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  1.  Excellent story, not so excellent level design


    I found this to be a rather entertaining game, however for a 15 rated I'd of expected alittle more complexity from the puzzles and paths etc, nothing was mind boggling, they took at most a couple of glances to figure out.

    The story was amazing, really gripping I loved the twist on the classic alice in wonderland. The story gripped and drove you to continue playing it was well thought outt.

    The only 'downside' I found with this game is the zones were exactly the same( to travel through, I mean) .. it was just doing the same thing over and over in different textured enviroments.

    Considering it's come down to 26pounds now aswell its well worth the cost!

  2.  5 stars


    This game is rather unique in its play, as a first person shooter its more as to what you would see, Most fps's have like ammo bars telling you when to reload, this relys more on you paying attention to how many bullets youve fired and your ability to swap weapons to finish off any enemies in your way, a previous review compared this to Call of duty 4 which is just silly, their entirely different games and Personally I'd say turok is alot better as there is alot more to do, and is alot more fun as you can approach the storyline from different angles, be it stealthy or all guns blazing.. the knifing action is pure poetry in motion, It allows you to render your enemies dead in one well timed press of a button with a classy kill.. Definitly a must have! all round good game.. and i heard multiplayer is even better.

  3.  Great!


    This latest Call of duty has blown all other first person shooters out the way in my oppinion, great graphics, a storyline to follow and alot of different features to the game not only just firing a machine gun that really come together to make it the great game it is. Also the online play is supposed to be really awsome too, I will be experiencing that as soon as my cable arrives in the mail. A must have!