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  1.  Very thin case, but not great!


    I bought this case when I first got my iphone 4, as I wanted a thin case that allowed me to still use my Krussell crocodile case in conjunction with a phone case! This was the thinnest one I could find, and looked great in the packaging! However I was dissappointed when I took it out and put it onto my phone. it is very plasticky, and though I liked the protection for the headphone jack and battery dock section, however I found the edges to be quite sharp. The phone case offers no protection for the front of the iphone, and to be honest, I doubt it would offer much protection to the whole phone if it were to be dropped! I personally wouldnt recommend this case.

  2.  great iphone 4 case


    I got this case as part of the Apple Free case programme, and I love it! the price for this case at Play is good and if you want a decent case for your iPhone 4, then this is one of the best cases you can get!

  3.  Absolutely fantastic!!!!!


    I cannot recommend this game enough!!! I absolutely love it. Its a great mix of a story and puzzles. If you own a nintendo DS then you MUST get this game!! cant wait for the others in this series. GET IT!!!

  4.  Great price for great earphones!!!


    I wanted to get myself a decent pair of headphones for my ipod as the supplied ones do not do the ipod justice! I noticed these at play.com, reduced to £17.99. i've seen these at £50+ at most other sites, so i thought u'd give them a go! I'm so glad i did.....they're fantastic!! The noise cancelling feature is amazing.....you cant hear anything other than your music......and the sound quality is great!! For the price i think you cant really go wrong with these

  5.  Greatest Present i ever got!!


    Hubby got me one of these for christmas.........and i love it! Its such a great console that makes gaming accessible to everybody, or any age!! The games selection is amazing too. I'm addicted to mine......highly recommend!!!!

  6.  I'm Loving my Ipod Touch!!


    Got an ipod touch last week and i think its the bee's knees. I previously was debatting whether to go for the Archos 605 wifi or the Ipod Touch. in the end i went for the Archos.......and boy was that a mistake!!! Ended up having two Archos'....both of which were faulty. In the end i got a refund and got myself an Ipod. The touch in my honest opinion is a fantastic piece of kit!! Its much more portable and convenient than the Archos. I'm so glad i ended up going for one of these, and i cant recommend it enough!!

  7.  Fantastic game


    This game is one of my all time DS games. Got it last week and i've not been able to put it down. highly recommend

  8.  Boulder Dash Truly Does Rock!!!


    Absolutely love this game!!! Fantastic and very addictive. So pleased i got this one

  9.  Very good brain exercise!


    I've not played the first one so i cant comment on the differences between the two brain games, but i really like this one! It certainly gets the grey matter working. i love it!

  10.  A+...certainly passes the grade in my book!


    I've read mixed reviews about this game, but i really like it! I love the fact that you play loads of mini games (for eg, dodgeball, hoops, catching bugs etc to earn marbles and stickers). I'm slightly addicted to it now LOL. Highly recommend if you enjoy simple, yet enjoyable gaming in the form of a variety of mini games. Top marks!