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  1.  Fantastic Ipod


    This is my first ipod/mp3 ever and after searching around and seeing the others i decided that this ipod was for me.
    Firstly by a reputable company and accessories or easy to work and obtain.
    The UI is simple and the classic scroll wheel enables this.
    The use of video is a real asset for this Ipod and the podcasts and so forth.
    Disappointed and there being no radio and voice recorder which compeptetors had.(Chose this because other crashed to often and awful battery)
    The battery does seem not to last 24 hours but as no-one continously plays, the backlight and moving about to different menus drains it.
    A great ipod if you don't often use your music and so forth and not that expensive.
    Overall a great product which brilliant bright,sharp and colourful screen with capabilty to watch movies,videos,vodcasts and play games!

  2.  Superb Copter, Not! (Utter Rubbish)


    I got this copter and after the bad reviews i was optimistic and on the first day it was bad and broke. I decided to wait till tommorow to see if it would get better but its was just as bad even worse.
    It was broke from the moment i opened it from the box, ( Cheap product and poor assemmbly, no suprise there)

    Every take off even from hand just erraticly spun and the so called trimming did nothing.

    You waste so much time just charging it up and then for it to work for like 4 mins.

    I said it was good before but honestly it's not.

    Day two and every time you give it throttle it spins around and falls to the ground, then just scrurries along and damages it.

    If you think it's only £13 and its looks alright, don't be fooled. You will get it and be happy then for it just to brake.

    Shody crafesmenship and for £13 youre not going to get much.

    Overall, stay clear of this as it's the worst r/c i have ever come across and will probably ever and it will leave you feeling like you got completly mugged.

  3.  Incredible Powerball


    This powerball is great and very addictive. Once you get a good score you keep challenging yourself to get a better score and it's great fun. Afte a few tries you can really feel differnce in you hands, wrists and arms.

    Wrist Movements are what propels the powerball and depending at which place you hold it , it tones a differnt part of your arm/hand.

    It's great for sports and professions that require you using your hands alot and gives you greater strengh, power and accuracy.

    It's great value for money and has realistic green lights and a digital rpm counter. It seems to be underestimated compared to the blue version but i think it's just as good maybe even better.

    Overall this is a great product to buy and you will not put this down because it so fun,gives you hours of pleasure and very addictive.