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  1.  Funny, but too violent


    Liked this, Sam Rockwell and Christopher Walken are great, they make the film, so if you like them you'll love it and visa versa.
    I don't think the trailer really does it justice, it wasn't what I was expecting.The down side was the gratuitous violence which really isn't needed, I guess this is in to lure the teen tarantino fans who I'm sure won't appreciate Walken's humble/reflective character. Saw this on TV but will be buying the blu-ray.
    Laughed out loud

  2.  Attention to detail


    Good film, well researched, the sets,vehicles and costumes are excellent, has a really believable feel to it and it isn't blood and guts like so many Gangster films.

  3.  Surprisingly good fun


    Wasn't expecting much from this, but was pleasantly surprised, it is what it says on the can.
    Alan ford is basically Brick top again and he's great. Honnor Blackman as a cockney? Plus Richard bryers, great cast.
    If you liked Shaun of the dead or Juan of the dead you will like this, low budget but well worth a watch

  4.  Pleasantly surprised


    Saw his at the cinema, wasn't aware of it's history but later found Lucas and Spielberg said they were influenced by the original books,this can be seen in the film and it does have a star wars feel to it (or rather the reverse). Really enjoyed it, good family film.

  5.  A must see documentary


    Watched this when it was on CH4, it's very well made and really opens your eyes to what the various bombs were capable of, definitely worth every penny.

  6.  best film of 2009


    This is a great film, a refreshing change from alot of the hollywood same as that gets churned out. I found it far more believable due to the fact it was South African, from a British point of view it is much easier to identify with Aussie/Kiwi/South African people, they don't ham it up and aren't over emotional. It does build up slowly but that just adds to the effect at the last third of the film. If you are not old enough to remember Apartheid then maybe some of the irony may be lost.
    The special effects are good and also the special forces teams look the part, they handle the weapons and move as if ex special forces were used which just adds to the over all feel of the film.
    But the thing that makes the film and draws you in is the main character, although the the story is total fantasy, you find yourself believing what he is going through, this is part due to the actors being encouraged to add lib through out the film.
    Excellent film

  7.  Unmissable


    This has to be one of the best films I have seen in the last few years. You are totally drawn in, as if watching a documentary rather than a film.
    Bruno Ganz' Hitler is outstanding, a performance far outstripping any oscar winning American mega star.
    The biggest achievement is that you find yourself feeling for the characters, many of which support the unacceptable and barbaric policies of the Nazi party, and in doing so deserve no sympathy.
    Had this production team and actors been used for the recent Daniel Craig film 'Defiance' they would have done the story justice.
    My only complaint is a Blu-ray disc with a Dolby Digital sound track? Bit of a let down

  8.  What's all the fuss about?!


    I cannot work out the hype surrounding this film. It was such a disappointment when I saw it at the cinema.I have no doubt the reality of the story is very moving and in the hands of another production team it could have been great.
    The beginning of the film rushes along, within minutes of lighting a camp fire the brothers have become heroes and hundreds of people appear out of the woods wanting to join them?!
    The main thing that lets it down is the lack of reality in the battle scenes, as far as I know a five inch thick sapling will not protect you from a tank shell? This attitude turned the film into a '1960's John Wayne war movie' and at that point I lost interest.
    I have a theory as to why it was hyped and pushed so much, all I will say is that it's their ball.........