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  1.  The Real and Ugly Truth of 'Positive Thinking'


    Excellent book. The authour says what I have always felt. The absurd, nonsense of the 'Positive Thinking' industry and how it deluded and destroyed the minds of many. I commend the authour's work. She tells us of the real, ugly truth of the 'positive thinking' industry.

  2.  Great Book. Buy it.


    Great book. All meat and important techniques on selling and great copywriting. Great sense of humour from the authour as well. There is a large amount of essential information in this thin book. Well worth buying.

  3.  Great Book. Concise, no-nonsense, practical ways to sell


    So glad I bought this book. It is all relevant content with no padding. Very detailed and well-planned layout to show you how to write effective sales letters. Well worth buying.

  4.  Great Book. Very Practical and down to Earth


    So glad I bought this book. It is practical, relevant, comprehensive and inspiring. I like the way the authour uses real-life case studies of ordinary people doing very well. Thankfully, this book is not a feel good, trust in the universe B.S. theory like so many motivational books! He gives a lot of references and weblinks etc.. All in all, it is an important book. It has motivated me a lot in a practical 'make money' way. Well done to the authour.

  5.  Fantastic Book!!


    Great book. Small but full of valuable information. The five rites definately give you a lot of energy and mental focus. After the first 4 weeks, I also lost 3kg weight (0.5stone) and the muscles are definately toning up more. Highly recommended.

  6.  Amazing Book


    I loved this book. Absolutely fascinating. A very spiritual book, without the religious brainwashing so prevalent in all religions. I highly recommend this book. Thought-provoking.

  7.  Outstanding. You Must Read this Book . . .


    I agree with the previous reviewer. This is a very important book on the link between diet/disease/cancer. Very scary for all the right reasons. Half-way through, I gave up dairy produts immediately. The authour lays out scientific research in well-respected journals, from numerous sources worldwide. A very authouritative, non-preachy book. Just goes to show that we really have been fooled by the 'food industry' and vested interests for years.

  8.  An Outstanding, thought-provoking book


    I am so glad I bought this book. There is a mine of information contained in Limitless Mind and all the psychic elements have been proven with 30 years of lab research. It is also very eloquently written with humility and a complete lack of ego. Very refreshing. I am reading this book a 2nd time it is so good.

  9.  This Book Changed my Life - Really!


    I bought Susan Hepburn's book (same title) and it worked after I listened to the CD twice. I wasn't 100% ready to stop after smoking for 15 years. That was 4 years ago and - honestly - I did not even think about smoking 99% of the time. It really was easy. Buy this book/DVD/CD and try it. I am eternally grateful for discovering Susan Hepburn's book.

  10.  The Secret


    DO NOT BUY this book. It is a very clever con trick. All it contains is pointless feel-good anecdotes from various famous marketing/PR Media types and I truly feel it preys on people's insecurities by telling them the can solve all their problems with a simple belief.