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  1.  Decent Action Movie


    First off I am a huge fan of the A-Team and couldn't wait to see it. When I saw trailers I did not like Liam Neeson as Hannibal, I have to say he grew on me in the movie. Best person was Murdock, he was played brilliantly and had lots of madcapness, funniest part was the Braveheart scene.

    One thing I would say that I didn't like was the TV series and the whole concept of the series was that the A-Team helped people from the villains whereas this movie was focused primarily on them trying to clear their names. I do hope for a sequel where we really go to the core concept of the series.

    The action was very good, especially the must see tank & plane scenario.

    Overall a good film but could have been that little bit better. Definitely worth going to see.

    One thing that I do have to stress is that if you do go and see it then STAY TILL THE END. After the credits have rolled up there is a cameo performance from the original Face and Murdock, you don't want to miss it. Shame they couldn't get Mr-T as well.

  2.  Cracking football game


    This is a fantastic game with so much going on. When you think about buying it you think about a game that may not feature much but it has lots going on. You can try to become Captain of your team and play with just the one character but going through all the qualifying games before reaching the world cup. You can try playing as a team which is a different viewpoint and again work your way through qualifying games and then the world cup, or you can simply pick a team already in the world cup and go from there without all the qualifying.

    Graphics are great, gameplay is great and the loading time isn't excessive. If you haven't bought a football game or if you have and are thinking of getting this one then do. I already had Fifa 09 and thought about this but when one of my mates let me try out his copy I just had to get it, or never give my mates copy back!

    Totally worth the money, especially now that its dropped in price, excellent value for money.

  3.  An excellent remake of a classic


    The kid actor that plays Dre is fantastic. It is a well done retelling of the original Karate Kid. There is a lot of humour that makes the story flow and the kung-fu fighting scenes are phenomenal.

    Jackie Chan is great as the old teacher Mr Han. Not wanting to get involved he finds himself thrust into helping out the kid to fend off the bully and enter him into a kung-fu tournament.

    I would thoroughly recommend this movie. The only thing I didn't like about was the ending with the tournament. It followed the original movie too closely so that there really wasn't any surprises to the outcome, although the last kick has to be seen to be believed.

    That saying, it is a thoroughly enjoyable movie and considering it is just over 2hrs long, you wouldn't notice it.

  4.  American Dad Rocks


    I think American Dad is one of the best cartoon comedies to hit the screens. I am looking forward to adding this to my collection although it would be nice to get a listing when possible of the actual episodes on this volume.

  5. Driver 76

    Driver 76

    Playstation Portable

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     Highly Addictive


    Having just bought this I have to say that this is an intensely addictive game. Every time I play it I just say to myself "I'll do this mission and then turn it off" yet I find myself doing the next one then the next one. If you get bored of the missions then you can go for side missions which range from hijacking cars, doing taxi jobs or simple street racing. If you get bored with all that then you can simply take a drive round the streets, go on a shooting spree if you want. Very highly recommended.

  6.  Who you gonna call?


    I am a big kid at heart and I love the Ghostbusters films. When I found out that this was being released on DVD then I just had to go out and but it and it is a fantastically priced DVD (considering that there are 2 discs!) When I put it on I instantly remembered watching them from my childhood days and it was great to see them again. Sure the animation isn't as good as what todays animation is but then you don't expect it to be great aimation. What is great is that the story's are still great to see and if you like the Ghostbuster films then this is something that you really should think of getting just to see more times for the Ghostbusters to be called into action.

  7.  Excellent Story


    I am a big fan of Dr Who and Torchwood and when I heard that there was going to be a season 3 then I was very excited. Disappointed that the third season is only 5 episodes rather than the 13 but it is such a terrific and well written storyline. It pulls you in and keeps you hooked. Even though I was watching it every single night, I could hardly wait to see the next episode. It is potentially the darkest and most intense story I have seen on the TV and it is quite shocking but it is brilliant and I can't wait to watch it all over again.

  8.  Waiting for full boxset


    First off I would thoroughly recommend this show to all fans of Star Wars. For being only 22-23 minutes it is action packed all the way and there are quite a few back to back episodes (3 episode archs).

    I give it a 3/5 due to the fact that this is not the full season. I will wait until the full season has been released in a box set and then will buy it and give it a 5/5. Hopefully there will be some good extra's on the boxset as well.

  9.  A good if not frustrating product


    This is good if you enjoy listening to several phrases from the Clone Wars animated movie. However, there is 7th hidden voice which you need to figure out for yourself. There is no hint at what it is and no-one seems to know it. Why do the makers make something that you can't figure out or can't find out. If anyone does know the combination then please post it here. A good product but frustrating because of the secret voice, give it 3/5 for that face.