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  1.  So comfy and warm!


    These socks are excellent. They are really, really comfortable and make your feet so warm. They are the best knee-high socks that I've ever bought; and believe me I've bought a lot of them! At 2.99 instead of ten pounds you really cannot go wrong with these socks, great value for money. I've ordered several more pairs. Bargain!

  2.  Amazing show.


    Both series of this show are absolutely amazing and they keep getting better. You follow the lives of several upper class teenagers who love nothing more than their money and flaunting it. It really is brilliant, you get to know the characters very well and end up feeling sorry for the most unlikely of characters (hello Chuck Bass!). Give this show a watch, you will not regret it.

  3.  It's a good pen...


    Unfortunately that's all it is - a good pen. The blue LED flashlight on it is powerful enough and good for lighting up the area but the laser isn't very strong and doesn't shine very far. I suppose it'd be good if you were stood at a short distance from the thing you wanted to point the laser at, like a presentation but other than that get another laser.

  4.  Hilarious!


    Katy Brand is a new, fresh comedian who is very, very funny. Her sketches are hilarious, especially the ones where she imitates pop stars and sings songs that are akin to the style of Weird Al Yankovich's.

    Give Katy Brand a shot and you will be pleasantly surprised, especially if stars like Amy Winehouse and Lady GaGa annoy you.

  5.  Pretty good movie.


    This movie is okay. It follows the story of Emily, whom gets possessed and the priest whom exorcises her. It's an interesting story to say the least, a real test of faith for Emily's family, the priest and the lawyer. Beautiful acting all the way through - don't watch it if you want blood, gore and horror, watch it for the suspense.

  6.  A great buy!


    Why buy the three individual movies when you can buy this great triple DvD? Each of the movies are brilliant and guaranteed to give you a great laugh. You will not regret buying this triple DvD!

  7.  Great movie.


    If you're going to watch this movie because you expect it to be like the game - don't. See this movie for what it is, a great horror movie. It follows some aspects of the games but jumps around a lot between them. If you see it with an open mind and forget about the games you should thoroughly enjoy it.

  8.  Absolutely brilliant.


    This is one of the best shows I have ever seen. It is so addictive, from the very first episode it gets you hooked and you just want more, you feel like you need to see what happens to Michael, Lincoln and the gang. The whole series is very suspenseful leaving you on the edge of your seat on more than one occasion, you are always praying that they'll make it over the walls. Absolutely brilliant.

  9.  Brilliantly beautiful.


    This movie is absolutely stunning. It's about a boy, Oskar, and a girl, Eli whom fall in love without Oskar realising she is a vampire.
    The movie has a lovely theme and lovely dialogue. It is a horror movie but doesn't rely on blood and gore to keep the viewer hooked, it's all about the plot and the themes; romance, young love, revenge. The ending was beautifully done. All in all it's a very good movie, certainly worth a watch. I have heard rumours that there's going to be a remake done by Hollywood - don't wait until then, watch it in all it's glory, don't wait for Hollywood to butcher it.

    This movie beats the hell out of most modern day vampire movies, instead of watching something like Twilight, watch this!