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  1.  You have to get this game!!!!


    Ok where do I start!! Well you gotta beg, borrow or steal to get your hands on a copy of this game and then bunk of work/college/school for a week to really get your teeth into this one. While I've always really enjoyed the GTA series this is the first one to really get me from the very beginning. I was reading another review that wasn't to keen on the openining of the game saying that it was very slow and not fitting with the GTA world as a whole. I had a completely different experience, most likely because I shot the security guard outside the bank vault at the earliest opportunity and then had 10 minutes of glorious GTA Mayhem whilst being told to 'get to the chopper'! After that sequence ended and I was brought to the actual game I couldn't have been more impressed and for me it comes down to how credible the story is as well as the radio stations, a long standing favourite of mine in GTA especially the talk shows. Being a paddy I was more than pleased to hear some ridiculous Irish self help guru spouting all manner of guff over the airwaves while I was trying to keep up with Lamar. I wasn't even going to get this as I have pre-ordered my Xbox one and didn't want to have two consoles under my TV but I really didn't want to miss out on what could be the defining game of this generation! Anyway thats enough from me, back to Los Santos - after I call in sick that is!!!

  2.  white knuckle racing


    First of all I can't believe that this is only the second review to be posted and secondly I really can't understand how anyone can give this excellent game a one star review. I couldn't disagree more!! If you have any interest in racing games give this a go. I was a little worried in the first hour but once I got used to the new d-pad set up for easy drive and progressed a little through the game it opened up and became one of the best racing games I've ever played. I normally prefer forza and F1 type of games but this is all about sheer unadulterated joy. And the adrenalin buzz from outrunning the law is well and truly worh the money!!! Seriously give this a go you will not regret it!!!

  3.  Demo only review


    I can only review this game based on the demo I downloaded and played and have to say that I thought it was total and utter rubbish!! The movement is terrible the weapons are fiddly and the whole feel is of a very rushed game. It maybe that the demo doesn't really reflect the finished product but if so it's a complete waste of time putting it out there for people to play! I was thinking of buying either this or Battlefield: Bad Company next as I've almost overdosed on COD4 but all I can say is that I WONT be buying this game so it's back to sabotage on backlot for me!!!

  4.  Interesting but a bit bleak.


    I had heard and read quite a lot about this book and maybe that's why I have only given this three stars - I was expecting so much more. For me there just wasn't enough laughs in the story and it was quite depressing. I got the same sort of vibe from this that I did when I read Adrian Mole as a teenager - which was also supposed to be hilarious but I just found it really sad! I do have to add though that there are a few cracking lines in the novel all of which come from the dad and refer to bodily functions! These where the only times that I actually laughed - which probably say's more about me than the book!!!!

  5.  Mind Altering


    I picked this book up before I went on holiday this year and almost didn't read it. I'm so glad I did! I started it at 8.30 in the evening and only stopped reading it at 1.30 in the morning when I had completed it!! I just couldn't stop reading it. I have never read anything quite like this before and the author has a real gift in being able to tell the story in the way that he did. It really blew my mind away in parts - not that there's much to blow away I'll admit - and I was baffled at how much research was needed for some of the diagrams etc. This is a real gem of a book well worth the time!

  6.  What religion?


    I had been a huge fan of Tim Willocks earlier novels and thought he was abducted by aliens or something cos he hadn't published a book in years. So I was very surprised to come across this book especially as it is a million miles away from his previous work. No fear though cos this guy really knows how to put a story together! I realise it won't be to everybodies taste but if you like your fiction to grab you from the start and not let you go and if you don't mind sex drugs and violence then this is a whopper of a book. I really loved reading it and i got that feeling you get when you're coming to the end of a really great book where you really don't want it to end! I just hope the wait for the next book from this author is not as long!

  7.  What a journey!!


    This book rival's Pressfields Gates of Fire, and if you enjoyed that book you'll love this one. I had never heard of this story before and found it to be a fantastic read. Picture it, 10,000 unluky gits getting ambushed and picked off all the way home from southern Turkey up to the Hellespont all the while being led by the Greek equivalent of a 1st Lieutenant. A must read for all fans of ancient history!

  8.  What a waste!!


    All I can say is don't waste your money or more importantly you time with this drivel! I was really looking forward to this after reading such great reviews and I couldn't believe how much the film failed to deliver. The story is all over the shop and the so called monster looked like something off Blue Peter!!!

  9.  Best combat novel ever!!!


    I was always interested in greek history - especially the Spartans and let me tell you that anyone who has an interest in this subject will love this book. I've read this a number of times and haven't tired of it yet. The detail that the writer goes into to recreate the life of a spartan peer is astonishing. I regularly read phrases such as : you'll be transported back in time etc and in this case I really was. I honestly can't recommend this book enough and give Steven Pressfields other novels a go - you won't be dissappointed!! A stunning read!