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  1.  Give it a chance dammit!!!


    On release of this I followed reviews to try and gauge if it was worth buying or not and most of the reviews were less than complimentary to say the least.

    People complained on how small the maps are and how its mw2.5 and how late their delivery was-which is just ridiculous considering this is a place to review GAMES and not royal mails delivery times!!!

    This considered I bought Skyrim, but later I convinced the wife to buy mw3 for xmas and I cant believe I had left this long to play this game.

    The graphics are nothing special but better than some reviewers basic description of "rubbish"-care to elaborate much? No because they put too much time into bitching about how royal mail let them down and how they waited a whole day longer to get the game!!!

    This said the graphics were satisfactory, arkham asylum and fallout3's graphics werent mind blowing but most real gamers would agree they awesome games that keep you coming back for more( I have played fallout 3 five times all the way through and still want more)

    The game play is again more than satisfactory, new chases, underwater taks and tasks, the slow motion when you blow up a door to save the people that have been captured is all still there there and working well-dont fix what isnt broken.

    Also the online is worth playing too, people slag off the maps and this and that, but it caters for people that cant stand campers; if nothing had changed people would still bitch.

    To conclude, this game is worth your time, it wont knock your socks off but its a far cry from the bad reviews it has received.

    I wanted to rate it a 3.5 but couldnt and its certainly not a 4 out of 5, but mw3 always had an uphill fight with me as it follows on from arkham city, red dead redemption, fallout and new vegas.

  2.  totally worth the money


    Okay, so I am new to headsets and I have been gaming hard recently and I decided to take the plunge. I cant explain how impressed I am with my choice; I spent weeks looking at all the different reviews for tritton, head cans and turtle beach-but what I got tired of hearing about is people bitching that they wished they hadnt gone for a cheap head set and why oh why didnt they get a 5.1 surround sound version!

    So at 110 quid and 5.1 included I thought I couldnt go wrong with the ax pro and the results are amazing, I recently replayed codmw2 on the xbox 360 with the headset, having previously played it on my ps3 without one (yes I play both consoles-someone report me!) and the difference was massive, the sound was so crisp and I didnt have to worry about waking up the wife and kids as I often play late into the night-they were worth buying based on that notion alone!

    It is worh mentioning that on games like cod it does seem to give an advantage when playing online, i.e you can pick up even the smallest details, like someone creeping up on you on cod when they are reloading-therefore uping your game!

    They also make dvds more enjoyable, they arent just for use on the xbox or ps3 I have tried them out with several dvds and blu rays and I dont think I will ever watch another film without them.

    They get a flat 10/10 from me, dont waste time like I did researching for a good headset, trust me this is the best on the market without a shadow of a doubt.

  3.  Alice! There is love in this world-So you lose!


    Luther is dark, terrifyingly twisted-is he a good guy? Who the hell cares? All these things make it brilliant. And Alice! Dont get me started on her take in the series-in short she ROCKS!

    For once the BBC have something worth watching, each episode is different but dark and twisted-they really have pushed the envelope with this series and it works brilliant.

    I cant wait for the second series, the story is amazing and the cast act out their skin!

  4.  A little short-but excellent game play


    As mentioned above a little short all in all! But that a side the graphics, helicopters, ice rock climbing and snow mobile chases are fantastic-excellent addition of captain price and the rise of soap mctavish! All considered a great game and worth the money! I gave it four stars because I felt it should have been longer-I was really into the game when I finished and was wanting more! I cant see Modern Warfare 3 arriving any time soon!

  5.  Daddy you always save me from monsters!


    Its good to be back in Rapture and I am glad to say it is more detailed!

    This time you ARE the "Big Daddy" and in search of your little sister!

    I didnt give this game a five star despite it ticking all the right boxes; but it does feel like old hat at times even if the fun remains! Another downside is that you cannot go back to previous levels.

    On a plus side it is hilarious when little sisters come face to face with each other, my advice would be to buy this game although I think it helps if you have played the previous game.

    Dont delay, buy this game asap as it very addictive-waited 18 months for this release! Possible contender for game of the year-but it wont win.

  6.  Easily one of the best games of 2009


    First things first, on release of this game I thought it would be loads of repetition like in the first one!

    They have completely over hauled all of it, the game play is intense and different at every turn; not more daft blending in just by pretending to pray! You actually have to make the effort of avoiding guards!

    Overall the story, game play and originality is very rich!

    BUY IT

  7.  Top Game


    I recommended this game to anyone who can honestly call themselves a gamer. Dead Space is creepy, genuinely edgy and the wow factor is excellent. Brilliant weapons and upgrades, the games gets better and better as the player progresses. Buy it, for £15.00 its a steal

  8.  Great game! Poor Hale!


    Overall a very good game, game play and graphics. However it does seem to lose some of the mystery that fall of man had, it does reinvent itself and has some excellent suprises, weapons (i.e magnum gun with the exploding rounds) and the chimera has definetely evolved (i.e the chimera dont just run at you aimlessly like they did in fall of man, they actually try to kill you). Its safe to say that there will be a resistance 3, when you complete the game, you will see why.

  9.  Decent game, as stated by others; this game lacks "polish"


    Overall a decent game (for £5.99 nobody can complain) but the graphics and controls seem a tad rough and that is where it is let down. But on the postive the game play is good and the story is excellent. Is Jackie a bad guy? The darklings and co add something to this fps also, otherwise I would have rated it two stars, overall Bioshock it aint, but definitely worth your time.

  10.  I have played better


    Plently of bosses and bad guys to slash to pieces and some decent puzzles along the way! Play as Dante half way through was excellent too! (the good old days) All in all a good game, exceelnt game play and good graphics