to listen to the orignal voices in the 2nd game which is a nice touch however the lack of this option in the 3rd is a mystery to me.Sound effects are a mixed bag as gun blasts tend to loop and monter sounds can pop and crackle in places including character voices in cutscenes.I also noticed new sounds I don't remember hearing in the original games.This could have been Hijinx wanting to put their own stamp on the games which is fine with me had they done it to a satisfactory level.
    Gameplay.Running in these games is a nightmare especially in number three as the frame rate and slow downs are horrendous.Number 2 is okay in this respect but suffers from bad aim on the guns.Often I found myself shooting at the walls instead of the actaul monsters.Maybe I'm a lousy shot but I don't remember being this bad when I was younger playing these game for the first time.I would recommend setting the walk run option to reverse on the options menu as its less tedious than holding a button and moving the arrow and analog stick simultaneously.
    Graphics.The graphics are actually worse in Silent Hill 2 in this bundle than the original ps2 release if you can believe that.This is because the fog effects have been all but removed by Hijinx studios.I have no idea why they chose to do this.I can only guess they thought it was cleaning the game up and making it HD worthy...Boy were they wrong if this was their logic.The mysteriousness and fear has all but been destroyed by how much of the town and background you can actually see now and this is why I recommend playing the oringals of these games if you can get your hand on them.Silent Hill 3 isn't so bad as your indoors a lot more but 2 is awful for seeing the road load up in front of you and things in the background that are tacked onto thin air.Cough cough look behind James and Maria during their first meeting and see a floating rope that is being held by nothing.Also the boat sequence to the hotel is a nightmare graphics wise.
    My point is the fog shouldn't have been removed as it was a fundamental part of the game from both a graphical and an atmosphere perspective.
    So is there any saving graces for this bundle you ask.
    Well...the trophies are a nice distraction and will make players complete the games multiple times if your a trophy buff.
    The addition of original voiceovers in SH2 is a nice bonus as I'm quite attached to those voices.And Silent Hill 3 actually looks more polished here than it did on the ps2.Besides all this is the standard extras you can get when finishing the games such as constumes,weapons,etc.
    Basically this product should have been called Silent Hill bundle as that just what it is a bundle of everything good and bad.My biggest disappointment was the quality of the product.The sound,graphics and performance are mediocre to say the least.Konami failed in their choice of studio to remaster these titles.

  3.  Meh! Okay game but doesn't live up to the previous two.


    Okay I'll be honest here.I got 30 hours into the game and just gave up.I watched the last few scenes and ending on Youtube.This game just failed to grab me as much as the two previous.The graphics are decent for a late ps2 game and are bright and colorful.The downside of this is the dark atmosphere is all but gone and instead is replaced by endless cheeriness that can get quite irritating.Besides Johnny and Shania the other protaganists are boring.The villains aren't very intimidating and your drive to continue playing the game will diminish unless you really take to the gameplay and story.Having already had previous experience with the Judgement ring I found the tweaks they made a little redundant.The stellar chart is annoying and the fact that you have to build up the stock gauge to execute combo's extremely irritating.Music is mostly forgettable and voiceacting is okay.I will give it points for nice FMV's and a plethora of sidequests.But all this doesn't help if your not invested in the characters and I have to say the story is by far the most disappointing of the three games.Even Covenant slightly sucked in disc two due to too much story but I still had the incentive to complete it.By far the biggest mistake xseed made was not having Yuri in it and making the characters too quirky to the point of ridicule.All in all an anticlimactic end to the shadow hearts series.My advice is if you havn't played the previous ones try this one out but if your a diehard SH fan remember Yuri's journey for the great thing it was and forget this entry.I undertand I could be criticised for writing a review of a game I never finished but having completed the first two multiple times and trying to play this three times I think I'm eligible for a review lol.

  4.  the ps3's crowning glory!!!!


    Uncharted 2 is without a doubt the best game since the ps3's inception.unlike the prequel there are more moves, guns, action, story, and online gameplay to boot.the graphics are breathtaking and you will stop on more than one occasion to admire the surroundings.this time around drake goes worldwide in his search for the hidden city of shambala.new characters including a love rival against elena for drake's attention.the cutscenes are longer but they are simply brilliant directing and voiceacting.clocking in more or less the same time as the original but with finding all the treasures and obtaining those difficult trophies there is enough gameplay to last you 25+hours.this is the reason you should own a ps3.believe me it's worth every penny.sequel please:)

  5.  decent attempt to return to silent hill's former glory


    homecoming is a good game.it has the music,the fog and grotesque creatures but somehow the atmosphere of the the first three is still missing.i think it is really a case of repetition.after 5 previous games the formula can get somewhat boring.look at resident evil.that evolved from zombie horror to action adventure and the games popularity has grown even more.maybe silent hill just needs a total revamp.for example if the story was given more attention and it revolved around the actual town a bit more than it would have made for a more enjoyable experience.the last game sh4 wasnt even set in silent hill.the series seems to have lost its principal idea.being a haunted town in the middle of nowhere.the inclusion of more guns would have been a bonus plus all the focus of pipe and knife combat put me off as i was used to the simple guns in the other games.any newcomers of silent hill will probably enjoy this outting but for any die hard fans of the series they will be dissapointed.

  6.  some games missing but still a perfect purchase.:)


    I jumped at the chance to buy this.there are so many classics,streets of rage,golden axe,shinobi.alien storm,sonic,comix zone,vectorman,the list goes on.the games look exceptional in hd and the disc has a cool smoothing option that lets players admire the 2d graphics in nostalgic style.brings back the glory of sega's originals.

  7.  great collection of games but missing some essentials.


    This collection is very well presented but the developers left out some of the best sega games.streets of rage obviously and aliens storm and what about all of the shinobi games.anyhow still a great effort to comemorate these classic games.on the 20th of feb sega mega games collection will have all 3 streets of rage and aliens storm so folks that will definitley be worth getting for the ps3.

  8.  perfect musical.


    there is just something really special about this film.julie andrews enchants everyone from the word go with the hills are alive with the sound of music.its also such a beautiful story.a young and impetious woman finding her true meaning in life.going from a restricted abbey life to a life of belonging with a widowed captain and his seven children.she is able express herself freely through singing and music with the vontrap family.eventually her new found freedom is treathened by the invasion of the nazis into Austria.the film hosts some of the catchiest tunes you will ever here and a stellar cast.one you will want to watch again and again.

  9.  throughly enjoyable rpg alternative.


    Shadow hearts tells the story of harmonixer yuri who can transform into entities who's souls he has captured.he meets a girl called alice under dramatic circumstances and decides to protect her from a powerhungry warlock called roger bacon.the figthing system in this game is cool.you have to be constantley on your toes as you have to press the right sections of the judgement ring or else your command wont be executed.the story is dark and moody and brings you across europe and asia in suberb and gripping style.you simply want to follow these characters and see where the plot takes you next.this is probabley the most serious of the three games and still has lots of humour thrown in.it never feels too dramatic or takes itself too seriously.i would recommend anyone reading this to but this one as it is the original and will get your ready for the great sequel.but it now!!!

  10.  one of the best hip 90's comedies.one for all ages.


    the fresh prince of bel air is what made Will Smith a household name.the story of how a easy going philly boy lands himself in Bel Air with his rich relatives is a great story.James Avery is hilarious as his overprotective uncle and Alfonso Ribeiro as Will's competitive cousin Carlton.the humour is fantastic and the script is air tight .series 5 and 6 have yet to come out on dvd.a must see for any long term fans of Will Smith or anyone who enjoys decent humor.