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  1.  Man some people dont know they are born.


    Ok; first off, this gamer is good. However, you have to think you are in 1990 or 1999 in terms of consoles with some engine turbo.
    The fundamental part of this game is that it is a little dated from the get go; but that does'nt detract from that fact that you can see a great game in there trying to get out. At a fiver you cannot go wrong. If there is a nuclear war; this game will take your mind off such issues..

  2.  Brilliant, but not as Hi-Def as you think,


    Although this is great educational Blue-Ray, some people considering buying this should consider if a DVD would be better option. Some of the fotage is deciededly grainy, and a hi-spec (2011 [Branded]) DVD player would produce a better upscaled image for consistency.
    Otherwise superb value..



    PERFECT for the PS3
    You will need this in the future at some point.
    Why wait till there is a queue?
    Google for the install video on one of the popular video clip web sites to make life even easier.
    Top value and highly recomended.

  4.  Did the upgrade and for most people a WASTE of time


    I bought this EXPENSIVE ITEM to update a foreign bought laptop to change into English, however, the LANGUAGE UPDATE is NOT in the Box; you have to download it from the internet. Just maddening.
    The problem is that I could not use the laptop to do that as I didn`t understand the language of the laptop I bought in Japan, (a 3D Dynabook). It seems that Anyone who would NEED the Language UPDATE is someone who buys abroad, and wants the laptop/PC in their iwn language; and in this respect MICROSOFT Forgot AGAIN the experience of the customer, and who and how it would be beneficial. You cannot even find the word ENGLISH in Chinese Kanji on a Japanese Laptop. Its taken WEEKS to get it to (partially) work.

  5.  You got steady wind?


    Seems good Chinese quality. However, I feel that the design should take into account that in the UK we do not have a constant steady wind. This thing flies up at a quick breeze and when the wind slows the kite folds up like a crisp pack and tumbles to the earth, unless another gust comes and rescues it briefly.

    when the wind blows it goes straight to the sky above your head, but only gets 3 stars because it would have been nice for a "trainer" kite to have been a little less tampramental in inconsistant winds.

    P.S. You also might need a very large field to play with this, as you need to move about a bit. My kids love it.

  6.  If you like a little adult feminine? comedy


    Enjoyed this flick thouroughly.

    Hope to see it once a year until the day I die.

    Or was that Groundhog day?

    Perhaps I'm easily pleased. Watch while in a thoughtful mood.

  7.  Love Guns'n'Roses BUT


    And this is a big but.

    Who released this pile of out of focus poor sound slice of their worst performances?

    Whoever it was apprears to have wanted to give the band a bad name.

    Whoever released it I would say hates Guns'n'Roses or has a nasty grudge against the band.

    Save your cash. I wouldn't even write a good review and resell my copy. It's heading for the trash can.

    Did I mention how bad it is?

    Buy the CD's instead.

  8.  Nice Log Fire


    For the simplicity of the title you would have expected a little more.

    One log fire is the limit here folks.

    Perhaps the next tree-hugger will make an edition with ten different types of fire with at least three different fuel sources;
    1. Logs;
    2. Coal
    3. This editions director's personal posessions.
    Nice fire. Perfect for an odd evening in playing poker by the TV.

  9.  Great spare hard-drive space; but..


    Great spare hard-drive space; but..you get jacked for the software after a few weeks use.

    IF you don't pay the extra for the back-up software you get error messages every time you turn on your PC.

    I am fed up of the error messages and refuse to pay even more for software which should be part of the price I paid.

    Typical yanks.

  10.  Pity about forgetting the detail.


    You spend nearly sixty pounds sterling and get a nice set of earphones yes.

    It is advertised as coming with box, spare plugs and airplane jack.

    Just one of you try and put those in the storage box for the phones.

    No chance.

    So, you travel on holiday and what is the first thing you lose or can't find?

    The items which are designed never to be able to fit into the box. The plane jack and spare plugs. What black hole do you keep them in when travelling?

    What cretin designed that into the equation?

    The same bloke that invented the setting on toasters to burn bread to a crisp?