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  1.  5 STARS


    I really love the whole series - and this is no exception! If you loved the first book 'twilight' and 'new moon' you'll love this book. It's got everything - suspense, tension, romance and humour. I mean, even though I haven't read in ages - I never laugh at books - but I did at this one - so that's a first for me! Anyway, don't take my advice - go and buy for yourself - you won't regret it! =]

  2.  woah


    now... I haven't read a full book in - i think it must be about 2 years... and I'm so surprised that I managed to read it within 4 days - staying up late because I wanted to know what would happen next. The reason I got the book was because I saw that it was going to be made into a movie later this year and the trailer looked really good so I thought I'd give it a go - and it's THE best book I have EVER read - and although I haven't read in a few years (a novel) I have read loads of books - but believe me when i say that you will be hooked from start to finish and you can just feel that romance within you when you read Edward and Bella's story. It's amazing and I cannot wait until the other two books arrive as I've ordered them - and I've pre-ordered the fourth in the series. Can't wait!

  3.  I must be dreaming


    all of them in one box set?! :o Shocked! I only have them on video, but oh my god, they're going on my list now! :) They are, all three of them amazing films, and just wow. You ARE mad if you do not love them, because they are all wow basically. So yeah love them as you can see!

  4.  Can I not


    give this film 10/10, or even higher for that matter?! I really didn't want to see this film, but my na made me buy it when I was younger, and made me watch it with her, and I love her for it to be honest! It's such a fantastic film, and so heart-wrenching and emotional. If you have seen this film or are about to, you also really must see the other two in the series as well; Anne of Green Gables - the sequel, and Anne of Green Gables - the continuing story. Although the continuing story apparently doesn't follow the original story of the book by L.M Montgomary, but I still love it and that one is in my top 5 films of all time so yeah, bit of more info! lol.
    But yes all of them are fantastic to watch! They inspire you!

  5.  Why do I always...


    cry at the end of this film?! I always do. It's such a lovely feel-good film, that makes you really 'glad'! :) It may be slightly cheesy, but who cares really?! Hayley Mills is charming in her role as Pollyanna, and basically this film is ace!

  6.  it is basically


    one of the best films ever! I wish I was one of them! I mean, how cool would it be to first of all, go to camp and really dispise this one girl who looked like you and then to find out that she is really your sister?! Oh yeah, that'd be cool! Anyway, apart from that, it's a great comedy which made me laugh when I was 8 and now when i'm 17! :)
    Both this one and the original are classics, but I really do LOVE this one slightly more! :)

  7.  run and tell...


    ...everybody about the hairspray soundtrack! :)
    The film was absolutely fantastic. I came out of the cinema with a smile on my face, and i bought the soundtrack as soon as i came out of the cinema, it was so good!
    All of the songs make you wanna get up and dance!
    Buy it, it's great!

  8.  Classic.


    film. One of the best films I've seen in a long time, and it definately lives upto all of the hype surrounding the film. It really gives you a great perception of life as a singleton. It explores so many feelings. You'll enjoy this feel-good flick.

  9.  With the


    exception of White Christmas, this has to be the bestest ever christmas film. It really explores what christmas is all about, the REAL meaning of christmas: LOVE! It'll make you, laugh and cry. You really will want to see this film again and again, even when it's not christmas!

  10.  utterly


    brilliant! How can you not LOVE this film?! It has EVERYTHING you could ever possibly want a film to be; romance, tears, charm, emotion, comedy...
    The cast are absolutely amazing, and the story is sensational. Watch it, you will not be disappointed.