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    im on my second playthrough of the game and i cant put it down.the characters each have a brill storyline going on , the lanscapes are beautifully desighned and look a treat , the battle system is addictive and a stroke of genuis, if it takes a little time to get used to .the first two discs take the characters on a pretty straightforward path ,but when you reach the third disc the game opens up and the side missions become available. there are some 60 plus side missions which lenghtens the game greatly. my first playthrough took me 100 hours and thats with half the side missions completed .overall , a true gem of a game , a must buy for fans of the series , a great villian and a epic storyline that may have you in tears or at least put a lump in your throat , the end sequence is amazing , well done square enix , cant wait for the sequel .

  2.  a season of humour with a thrilling ending...


    i really enjoyed this season of buffy , again joss gave us a different mix of humour as he did with the fourth season .

    the biggest portion of this season has alot of fun episodes as buffy is tried and tested by the trio , known as warren ,andrew and johnathan , some geat episodes here though , my favs include tabula rasa , the musical episode once more with feeling , smashed , wrecked , theres a few actully.

    cast are once again on form , as is the acting and a fun story arc that ends in tradgety and turmoil , i reccommend you buy this to add to your collection , fun viewing and buffy again at its best .

  3.  the season about personal loss and sacrifice....


    buffys fith season is i think one of the best of the series..

    this is a very powerful and emotional season which may bring a tear to your eye in places .a fantastic storyline , i dont think theres a bad episode in the series,

    the introduction of dawn was quiet puzzling at first but as i watched the storyline progress it became clear why she was introduced openng up an intriguing plot.this series for me has some of the best demons and nasties seen in the series , and a great main villian ,i wont give too much away , some very strong episodes here include the body , blood ties and intrevention, the season finale is not to be missed .

    buffy at its peak , and buffy at its most emotional . buy this now .

  4.  something a little new.....


    i have read alot of reviews on the net about this season , the majority think it was a poor season due to alot of change that came with it .

    well i thought it was something fresh and new , buffy goes to college the next chapter of her life , the story arc was great also , this time very different from the previous seasons , joss gave us a little more science and technology thrown into the mix.
    great performances from the original cast , and spike at his best , although it was hard not to feel a little sorry for him in the series ,

    the introduction of adam was a littl too late in the series for me though he didnt appear till episode 14 still he was an interesting villian . all in all a very good season , great stand alone epps also but i think the story of this series tells us that changes in life do come and sometimes we all struggle to adapt to those changes , but in the end we get there .

  5.  buffys final year of highschool goes out with a bang.....


    this season has to be one of the most electrically charged action seasons of the buffy series .
    following on from the epic season 2 finale , season 3 introduces some new faces including the slayer faith who eventually turns bad and joins the evil mayor of sunnydale ., the big bad for the series .
    once again joss has pulled off another thrilling ,engrossing, chunk of buffy.
    great story arc with buffy and faith , as well as some great stand alone episodes , the mayor is one of the better villians , also not to be forgot are some great demon animations and designs.

    another spectacular season full of action , humour and suspense , buy this and see how buffy and the gangs highschool days conclude.

  6.  the season of shock ,suspense and heartache....


    this season has it all , right from the first episode,
    the second series picks up where the last left off , with the master trying to be revived , buffy thrawts there plans and prevents the master from being reborn , a few episodes in we are introduced to the new villians , spike and drusilla , they really give buffy a run for her money , anyway i wont spoil it too much .
    there are some really dark episodes in this season and a great storyline throughout which will tocuh the heart of anyone who watches it , angel plays a fantastic part as angelus , along with spike and drusilla and the rest of the cast .
    this second season has to be one of the best for me , perfectly acted and played out., a gripping story arc and a brilliant 2 part season finale which leaves you wanting more , buy this you wont regret it , buffy at its best.

  7.  the start of an epic journey....


    it all started with this first season, although only 12 episodes long its a great introduction to the world of buffy and her friends, also giving you a taste of what she has to face on the hellmouth.
    from the first epp to the series finale it had me hooked , great interaction of characters , and an interesting array of demons .
    mark metcalf plays the master very well .

    i reccommend you buy this if you already havnt , it has comedy , drama , and action throughout , its very addictive .
    a good first series if a little on the short side

  8.  the best so far...


    for me this seies has to be the best yet , i have yet to watch the last 2 series .series 2 was a classic no doubt , but in my opinion series 3 is superior in terms of the mood , style ,and music.there are reviews saying that this series had a strong first half and a weaker second half , i think the entire series is great , there isnt a bad episode great acting from the usual vice squad , some great storylines , although this series is alot darker than the previous series, it is written and acted so well . great epps include , down for the count parts1 and 2, el viejo ,afternoon plane ,red tape . just more classic tv from a great era of tv.

  9.  a thrilling ,powerful 2nd season.....


    having completed watching the first season of this sensational cop show , i thought it couldnt get any better , how wrong i was , right from the start the season opens with a great 2 hour episode , great storyline and soundtrack to match .
    this second series of the show is slightly superior for me as it holds some of the most powerful and emotional episodes , out where the buses dont run was a shock episode it had a great storyline and twist at the end .as you watch the season the episodes continue to deliver in all areas , there are more storylines involving the other vice members , some strong storys involved , great guest appearances the best being phil collins in phil the shill a fantastic episode .
    follwed by definatley miami epp , prob the best pp i seen on the series so far , a classic ending where film and music are superbly intergrated together . a must see season for anybody loving the eighties , this season was filmed when the era was begginning to reach its peak . i just cant wait to start on season 3 , more of the same i hope .
    a credit also to jan hammer an eighties music wizard buy this you wont be dissappointed , by the end you will be left wanting more

  10.  a masterpiece of genuine 80s tv


    i recently purchased the first series on dvd , not having ever watched an episode , i had read so many positive reviews about the series , i was just a kid when this series aired on national tv , and i can see why it was hailed as such a great slice of 80s tv . i have just finnished watching the entire first season , and i can honestly say what a fantastic 80s cop show it is , it has everything , action , humour , great characters , butmost importantly what vice gives you is how life was back in 80s miami , the fashions , style , cars , and best of all the music , i would highly reccommend this dvd for anyone who liked 80s tv .some fantastic episodes included the two hour pilot epp brothers keeper , and calderones return , golden triangle and milk run

    great introduction to a series a must buy