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  1.  Excellent if you have a little patience


    I'm made up with this remote, it controllers TV, DVD recorder, Blu Ray and AV receiver for me. All the buttons are available from all devices on the LCD screen and you simply scroll across to access each function. The only warning is you must have a good idea how all your devices work and are connected. I have made several adjustments to the set up during the first few weeks, you do find things you need to tweek esp with the automatic activities, but if you don't get fustrated it ends up working perfectly! Highly recommended by somebody who is very fussy about electronics!

  2.  Excellent if your a Stephen King fan...


    I am a huge fan of s king and imported this immediately. Its an excellent tale of human nature as opposed to outright horror, although there is plenty of both. The story acts as a hybrid of the fog and dawn of the dead. The acting is first rate and as constantly mentioned the ending is a change from the norm. However some buyers beware that unless your familiar with kings style it may not be your choice of horror. It does have some shabby f/x work but if you can ignore this it makes for an excellent choice. Not for the scream and slasher film only fans.

    The blu ray quality is v.good for pic and sound, however not demo disc standard. Do not watch if feeling in anyway depressed, certainly not an upbeat film!

  3.  Give it a chance


    I like most found Ang Lee's Hulk awful in all respects and didn't rush out to the cinema to catch this sequel. However after a recommendation i decided to purchase the blu ray. Wow, a real surprise was this movie is excellent and has the lot, adult storyline, good action scenes and the A/V quality of the Hi Def is a real demo disc standard. Really worth giving this a go!

  4.  Dolby True HD?


    Can anybody confirm the presence of a dolby HD track on this disc? I've been hunting for one that has it. most of the in store discs have only DD.

    i thought the film was flawed but still enjoyable.

  5.  excellent


    This cable made a vast improvement on my cheap HDMI cable, due to the fact that the bit rate that can be transferred over this cable vastly improves factors such as contrast and black level. A cheaper cable can only transfer a smaller amount of data per second etc. If your an enthusiast and fussy like me this cable is superb.

  6.  Absolutely Brilliant!!!!!!


    Firstly let me state i am incredibly fussy when it somes to electronics. I must of read every review on every blu ray player including hundreds on this model. Basically i can sum this player up in one word, BARGAIN!

    I can not believe how many negative reviews i saw and am so glad i went for this purchase.

    Firstly Profile 1.0, yes it is and no it won't be upgraded due to lack of internal memory. So what...i never use PIP on my HD DVD player and only ever watch the included documentaries on the discs which works fine.

    Second, load times. This is really confusing me, its takes around 30 seconds for the film to load. Is this an issue?? really?? the picture and sound are amazing, is that not worth a tiny bit of patience. I would not of even noticed load time if i hadn't of read it in every negative review!

    Now to the good stuff,

    Picture is unbelievable, i purchased a US import of Apocalypto from playUSA (region free disc from research on web). The picture is stunning, clarity is as good as any player i've seen.

    Up-scaling is better than my stand alone player and LOTR looks almost HD on my set.

    I use the analogue outputs to get HD sound out of my old amp. WOW! Its easy to set up and sounds crystal clear. No lip sync issues and the surround and bass effects are a marked improvement over standard DD and DTS.

    If your like me and live for watching the film and not listening to the director spout throughout it in a little box in the corner of the screen, don't wait another minute, get one of these players.

    I haven't even bothered updating the firmware, everythings works fine and my amp won't receive DTS MA anyway so no need as yet. As for build quality, yes it is plasticy (although the front is very nicely done in black glass) and quite large, funnily enough matches my Samsung 40 inch LCD perfectly, enough said.

  7.  WaterWorld HD glory


    Whether you enjoyed the film or considered it to be the flop its known as, i can recommend this disc as a great show case for HD DVD. Apart from the occasional grain which hasn't been cleaned from the original print fully the picture is very very impressive! Really shows what a difference HD can make, even on a now aging film! The action scenes on the ocean background show every pixel of detail as never before!