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    This game is a must buyyy , it is too good . Gameplay great graphics great . The co op mode is hilarious . Many hours of gameplay

  2.  Great fun


    This game has a range of events from 110 metres to table tennis , in my opinion . Archery and Fencing are a bit of a let down espiccially archery . ThIS GAME IS NOT FOR HARDCORE GAMERS bbut fun with friends and family overall 4 stars

  3.  Good game but hard


    I was anticipating the release of this game , but when i got it it was not as good . It is very hard to throw darts and cant get through the first round of a tournament however once you get the hang of it is really good you get to choose many pros and they look realistic. One drawback is the custom make of player there arent many options to make your player with suchas face , hair , etc so if you want to make yourself it cant be done !!! and youll look like a complete idiot

  4.  I beg to differ


    I think this game is better than you think . The graphics are much better than its predeccesor , the gameplay is much better , the batiing and bowling are more realistic and overall a good 4 stars !!!

  5.  What a mario game


    This mario is amazing , it is amazing 3d graphics and reality . there are various galaxys to explore and with the wii it just tops it of as brill

  6.  Brill game


    This gaem continues the story of the previous crash stories , this crah is brillliant with the new wii controls and fantastic ne charachters adn you can hi jack the charachters and use there unique ability thsi is a must buy