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  1.  Nice, but noisy


    I don't know wether it was just the one we had, but typing on this keyboard is very noisy comapred to other keyboards I have used. Cheap and functional though.

  2.  Wow


    This album is absolutely brilliant, just buy it, you know it makes sense.

  3.  Not Half Bad


    I didn't think I would like this game as it is not my sort of genre, but I played my mates copy on co-op with him, and i gotta say, it's brilliant.

    Graphics, sound, gameplay, all spot on. Haven't been able to try out the online features, but will be able to soon as I have just ordered my copy for only £18 from here ;)

    Buy it!!!

  4.  Okay, far too short


    The game graphics are very good, but the game itself is very short. It took me a day to complete, and there aren't really many modes to play with.

    The plus points are the graphics, and the selection of cars.

    It's okay for a quick gaming fix lol.

  5.  Fantastic


    Brilliant game, graphics are awesome, enemy AI not too bad, and hours and hours of play. Highly recommended ;)

    Gets even better when you go online.

  6. Far Cry

    Far Cry

    PC Games

    1 New from  £19.99  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.97



    I bought this game simply to look at the graphics and the big islands, and i wasn't disspaointed. The game play was pretty damn good too lol.

    I unfortunately only have Geforce FX 5500 PCI, so I can't really view the game to it's full potential, but I am soon to be upgrading, and I can't wait. It's gonna be awesome.

    By the way, i'm going to be getting the Geforce 8800 GTX 768MB card ;)

  7.  Rubbish


    All of Linkin' Parks other albums are incredible, but this one is terrible. I was very dissapointed with this album.

  8.  Absolutely Brilliant


    This is absolutley fantastically funny. Buy it now. Brilliant

  9.  Okay, buttons are a little weird


    I bought this for my sister and recieved it a little late, but its ok because its the only delivery I have had late from Play.

    Anyway, the product itself is bigger than I thought, but it runs ok on my PC and transfer speeds are too bad.

    One thing I don't like about it are the buttons, it's very easy to hit one you didn't mean to as they are very close together.

    For the above two reasons it only gets three stars.

  10.  Awesome game


    I bought this game from play.com and recieved it in 4 days. The game itself is pretty big, quite easy, but you can boost up the difficulty setting. The graphics are excellent (if you have a PC good enough) and the cars that you can choose from are awesome.

    Only four stars because the mode where you can mould the body kits is a bit silly because there are only three bodykits that you can modify, and this isn't enough. At all.

    Great game. Buy it now!