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  1.  Very good - a few flaws though


    I believe that this game is a very good game, especially for a movie-turn-game which are normally a little silly. At first when i got this game i was a little nervous, i thought "this might be too childish" but it is damn impressive. The controls are easy as pie and the transformations are fluent, the game looks great too. I love the fact that most of the surroundings are damageable and even destroyable and i also love the range of scenery.

    But now to the important bits, the gameplay as a whole. I really like the gameplay - it has left me very fulfilled. You can kill enemies by melee, gun or special moves. The missions are good - maybe a little repetitive but some are still very fun. The RPG side is very enjoyable - and it is nice to be able to customize where you put your Energon so that your fighting style can be complemented. The unlockables are fun too. Generally i can resolve that this game is very good for gameplay and i can say that i enjoyed the story mode a lot.

    Now to the flaws. I only have a couple of squabbles with this game. 1 being the silly enemy AI sometimes. Like melee is kind of weird in this game - most of the enemies will walk at the same speed as you walk so to melee someone, it takes a lot of effort. So, you end up using your gun a lot more than anything else. The other thing is the multiplayer which in my opinion could have been better. The matches are 4 vs. 4 which are kind of small and if people leave - people can't join. So it could be like on halo 3 where it is you versus an entire other team - which is a little frustrating.

    But all in all - i like this game and i think that this is an addictive game which works well with the movie. I recommend this as a buy because i believe it works really well and you don't have to be a fan of transformers to enjoy it. The only reason it isn't 5 stars is because of the fact i don't particularly enjoy the multiplayer and there are other small flaw (as mentioned). Anyway - great game.

  2.  brilliant and extremely fun


    yes it's another book in the fantastic series. it contains many more fantastic ideas and challenges to complete before you get your pension and some flase teeth. some of the challenges are very easy and some are just plain hard. some may take a day or so and some will take 10 or more years. but all challenges are fun to attempt and in some cases complete. definately a great addition to anyones bookshelf. you will see it and try and mark off more and more challenges. you will be enjoying this book until you literally become old and boring.

  3.  good game


    i found this a good game to play and kept me occupied for a couple of days but when i started playing career mode, i really thought it would have autosaved every time i did a mission. sadly, it didn't and that left me very frustrated. i have not played the game since because although what you play is quite good, i prefer theme park world and this never really got me hooked.

  4.  fantastic camcorder


    i have used this many times and found it to be very good. for all the camcorders on the market, i personally think it is the best in it's price range. because it's easy to use, i could function it before even looking at the instruction pack and have made many home made DVDs because of it. yes, i admit that the battery life is quite short but if you want a camcorder that does what it is supposed to do and not want all the fancy extra stuff that the more expensive models provide, then this is the perfect camcorder for you.

  5.  very good dvd and not just for dinosaur fans


    i found most people who have bought this DVD are fans of dinosaurs. i am not and never watch a show on tv about them. i find this dvd appeals to more than just the dinosaur fans because of it's amazing graphics and attention to detail, it's great storyline and it's general facts. this DVD should be a must for all animal fans and for it's price, anyone who likes factual programming.

  6.  best brain game available


    when i bought my DS, i bought this and dr kawashimas one, this i still play and try and do better on, dr kawashimas one is in a box somewhere pratically brand new because it is so dull. you can only really practice with a few different minigames and i find this too repetitive. this game is completely different and offers you the chance to take the test over and over if you make mistakes and not make you wait until the next day to do so. it makes you want to play it over and doesn't get dull and boring nearly as quickly. may not be the best game to sit and play for hours but as a game when your bored, its great.

  7.  the original was a lot better


    i bought this game last year expecting it to be improved from the highly fun but hard original. i found the levels sort of the same and even though they added some things, it could have been made a little more different. mabye the jump from psp to the wii was a little too big for mercury but there wasn't the same feeling to continue after you fail as there was in the original. there are much better games for the wii in my opinion.

  8.  hilarious, worth £4


    A lot of people don't seem to watch 2DTV and yes, i know it's old. But, for £4, i was in stitches for nearly the whole thing and i think this is a heavily underrated DVD. I think as a gift, this might not be the best thing. Although, if you are just buying loads of comedies for night in, this should be on the list.

  9.  needs more actual football


    like the last person said, there was not enough football and too much talking, it was very disapointing. the clips were good but then they had a big discussion about it when they should be showing more football. i think there are many better footy DVDs out there

  10.  extremely funny


    i am not the easiest person to make laugh and i find some stand up boring and unfunny, but this is hilarious, i was laughing constantly and some of the extras are great too. well worth the money and a brilliant DVD