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  1.  Nemesis - what a tremendous book


    I am sure this book must be the benchmark for anyone wanting to know about the events leading up to the defeat of Japan. Max Hastings has the skill and insight to know how to combine world events with the individual stories of those involved, and gives a damning insight into the Japanese mentality of that time. In relating the Russian involvement in the politics and far east war, he sets out the factors leading to the cold war and leaves the reader with a great deal more knowledge and understanding than he/she had before picking this very readable book up.

  2.  Blue Man Falling.......The promise of a good story inside


    Yes, the title and cover photo suggest a good read and you won't be disappointed with this book or the sequel. I came across 'Band of Eagles' first so read the two back to front... but this didn't detract at all from either story. The author has the knack of weaving fiction in with the reality of the war in 1940 and if you like this sort of book you'll find it hard to put down. Good stuff with an interesting parallel theme woven in to balance the action.

  3.  a sombre tale.......


    excellently catches the mood of the time and portrays events and characters in a plausible and readable style. The story centres on the trials and tribulations following the Spanish civil war, and tells a hard tale of depressing realism. The book is well worth sticking with if this period of history is of interest.

  4.  "incoming, 12 o'clock high" !...... this one will get you!


    ....great classic film, made in 1949 when the memory of the war, and sacrifices made were still fresh in peoples memory. A story based on the book by Beirne Lay jr who was a combat pilot and flew on some of the worst missions over Germany. The film has all the poignancy of tragedy, loss and great courage when the chances of surviving were slim. Nearly 60 years on the film is all the better for being in black and white with non of todays digital trickery.... watch out as you may get a lump in your throat ... its that good.

  5. Rage



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     Rage..... not really


    Great cover pic and great idea for the scenario... but let down by the actual story and style of writing that (for me), didn't live up to the expectation of the title and blurb. I stuck with the book til the end but found it disappointing and thought more could have been made of the central character to live up to the title.

  6.  CHiPs!.... lose those years !!


    yes.... this is the best way to lose 30 years off your age and relive those sun soaked freeways with the bikers of the California Highway Patrol.. brilliant nostalgia and took me back to when I first caught some of the series. Great as there's no nastiness, just what we all would want.. the good guys catching the bad guys out.... all the time! The catchy signature tune, the Kawasaki bikes, the whole mood just takes you back to when you were out there in the sun riding with the CHP... Buy it for goodness sake and lose those years off your shoulders... believe me it works !