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  1.  Turbo Burn out


    Ah i bought this game from japan before xmas to play over xmas new year ....

    I completed it in 2 days perhaps its because i beat every region and game. This game i found dragging and tedious

    You pretty much have 2 unrelenting rivals who pick the other 2 starters and from then on they and team plasma continuesly attack you from A to Z beat gym grab badge fight rival fight plasma Wash Rince Repeat.

    I bilieve after Gold and Silver the poke creators let there eyes rest on this one the new poke roster is nothing impressive nor rememberable how ever the graphics are much improved other than that its a straight foward walk through poke park.

  2.  Good tv show


    I really enjoyed this i dont often watch tv stuff till its out on dvd. I was hoping they would release this and i gotmy wish.

    a good story with the twist on they swap bodies during a storm i think the actress was superb she showed acting quality.

  3.  Expression


    I think people shouldent judge shows based of what they watched i mean you know watching another dvd same maker or not. It's not going to be the same thing you watched.

    friends and joey are a perfect example as is family guy and american dad i think Roger is a class character i love brian to so to see them i got to watch both shows you cant watch a show with the same presenter and expect to see what you want to you have to look at the series with its own cast and ideas.

  4.  Saw sharp edge becomes rusty ?


    Ah another saw hm well appart from the story of jigsaw which was the good story part tothis movie i feel the ending just leaves off like another bad attempt of a resi evil game or film more questions no answers la de da plus they consist on every american char bieng so ignorant and stubborn and they call it wonderfull

    Tsk Tsk i did enjoy the film partly but i sadley feel we need a actual hero to come into this thing i mean its getting to where it has gotten out of hand or should i say that hand has been sawed off to where there is no controll.

  5.  Boring Annoyed


    I'm pretty much getting sick and tired of the way nintendo has brought pokemon back they litterly ruined the pokemon johto by sticking a few of them in red and green.

    This is a new system and meant to be a new generation soo why are nintendo so cheap why dont they actually usesome money and actually creat a brand new pokemon advanced game.

    Take it more advanced by starting you off in a home town picking a starter pokemon instead of some fan fav bieng slammed on you. Pokemon became a big a legend as mario sadley its in nintendos hands not ps or xbox so the game is going no where plus expecting you to go by a ds to play 2 new games to join to this its just a money rip off.

    i would have hoped this bieng a new console they would have made some new fun fast changes but there just releasing another terrible 3d game. I wish there was a solo game out with nooo add ons from ds or gba just a new sealed game with catching pokemon again brng back the fun only 3d.

  6.  How i feel


    Wah Wah Wahhh most people know this game is a shooter before buying so stop bieng so whiney.

    AHEM resident evil 4 if you are a fan of 4 then you seriously dont belong owning ths game since um RESIDENT EVIL 4 has nothing to do with the originals a complete differnt game all in they tied it up calling it a more advanced into future look bad move.

    Fan of resi evil 0 1 and nemesis should be the ones having a say on here not ppl who are into resi 4.

    the resi 4 game clearly doesent belong mentioned at all this is back in time of umbrella existance

  7.  Hmm a question to the fans ?


    I am a lardge family guy fan so i hang my head in shame that i dident kno season 6 was airing on bbc 3.

    But i will be buying this the 2nd it hits the shelf. However i saw a complaint on another site stating that 5 episodes are bieng cut out of the dvd is this true ? .

    When american dad (part 2) came out in the uk it was a scandal it had like 5 episodes chopped away so i bought the american one which had the rest of the episodes.

  8.  I enjoyed this movie as much as the 1st remake.


    Well cheap budget or not i am glad ppl dont make the choices of movies i mean i hate the matrix and that pirates crap.

    I think if you enjoyed the first movie the remake then this one more or less gives you the exact same feeling i also enjoyed the fact the music remained it was all part of the entertainment. i see saw 4 and yes a 5 is pointless but yet again they will be over rated as ussal there boring i prefer these types of horror.