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  1.  just super


    for any smallville fan from the past 10 years this is a must, the series itself has some of the same problems most of the other series suffered from with an occasional dip but after seeing the finale all is forgiven, i shall be making sure that i get my hands on one of these and puting it in pride of place alongside the other 9 years of this totally brilliant show

  2.  Awesome


    1st things 1st if you already own either the green tunic link or the blue tunic link the rating is 4 stars as this is just the same but in red, unlike with the fierce deity and sheik statues which come in 2 parts the link tunic statues come as a solid one piece so it won't come away from it's base if you lift it up and as said before the statue itself is fairly heavy and not some cheap hollow figure which breaks as soon as you touch it so your safe there
    The one problem I have with it is that it's identical to the green and blue links what the makers should have considered was putting a different base that matched that of the temples from the game and possibly having one of the other shields that were obtained through the game
    Other than that all 3 statues are perfect

  3.  very good


    this is perfect if you have ever wondered like me how active you are throughout the day all you have to do is activate this when you recieve it pop the activity monitor on when you wake up and go about your life as normal then before bed you simply sync it with your ds to see how you progressed through the day like when you have been most active and the longest time you were least active helped me realise how unactive i am
    its perfect for those who have wii fit and wonder what part of their day counts as being active
    the reason why 4 stars not 5 is that the game itself could be better but easy to use and simple to understand

  4.  Doomsday has arrived bad for Clark great for the series


    It has to be said from what i have seen so far this series is the best
    The main reason that e4 paused the series was because it caught up with the us showings which paused before christmas then restarted and have recently paused again the series will probably continue once they have repeated the previous 8 episodes.
    But this series is going to be phenominal and is a must have for any fan but if this is like the past 2 series it will also be released for bluray whcih is the far superior version

  5.  Brilliant i am so reading it again


    this was my first ever graphic novel and may i say that it is pure genius the script is awesome, the pictures are equally as awesome and the little dossiers at the end of each chapter help make the characters more lifelike and makes it so easy to get lost in the world that has been created.
    for those who want to know what the film is about then i suggest getting this.

  6.  Genius but short


    this is brilliant, way better than the family guy special if you are a fan of star wars then this is a must it picks up memorable moments from the films and puts a new twist on your thinking of them.

  7.  Brilliant


    one of the best games for the wii a must have for any wii owner one of those games that you can pick up and play

  8.  wow


    when this arrived i was surprised at how big the box was its a fairly big box the statue comes in 3 pieces the base, the figure and the sword puttinng it together is easy and it holds realy well the figure is nicely packaged and looking at it now i just think WOW im glad i got this a brilliant item gets 5 stars

  9.  hell yes


    i have got 5 different fx lightsabers and i must say this one is awesome the hilt when joined together makes one hell of a lightsaber this is a must for any star wars fan.