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  1.  Best thing Ive ever watched


    Forget movies, forget anything else. If your a fan of F1, your not really until you see this. Without spoiling anything, you will be absorbed, you will be amazed, you will feel happiness, anger, sorrow and then more happiness at the amazing things this man did, some of which just boggle the mind, need I say more?

  2.  Fantastic racing game.


    Fantastic racing game, all things aside, none of that premium/standard rubbish you get with GT5, all the cars are unbelievably well rendered, the graphics are stunning. The gameplay is the same super high standard, there's a huge number of different cars to unlock and quite a few you've probably never seen or heard of, this is a great edition to anyone who enjoys racing games and playing their Xbox.

  3.  Not as good as a mounted wheel but still fantastic.


    Got this for Christmas along with Forza 4. This was a great edition, its small, light but sturdy and easy to use. To my surprise its very very responsive, the game will react to the slightest twitch. Not as realistic or as accurate as mounted wheels but this costs half as much and to be honest is much more convenient, quick and easy to get going with. Id recommend for racing game enthusiasts and casual gamers alike.

  4.  A great quality pair but you can find them cheaper.


    Got these today and have been using them for quite a while since, managed to find them for a bit cheaper which is a plus. If your looking for a decent pair of headphones ranging from the 50 mark these should be looked at, they're a solid build quality and are extremely comfortable, this is the same story when it comes to sound quality, after listening to a few different styles on my laptop, I've found they deliver super clear, consistent quality across the board with a nice heavy bass to back it up. The only very minor downside is compared to my previous 20 pound pair of sennheiser's they aren't as loud, but this isn't really an issue as they're more than loud enough to enjoy music that's meant to be played with the volume up, and as I've been told there's not much sound leakage which is always a good thing if your sitting next to anyone, so if your looking for a quality pair but don't want to spend 100+ look at these, high quality and a pleasure to wear!

  5.  Brilliant, there is no other word


    I've never played any of the Deus ex series before and decided to try this after a friend recommended it. My expectations were blown away within the first hour of play time. If you like metal gear solid for example, this is going to be right up your street. Hacking, stealth, silent takedowns, everything spells awesomeness. If your a fan of stealth survival games, this is a must have for you, the graphics are brilliant, the game play is smooth, well put together and easy to work out, the story completely envelopes you. what more can you ask for?

  6.  keeps breaking


    was great for a couple months after first starting to use it had all of my music stored on it no problems then it starts corrupting and once it started, it never stopped, re format after re format.

  7.  Brilliant, excellent buy.


    Got this wheel as an early birthday present and only been using it for a short while, but its well worth the money. Build quality is brilliant and it feels great in the hands. Takes a bit of getting used to if you've never used a wheel before like me, I was amazed at the added precision it offers especially whilst taking high speed corners, in straight lines the wheel wobbles slightly like it would in a real car. Force feedback is an awesome feature which brings the realistic driving to life, the wheel will fight back at you if you take a corner too fast and will go crazy if you spin. Gear shifting is great thanks to the stick, but you have a choice of using the paddles at the back of the which I find myself using most of the time. The pedals are solid and much bigger than I expected which is a good thing. I strongly recommend having a decent table to mount this wheel otherwise you wont get the full benefit, only really tested it with GT5 but I have other racing games to test it on. Buy fast though, the price seems to be going up and up and up!

  8.  GH is back on form


    I was worried about buying this after experiences with GH5. This game is a definite improvement and the guitar controller is solid and reliable unlike previous models. The game has gone back to its roots including some of the most famous rock/metal bands. The music is great and the gameplay is just as good, no 2 songs sound the same. The only thing I would say is a little tedius is the story mode, you feel a little bit overpowered the second time round with all 8 powerups working all at once, but its still fun and the nice thing is you can import tracks from previous GH games too via the in-game shop, if you have the hard drive space.

  9.  What the Xbox should've been originally!


    Got this the morning it came out at the first thing I was impressed by was its sleek new look, its slightly smaller than the previous consoles. After getting it set up I was even more amazed at how quiet it started up BUT, I put in a game and its not that quiet whilst playing a disc, about the same as an elite, so this is definitely designed for installing to the 250gig hard drive and playing games that way. Whats really impressed me is how smooth and fast the built in wireless is, I've stopped using a cable because its THAT good!

  10.  Put the work in, you will see results


    I've had the neon green ball for quite some time now, stopped using it for a while but then went back to it and I wish I kept it up. Based on what i've read 5min of this is the same as 15-20min of normal dumb bell training. I wouldn't recommend the cheapest 1 as it has no clock (to see how fast you can rotate it), spend the money on 1 with a clock and neons for that extra cool factor. The only bad thing I can say is the rubber band around the ball is starting to slacken off due to frequent use, but the ball itself still works perfectly after 3 years. Well worth it! Just be sure to vary your exercises for maximum benefit.