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  1.  Almost one of the best - almost!


    It captures well the spirit of 1940's America and engages from the start. Hugo Weaving is excellent as Red Skull, or Herr Schmitt, nice pun btw. (Matrix reference). The special effects are quality and the acting top notch. The storyline is mainly one of introduction, obviously preparing the ground for the upcoming Avengers movie.This film has few flaws, and perhaps our tastes are becoming more sophisticated these days due to using Ironman etc as a yardstick. The main problem is its lack of grounding in reality (or history for that matter.). Fantasy movies should take themselves seriously even if humour is present - again see Ironman, LOTR, original Conan. Otherwise they risk being just silly. With a little more effort in the writing this would've been one of the greats.
    My rating 8 or 8.5 out of 10. I'll be buying it in anycase. Hope you enjoy it.

  2.  i agree with Spartan17. One of my best Blu-rays!!


    I have a DVD of this and my Blu-ray copy is infinitely better. This would appear to be a quality control in Blu-ray production issue and NOT the print transfer. Buy it from Play and if it's no good i'm sure they will refund you being the top company they are. The movie of course speaks for itself.

  3.  An ACDC fan Must Buy!!!


    Top quality TAB book at a great price. Contains a great selection of songs. A Must-buy for any ACDC fan would-be guitarist.

  4.  Relentless!!!!


    Perfect casting of Liam Neeson as the Dad on a mission. Realistic special effects and a clever plot, nailbiting to the end. I watched this 3 nights in a row and it was as exciting and fresh as the first time. If you love action then get this.

  5.  Good solid movie. Not every one has to be an Oscar Winner!


    I enjoyed this film. Well written post-apocalyptic tale. Denzel is always good value for money. Nicely shot with parched landscapes that actually leave you thirsty!! Watch with beer/coke/squash. Please drink responsibly - don't shake your mates tinny before giving it to him.

  6.  Downey the Magnificent - Quite elementary really Watson!


    Probably the best Sherlock romp I've seen. Slickly portrays the gritty feel of Old Victorian London. Action, spills & thrills aplenty. Robert Downey Jr is superb and his accent is flawless, Jude Law plays Watson with a quiet understated approach that reveals great depth . The Blu-ray is quality through and through. I can only hope they make a sequel, there's enough material.

  7.  Probably worth 7 Stars! Funny Slick and Entertaining


    Top quality acting, excellent production values and brilliant script. What more do you want? Oh yes it's also very funny! The Interchangeable Art Cards are cool too. Nice one Play!!

  8.  Ridley Drops the Ball


    What a shame. Beautifully shot but the story is rambling and Little John and Will Scarlett and Alan a Dale have nothing to do. Cate Blanchett & Max Von Sydow are wasted in this. When you consider Gladiator, Alien, and Black Hawk Down are Ridley's work too, this doesn't bear up to comparison. Points to consider. A) Longbows will not work after immersion in sea water. B) D-Day type Landing craft with loading ramps were not used prior to 1944, not even ones with oars! 5 out of 10 , maybe.

  9.  Oh dear! Missed opportunity!


    Matt le Blanc has little to do in the below average TV-serial film adaptation. The Special effects aren't that special, but the worst let down is the story. Plodding in places and mildly dissatisfying. Big shame. Willam Hurt is wooden throughout. Mimi Rogers and the rest of the cast are ok, but let down by a poor script and dialogue. Could've been so much better

  10.  Not Enough Stars!


    This game is the best I've ever played. All others pale by comparison. Captain Price says, "How did a muppet like you pass selection?" Don't be a muppet, buy it., play it., replay it You won't regret it.