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  1.  Loved it!


    I enjoyed every second of this film, it's a confusing start but everything falls into place the more you watch. Great acting, script, story, direction and visuals (on Blu-ray it's amazing).
    Other people have mentioned plot holes, I didn't notice any (I may have been too dazzled to notice any?!?).
    You really have to sit down and concentrate when watching this film, you can't dip in and out really, you can't pop to the loo or to make a brew but that's what makes it so great.
    There are no 'baddies' as such but there are lots of gun fights, car chases, fist fights all peeing all over fight sequences in the likes of The Matrix or X-men etc. I guess the other reviewer went to the loo or to make a brew at those points in the film :o)

  2.  Nearly perfect


    This is a good, solid laid back compilation/mix. I love The Cinematic Orchestra and it was really nice to hear some of their influences and favorites alongside new material by them...however...I was looking forward to a bit more than 16 secs or so of DJ Food's Living beats and TCO's Restaurant and was looking forward to seeing how South American Getaway (the upbeat section which is in the advert for this album on this very page!) would fit inbetween Burial and TCO.

    Overall very good but could've done better (in my opinion).

  3.  Awful!


    This is an awful film, the fact that it's part of the Indiana Jones series just makes it hurt even more!

    The film lacks the wit and charm of the original trilogy add to that a rubbish villain, bad CG backgrounds (they must have had the budget to go and film on location???), Aliens (I know the Holy Grail etc are far fetched but aliens!!!), George Lucas script, CG monkeys, The Fridge, Indy is a spy!?! and how pointless is Ray Winstons' character? completely pointless, that's how pointless!

    Shia the Beef and Harrison Ford are both very good but even that doesn't salvage this awful film.