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  1.  Demo rating- looking forward to release!


    *Review is based on Demo Content*

    the demo caught my eye the other day because its been a while since i had seen a decent looking flight combat game, so i gave it a shot. The controls, while being a bit alien at first, are actually extremely natural and fun to use. The tutorial mission covers the features fairly comprehensively, and the first mission was a real blast, being able to effectively blow the hell out of a whole cities worth of armed forces and having dogfights with several aircraft at once, was really tense and fun!
    I've played the demo about 3 times over and still havent got tired of it, as can play with the assisted mode on or off which gives very different play-styles and a new experience.
    Then there is the choice of aircraft, In the demo you only fly two different aircraft, but in the full version there is a list of around 50 aircraft, and from what i can tell the detail is amazing!

    In conclusion, the demo gave me a taste for the game, and it tasted gooood! I'm counting down the minutes to this game's release, a must have for flight enthusiasts and gamers alike!

  2.  Awesome Value for a great monitor


    I bought this monitor at the beginning of the year and i have to say it really is excellent value. Compared to other monitors in the £220-250 range it has a much better contrast and the picture is just lovely. I personally found the sound quality to be fine for a TV, and in my opinion if you value sound then you should have a separate sound system anyway. And to answer a previous review, yes, you can attach an external sound system to the back of the monitor/tv. I currently have TV, PC and XBox360 plugged into it and i can honestly say ithas been one of my better buys for a long time

  3.  A Must Have!


    I was one of the gamers who experienced the first DMC and i loved it, and like everyone else was disappointed by the sequels. When i heard about DMC4, i was worried it was going to be another cheap attempt to recreate the greatness that DMC1 gave, but reviews were saying just the opposite, and i agree.

    This game is awesome, it has stunning graphics, addictive gameplay and a really captivating storyline.

    The fact that the story is a little short is nothing to be surprised by, as the game doesn't focus on an epic fairytale that last forever like LOTR or other epics, it focuses on the challenge. Take, for instance, the combat element - Apart from the smooth combat and near endless combinations of attacks, you get rewarded for doing well and being flawless. Now i find that, as hard as i try, a level rating of B/A is all i achieve. For some that may be good enough, but for others (like myself) i find it an incentive to go back into that level and try to be perfect. The competitiveness is there if you want it.
    Then of course there is the difficulty settings, where if you found the game a bit easy on the first two settings you can try (if you dare) to take on the higher difficulty settings that you unlock as the game progresses.

    This game is not your typical game - It has a good storyline, but is not the focus. This game focuses on the Gameplay, caters for all levels of gamers, and keeps the sense of Arcade that many video games just don't have anymore.

    I look forward to the potential of DMC5 (and a multiplayer element?) in the future, as will anyone else who plays this game.

    This is what I have been wanting the DMC series to become, and has shown the gaming world a glimpse of what games can still be.