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  1.  Magic!


    I've only had the chance to "test" this, as it is my daughters Christmas present, but from what I've seen so far it seems to be really good. I thought it was really cool how the Move remote is transformed into a magic wand (on screen), which really adds to the elusion that I am really a wizard (hahaha). You can also choose what Hogwarts class you belong to. I chose Slitheryn (spelling?) ;)

    So far it seems really cool. The spells were good and easy enough to pull off. Unfortunately I had trouble remembering some of the movements when I was put to the test, so if you're like me and a little forgetful, just make a quick note of the movements on a slip of paper before your tests start.

    All in all it's very enjoyable and highly recommended for fans of the Harry Potter series.

  2.  He shoots - He scores!


    I ordered this because I wanted to play House of the Dead 3 how it was meant to be played...with a gun. I can confirm that the Move controller fits nicely inside and the wrist strap can be left on. There is enough space for the strap to be tucked into the round part of the gun on the side, without it affecting the position of the controller. It feels good in the hand and does the job as well as you would expect. Infact, I'm quite surprised it didn't cost a little more.

    I highly recommend this to anyone who wants play shooting games that dont require any aditional controllers to play. Great value for money and one satisfied customer.

  3.  Pretty darn good


    So, I bourght this without knowing too much about it. I knew it was made by Id and Bethesda and the pics I saw kinda reminded me of Fallout 3 (win). A couple of my mates liked it, nature took its course, I got it. As my title says, (I think) it's pretty darn good. Like I thought, it kinda has that Fallout feel to it, except it isn't as "open". Although there are parts for you to explore, it's quite linear, so don't expect hours or free-roaming. One thing that really bugged me about the game was the lack of checkpoint saving. Several times I played through a sizable chunk of a mission, only to be shot dead and have to do the whole mission again. Yeah, I hear what you're saying...I should have manually saved when I had the chance. But the manual save process takes a while, and in the heat of the moment, fresh out of battle and when the blood is pumping, you don't always remember to save straight away. More fool me!

    It's a good game. The graphics are great and the action is excellent. For the price, you could do a lot worse!

  4.  Hell on Earth


    I'd never played Doom 3 before but my wife used to love it (I know!!!). When I saw it coming out for PS3 I thought I'd give it a look in. All looked good, but as soon as I saw that Doom and Doom 2 were included, I was in. So, what do I think? I think is one HELL of a collection! Doom 3 is cool. A very different experience to the originals. It's a lot more closed in so you dont have a lot of time to think about your attacks. The graphics are nice and the all new 3D option really adds something nice to it all. But, as good as Doom 3 is, I've found myself playing the original Dooms more so far. They look lovely and have all the episodes available. The controls map very well to the PS3 pad and it feels great to play. The only thing I didnt like when I first loaded it is that it's not in widescreen. There are black bars down the left and right sides, but to be honest, it didnt bother me for long and now I dont even notice it. I thought it was great that they even have their own trophies for them too.

    I've given it 5 stars because this collection is just fantastic. It's presented so nicely and despite the originals not being widescreen it all looks as I'd have expected. Plus...IT'S FRIGGING DOOM!!!

    Buy it and be happy!

  5.  The original and best!


    Im a massive fan of the original so thought Id give this a try. I absolutely loved it. The atmosphere is very creepy and suspensful. The music is great and the nostalgia from replaying all my favourite scenes again brought back so many memories. I highly recommend this if you loved the original.

    The 4:3 acpect ratio can be changed by setting your Wii to 4:3 and your TV to widescreen.

  6.  WOW


    I remember being a little kid and first seeing this on TV. I was so amazed by it because there was no other cartoon like it at the time. Then, until recently, I never saw it again. I just sat down and rewatched the whole thing and it is still as amazing as it was all those years ago. What stands out most for me is the music. It really sends shivers down my spine in some parts, it is so chilling. I know it looks a bit dated these days but I urge you to just check it out. It was one of my favourites as a child and still is now!

  7.  Great gig!


    Wow, these guys really put on a good show. I only wish I could have gone to it. They have structured the night into 2 parts, Soft and Heavy. The only reason this doesnt get 5 stars is because their Heavy set should have had more songs. The bit I loved the most was when they started the Heavy set with "Masters Apprentice". Just seeing them and the croud go mental was awesome. This DVD is a must have for any fan of the band!

  8.  Not as good


    This is the Korean remake of Ringu. It plays out more like a detective film that a scary film. The video is completely different too. It just doesnt match up to the original version. Only check it out if you are a die hard Ringu fan and want to see every incarnation of it.

  9.  AWESOME!!!


    I love this series so much. The first time I saw Ringu, I was genuinly creeped out. This box set comes with a fancy moving hologram thingy on the front with is really cool. It also has a bonus film called "Sleeping Bride" which I didnt know anything about before. Its nothing to do with the other films but is like a ramance type film about a sleeping girl (obviously). Check it out for yourself....Enjoy!!!

  10.  Could have been much better!


    I found this film to be quite boring in places. There was long pauses between any sort of action and it didnt hold my interest at all. Doesnt compare to "Silence" at all. Dont get you hopes up!