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  1.  Play with your dolls


    Having read around about the show, I seem to be the only person who loved this show from episode 1, despite apparent network interference (Fox = evil) I still was hooked from the offset, and I find the show keeps testing your own moral judgement on if you think the dollhouse is right or wrong.

    Eliza Dushku is a Godess so I may not be the best person to ask about her acting as I am cleary going to say how amazing she is, but as she has to play different emotional spectroms in each episode, or sometimes more than once an episode, I think she is amazing,

    The cast is fantastic in general, I hope we get to see more of the guy who played badger in firefly/lawyer in BSG - I have forgotten his name ahhh!

    Also the unaired 13th episode is completely bonkers and I had to search to check it wasn't an unaired pilot it was so different, but if this is where the show started to go towards in future series that would be no bad thing, it was a total mindfrak.

    I think this is right up there with firefly as whedons best work,and any show that gets Eliza in the TV must be supported, so buy it and keep a fantastic show (and Eliza) on tv.

  2.  A film that should not of been born



    Saw this at the cinema, and the only thing that made me jump was the person behind me dropping their phone when I was starting to nod off.

    Awful script, awful acting, amazingly predicitable, and I am suprised several film makers are not sueing for the clear knock off of their movies.

    Avoid at all costs.

  3.  Mixed feelings


    Cracked open the kit today, didnt get from play as they are sold out (grr) so no Bass guitar, but what I have got will review.

    I have played rock band round a friends, and spent about an hour at the shops trying to choose between the 2, but thought I would go with GH.

    First off, the drums, the reason why I bought the thing:

    Annoying, the kick pedal is definatly better than RB, however the damn drums have the same annoying loud sound when you hit them, maybe a little less than RB, but thought they might of seen how many people complained about RB's that they would take it on board to look a better product.
    Also The yellow symbol is terrible for picking up a hit, really bad when you have to hit it and another pad quickly, and also it can be easy to knock it from underneath it when hitting red, which messes up your score.
    However the pads do have a good kick back on them, though I am starting to think I should of waited for RB2.

    The guitar:
    Pretty much the same as previous GH's, the neck is longer, which feels much better to hold, however the frets are very stiff and have to use quite a bit of pressure to get em down, also the strum bar has a very loud click to it, but on the plus side much better that it is stiff as not to hit a bum note as much as GH3.

    I have not had a chance to use the new touch pad yet so cant comment on it.

    The mic: Honestly, I don't think its ever going to be used until my mates are round and we are hammered, so no comment again!

    The Game:
    I have to say the track list is poor, and the download content is a joke so far, however much more 'real' songs rather than the covers that RB had.


    Its good, but I think RB2 is going to be a much better experiece for 1 player and multi player, I would wait for that, but in the meantime if you got the cash, then this is just about better than RB.

  4.  The 2 greatest Disney animations!


    This must be the most perfect double pack of all time!
    These 2 are in my mind the 2 greatest Disney have ever done, Robin Hood retells the famous story of Robin Hood with a twist, the main one obviously being the characters are animals!

    Sword in the stone again does the same as above, bar animals, of the story of King Auther.

    Both are beautifuly drawn, well written, and will appeal to adults and kids alike, and it is a shame to think this kind of animation is now pretty much a lost art.

    For£16.99 for both special editions, this is a steal.

  5.  D'oh!


    I had fears for this film, over the years the Simpsons has become less and less funny, often using gimmicks in the episodes and more use of famous people than ever before to cover the lack of a good idea.

    This just feels like an extended episode of a current season, some hit and miss comedy, (yes we all love spiderpig!) but overall this is a film you will watch once, and then forget about it, unlike say the south park movie which most people consider a gem of a film.

    Having said that, the younger ones in the family will probably get mre out of it than us cynical old lot, just make sure to distract young eyes away from the penis shot!

    Overall: An avarage attempt, but worth a viewing or rent, but not worth buying.

  6.  A game of 2 halves


    Paper mario, a great running series that started back on the SNES. Fun, good humor and in jokes made it a must buy game.

    Sadly super paper mario starts out very well but soon seems to run out of ideas.

    The forst 4 levels are great, although after the clever dragon boss at the start, everything else seems a bit of a let down in the fighting part of the game.

    The 2nd half really gets dull, the space level is one of the most rain draining levels I have ever played in a video game, and the 'fight the 99 guys' the level after is not much better.

    If you have never played a paper mario game, I would say download aper mario off the virtual cosole or get 1000 year door on gamecube and play it through the Wii.

  7. FIFA 08

    FIFA 08

    Nintendo Wii

    1 New from  £23.95  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £0.98

     Like Ronaldo this went down badly


    So the Wii's first (proper) football game, and what a let down.

    First: Graphics, I don't expect amazing graphics but the pitch, backgrounds and stadiums look terrible, blocky and bland.

    There are no career modes, just 3 silly and boring mini games, why?

    The controls at first seem pretty good, but pulling off the bigger moves just seem to be hard to pull off and the game does not always do what you have told it.

    Online play was good as it is through EA's own server rather than Nintendo's server, but there are too many people logging out before a game finishes if they are losing.

    Have now sold and getting the PS3 version, which I have played at a friends and is many times better.

  8.  Rocking, but not all over the world.


    Guitar hero has written itself in to game folklore over the years, and for the first time on a Nintendo console wii owners can rock out.

    First off, the guitar is superb, the best of the 3 next gen consoles.

    The song selection for the most is pretty good, but some seem out of place, but I love my metal so things Like 'Ruby' I could do without!

    If you are new to guitar hero, you are a bit out of luck as this is the hardest version yet, even on medium, sone songs throw chords at you at such a random and rapid pace that they feel more like a hard setting.(See: Raining Blood and Dragonforce!)

    Also, the Wii version for some bizzare reason is recorded in mono, meaning alot of the sound is actually very poor, and as Nintendo are behind in the online world, at the moment you will only have the songs that are on the disc.

    Overall, if you have never played before and don't have a PS3 or 360, grab the game and have some fun, if you have a guitar on other versions, then I would avoid the wii version

  9.  Silly but enjoyable if you stick with it


    O.K I admit it, I like this film, it ruins both of the most famous sci fi monsters ever, but it's hard not to resist cheering on the 2 fighting!

    If you put reservations aside, and can let go of your fan boy love of Alien or Predator, you will enjoy, however, I hold out much higher hopes for the 2nd part due out soon.

  10.  Perfect box set


    Apart from Lord of the rings, I don't think any DVD release has come close to this set.

    All 4 films with 2 versions of each, and also the original script for the 4th from Joss Whedon, he of Buffy and Angel(and the amazing firefly!)

    I think everyone knows how good these films are, but if you like your extras, there really is none better than this.