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  1.  This is for people who do not use the 3D feature!!!!


    Ignore the previous 1 star review!
    The point is to allow children and people like me who love the 3D titles but dont want to play in 3D!!

    I never play in 3D on my 3ds only maybe in the odd cutscene!!!

    Plus its aged from 5, so you dont have to worry about your child snapping the screen!!

    Its more robust with harder screen protection!!!

    Perfect for kids and adults who dont want 3D but like the latest titles!!!

  2.  Great! A nice relaxing game for anyone.


    A great game with lots of freedom but with sub missions. Love it!

  3.  Brilliant!!!


    Ive loved this film for years!!i now watch it with my kids!very enjoyable!!!

  4.  Great film!!


    Great cast, great acting and suspense and mystery, completely forgot how old it is just being glued to the story,i own it on dvd and will def be getting it on Blu ray!!!

  5.  A nice chilled out comedy!!!!!


    I love coming home, relaxing and putting this show on.its very funny,with some suspense.overall im very pleased with this and will get all the boxsets!!this is one of my favourites!!

  6.  Dont read the bad reviews,its only opinions!


    This is a great pick up and play game!!got 10mins to kill, then start killing zombies! I have zelda which is the best longest game on 3ds but this is great,unlockables lots of levels and co op!yes you cant delete the 1 save file but the game is about beating your score and unlocking stuff and it comes with a demo of Revelations!this game is better than i expected!!

  7.  This is going to be one of the best 3DS games!


    After the demo i played and youtube vids i watched this is gong to be Epic!its fun,creepy,challenging and amazing!im counting down the days!this will get you through the winter and more!!a must for resi fans and noobies!!!!

  8.  Amazing!!!!


    This is the best console you can get, easy to use hours of fun and not to mention the greatest games about to be released for it.its unbelievable.it blew my family away taking 3d photos!!!get it!!

  9.  Sad&slight depressing but makes you feel good about yourself


    Took me a while to get this even though i was told its very depressing but after a while i had similar things happen to me.its basically a not a bad guy trying to get on with his life amongst his trouble. Great actor!great film!!

  10.  Quite good!!!personally I think better than Se7en!!!!


    I watched it as late night Syfy movie as I couldn't sleep and ended up wanting to buy it. For those who think a Se7en rip is rubbish as I think Se7en is an overrated movie which left me empty.
    This film surprised med, great line up of actors and plenty of twists!!!