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  1.  A must buy!


    Best in the series to date. The new physics and alterations to the match engine make a real difference and the game is deeper than ever before. It will take a little getting used to the slightly different layout from 2012, but even if you have 2012, this is worth the purchase as there's even a new Classic mode for those who don't have the time and/or patience. Ignore negative reviews, there's a free demo. Try it and if you like it, buy it.

  2. NBA 2K11

    NBA 2K11


    7 New from  £10.40  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £3.00



    I know next to nothing about the sport of Basketball, but this game is a joy to play, definitely better than 2K10 and the most recent of NBA Live games, this is essential for any sports fan. A few minor niggles here and there like Ai teammates in My Player playing like school kids, but its not enough to dumb down from a 5* to a 4*. Its a must buy and I haven't even started on the MJ stuff!

  3.  A good first effort from CM


    For what it is, its a really good first effort for CM. I cannot say whether it handles like an F1 car and neither can those who complain its too arcadey. Sure enough, I can imagine this game isn't a total simulation, but it doesnt try to be. Considering so many that play this game will use a standard PS3 controller, the handling suits the majority who will play it. I for one will never shell out a further 200-300 quid just so I can play a GAME!. Naturally, even after the patch, things are just not right. Fuel simulation doesnt work, inconsistant AI (tracks are much easier than others), R&D is simple to say the least and a few other bugs still lurking, but as a base package, F1 2010 works and will still provide a lot of enjoyment until F1 2011 is released. You feel more involved in F1 with this game than any other F1 game before seeing you team around you as you sit in the pits before practice, qualifying or the race. The weather system is the best yet in an F1 game with forecasts, differing levels of grip when its starts to rain and how that ties in with the visual effects. Can still be improved on as you can stray off the drying racing line and keep the same level of grip. Definitely worth getting as a good warm-up to F1 2011.

  4.  This is Marmite


    Yes, this is Marmite. You'll either love it or you will hate it. But the reason for the full 5 stars is the total playability of the game and the refreshing concept. This is a game where you decide how it unfolds and its not about levels or a fixed story, its about YOUR decisions changing the game itself and thats the refreshing thing about it. Try the demo first and if its for you, buy it here!. This game is without doubt one of the best of 2010!

  5.  Better than 09


    Im in no way an expert on NFL Football, so I can't really go very technical into the game. But if you have Madden '09, this is really worth the 17.99 price tag (correct as of June 2010). Pretty much everything has been improved fromt he previous game and you'll be screaming less at your team! (hahahaha). If you have '09 and at least liked it, chances are you'll like this a lot more!. Give it a go.

  6.  Play it in the dark and be prepared!


    The title should suggest that this game can put the frighteners on you!. Its a terrific game with its horror theme, simple controls and impressive gameplay!. Well worth getting and while you're at it, get some headphones/earphones, plug them in, turn the lights off and play!. Oh, and have new pants on standby!.... you might need them!

  7.  Feels rushed out


    This game should be better than it is, but it feels rushed out with contrived and limited gameplay with some silly controls. I think only fans of the Olympics will like this game much. Try it before you buy it, but its most likely you will be disappointed with it

  8.  Actually very very good


    As a Formula One fan, just like almost everyone outside the US, we find NASCAR extremely dull. I had played just one previous NASCAR title on the PS1 and it was the most shoddy racing game I ever played, so when I decided to purchase NASCAR 09, it was more of a risk than anything else. The risk paid off. The business of actually driving is very good and its critical to get at least a decent set up for the track you are on. Setting up a car itself to compete takes time, but somewhat rewarding. You can check on many things including where your tyres wear, its temperature in the centre, inside and outside of each tyre, oil and water temperatures, front and rear weight and more. The AI will be aggressive and try to pass, you do need to be consistant and like another poster commented, tyre managment is key. Handling also changes as races go on which is realistic. Im hard pressed to find faults worth pointing out because you really do need to drive in a realistic and proper manner, keeping your nose clean, adjusting your style as handling changes and as the race progresses. I would have liked it more if EA let you drive the caution laps yourself for a little added realism. I don't even really like NASCAR much at all, but this game is tops.

  9.  Could be better


    Its a good game, but needs tweaks here and there. Some races are just too easy to win, Career mode is only 5 seasons, wet driving is useless as you can't change your set up, so if it rains during a rain, you can't change your wings to cope. Whats good about it though is that the handling is responsive. Okay, its quite arcady, but how many people have PS3 wheels?. Its nice visually and although its on the 2006 season, its the best F1 game since F1 97. Worth the gamble I'd say and remember that the new F1 game for the PS3 aint coming out til next year so til then, get this.

  10.  Better than 08 and 2K


    I don't know very much about basketball, so straight away forgive me if I don't go into this too much. Theres a lot of good points about this game. Its a pretty good game, certainly better than 08 and from what I played on the 2K9 game. The controls are deep enough, but not too complicated, visually its keeping up EA's high standard and on the highest difficulty, it will challenge you. Rebounding can be a nightmare though and 90% of the time, you might find you'll rely on players not under your control to win those important rebounds. Still, its a great game that'll challenge and its great fun playing the game with mates. Well worth it.