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  1.  Saints Row 2!?


    I loved saints row, and i thought that saints row 2 would blow it into smitherines, i was correct on some things but totally wrong on others, the immense detail of the world is unbeleivable, stillwater is not much much bigger and there is so much to explore, the story line is amazing and with so many missions to undertake and so many districts to claim you will be playing this game for hours and hours!

    One thing that i have noticed when reading through most of the reviews is that the graphics are dreadful, and i agree to the last, the first thing that i thought during one of the first cut scene is that Johnny Gat doesnt look real, unlike GTA where the graphics are mind blowing! So i dont know if they realised that the Xbox 360 is a next gen console, or if they were told they were making SR2 for the Atari?

    So for all you fans of massive roaming game i would suggest you buy this and enjoy the game and do not dwell too much on the cut scenes, as in game play is incredibly addictive, but if you are a fan of super human graphics, then i would heavily suggest getting GTA 4 although a little too short on the missions for my liking!

    4 Stars for effort, if the graphics were GTA standard then it would definetly have been a 5!!

  2.  5 star wars ;-)


    I gave this game 5 stars , simply because you are not going to find another star wars game out there with such a compelling story line, you love, you hate, you kill, you save! The controlls to this game are incredible, you are able to use so many force powers and upgrade them as you grow as a sith warrior. Graphics and cut scenes are definetly impressionable and enjoyable!

    As with kotor you choose your own lightsaber, upgrading and being able to change colour as you colect the different crystals. I recomend for advanced gamers playing on the hard difficulty as you will find this game a lot more entertaining rather than on easy as you will need to use your witt and cunning to complete missions and it becomes less of a hack and slash button mash game!

    The storyline is superb and really leaves you wanting more, maybe this is what the designers set out for when making the game play time so short! Hopefully there will be a force unleashed 2 as star killer is a very memorable character.

    All in all, a fantastic game although a little on the short side, any star wars enthusiast will fall deeply in love and replay until a sequel emerges!

  3.  Not the Best, But by far not the worst!


    I have been an avid Dragonball Z fan for many many years, watching every single episode and playing every single game, i was intrigued by this game as it is the first DBz game of the next gen console, i have to say, i was not let down by the graphics, the game play or the story line. everything in this game gets a huge thumbs up, except one thing, the lack of characters, with budokai 3 you are able to play as absolutely anyone from every single walk of dragonball z life! but with this you are limited, very limited! but do not let this put you off as even though there are hardly any characters to play, you get all of the one you want any way, goku, vegeta, kid gohan, teen gohan, the best one really! hopefully they are just paving the way for further installments of the burst limit series! any dragonball z fan should be proud of the next gen dragon ball z experience!

    4 our of 5 for sheer class! but could have more depth!

  4.  Same as before but EVEN BETTER!!!


    To start the graphics in this game are so lifelike you forget your playing a game and start to think your jsut watching your favourite weekly slamfest! the attention to detail of the characters is immense, sweat, blood and tears are visible when your playing through your HD TV, you can see the pain on a wrestlers face and the strain when they are picking up other characters! The moves are much smoother, with no gaps between wrestlers like there used to be! this makes the game unbelievably life like! The story mode is great following the PPV's throughout each year.

    Also the customisation of characters, which everyone loves, has now been updated, the graphics are also alot better, although not as good as the in game wrestlers, it is still a mega jump from previous titles.

    I reccommend this game to any werstling fan, wwe, tna. if you love wrestling, you will love this highly detailed werstling game!

  5.  Quality of an Italian Sportscar Sounds like American Muscle!


    This is unbelevably good, the graphics are incrediby, i have them playing through my Samsung LCD HD TV and with a HDMI Gold cable, the graphics are noticably different from a standard SCART! one downside is the noice, it is so loud that on a night you can hear the sounds of the TV when you turn it down so that you dont wake the family up!

    Everything about this console barring the noise is exceptional! i dont know how anyone can use a 360 without t lease a 20GB HDD and also without Xbox live, you msut have these 2 things if you are an xbox gamer, it makes playing oh that much more exciting, and also it makes you feel more sociable than when your just playing solo (thats for all you people that dont get out much!)

    Hope this review slightly helps, i was once a playstation gamer, now look at me, not a playstation in sight!

  6.  Exceptional, Down to the Last


    I bought this game on a whim, and didnt really expect much from it as i have never played any other DMC game and was never interested in them. When i started to playi was skeptical about whether i would get engrossed in the hack and slash style of fighting, but as i carried on playing i realised that it was such a fun game, the graphics are awesome, the cut-scenes blend in greatly with the actual gameplay and the story is fantastic, I enjoyed playing as Nero and thought that Dante was fantastic aswell, i thought that the way you could customise your fighters techniques and upgrade their fighting moves and abilities was fantastic.

    Overall a must buy for all gamers!