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  1. inFamous



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     Shockingly superb!!!


    Ive been waiting AGES for this game to come out, and i can say, i wasnt dissappointed. Im a big fan of free roam gaming, and i enjoy games like spiderman and assassins creed, but this surpasses every other free roam game ive ever played. The movement and gameplay is fast and fluid, and the enemies and fighting is challening enough to keep you on your toes, and the abilities are fantastic, and they give you a real sense of power, especially when you call down a lightning storm. Even though ive only played the demo im hooked already, and im definitely buying this game! a must buy!

  2.  Absolutely awesome!!!!!!


    Following the example of Metal Gear Solid 4, this is a defining game for Playstation 3, and next generation gaming as a whole. In my opinion, this is the best shooter ever! It knocks the socks off Halo, COD, even Gears of war 2, and i came to that conclusion just from playing the demo, so i cant wait to see what the real game is like!!!!! A definite buy, no doubt about it, and the game that Playstation 3 and next gen gamers everywhere have been waiting for!!!!

  3.  Well I like it!!!!!!


    Resistance Fall of man was the first game i ever played on my playstation 3, and i thought it was incredible, probably the best shoot 'em up id played for a long time. The graphics were great, the gameplay was awesome, and the story was engaging, and when the ending left the series open for a sequel, i was itching to get the second one, and i wasnt dissappointed at all. I always thought the amount of weapons available in resistance was a bit sparce, so i was happy to find theyd expanded the arsenal, as well as improving the previous weapons, such as the auger, showing enemies heat signatures so you could shoot them through the walls was a stroke of genius! The graphics are incredible, and the boss fights are immense. One of the only bad points is that the story was a bit short, and it wasnt explained very well, whereas in the first resistance they had someone narrating, which gave alot more insight as to what was happening in the story, which is an element they should have included in this installment. But all in all, a very good game indeed, could have done with a little bit more, but it was worth the wait. I just hope theres a third one!!!!!

  4.  Best POP so far!!!!!!


    This is by far the best prince of persia game to date. Ubisoft took a massive gamble when they decided to go with illustrative graphics, and although there are other games such as okami which use this style of graphics, its never been done on such a huge scale! The world is very large indeed, and although some people may think that free roaming is a bad direction for this kind of game, believe me, it isnt, in fact its an element the previous games were missing.

    Now, to the combat part. At first, there is quite a steep learning curve where the fighting is involved, and at first glance the combo tree is confusing, and the combos look incredible, but as there are few enemies you actually encounter, you have little chance to practice. I was a bit apprehensive when i found you only fight one enemy at a time, it actually works pretty well, as the one on one fights are pretty difficult, and feel more like duels. Although you cant pick up weapons like you could in previous games, the in battle button prompts and vast combo system keep combat varied and tense, as every battle is like a boss fight.

    Movement across the envioronment is quite challenging, but with a bit of practice, it becomes quite fluid, and running along walls, then jumping off them and swinging round a pole, climbing pillars and running along the ceiling, makes for a very engaging and fun experience all together.

    Total game time is fairly generous, and if you want to collect all the light seeds that adds another few hours. The story is awesome, and the fantasy setting makes a change from the realistic places of the previous games. The graphics are superb, the duels are great, movement is fun, altogether a very impressive game, i reccomend it to anyone, you wont be dissappointed. A definite must buy!!!!!

  5.  BEST YET!!!!


    This is no doubt, THE best sonic game yet, although it isnt without its flaws. Im a pretty big sonic fan, but Sega made a major mistake with the werehog. Its bearable, but I wouldnt encourage Sega to do anything like that again. The werehog levels are slow and frustrating, and the concept just doesnt work well at all. However, its by no means all bad. The graphics are awesome, and for the first time in a 3d sonic game Sonis actually looks like Sonic!!! The levels look great, and its so fast!!! It switches seemlessly between platforming and sidescrolling. The story is pretty good, and theres quite alot of play time. The upgrading system works well too, and in my opinion, if theyd left the werehog out, it would have been incredible. All in all, a definite must-have, even if youre not a die hard sonic fan.

  6.  Best Soul Calibur Yet!!!!!


    Ok, there are various bad points with this game, for example, the story mode for each character is a tiny bit short, but 'tower of lost souls' and 'arcade' modes more than make up for it. Another bad point, is the who upgrade system, its a bit confusing at first, and the manual doesnt give very much info on some of the features. however, the fighting is as good as ever, and the graphics are top-notch, and my fav feature is the critical finish. Best beat 'em up ever! :D

  7.  Best console out there....


    the first next-gen console i ever layed my hands on was the xbox 360. To tell the truth, i was fairly impressed with it, the graphics were good, but i didnt appreciate the idea of having to pay to play online, and it broke a couple of months later. I also didnt understand the fact that it could play high definition games, but it doesnt play high definition dvd's? oh yh, and its mega ugly lol. However, when i got my playstation 3 my entire view of the gaming world changed. It is by far the best console out there, and it will be the best console for many years to come. it has so much potential for the future, you can watch blueray dvd's on it, the graphics on games such as COD4, DMC4 and MGS4 are amazing, and theyre developing means by which you can watch digital television on it! Get this console, and the online play is free! The best console ever, a definite buy, if u dont have this console, you an idiot :D

  8.  Phenomenal!!!!!!


    The first time i played Oblivion was when my brother got it for his PC, and that was around 2 years ago, and im still not bored of it. Im pleased to say the game hasnt lost any of its charm during the shift from PC to playstation, if anything its better due to the fact that you get the two expansion packs too. This is without a doubt, one of the best games every made, probably the finest RPG ever made, and if you havent played this game, you are seriously missing out on an incredible experience. A definite must buy, DEFINITE!!

  9.  Astonishing end to a legendary hero!!!!!!!


    The first thing i want to say is that Ive never played any of the previous games in the MGS series, but after playing this i sure as hell wish i did lol, because if theyre anything like this, then no wonder its one of the best series in the world. Metal Gear Solid 4 is by far the best game i have in my PS3 collection, and i have no doubt in saying it is the best next-gen gamme out there. Other apparent 'next-gen' games like Halo 3 dont rly deserve to be called next-gen, because they dont rly improve on the gameplay, whereas MGS4 improves on all aspects of the previous games, especially the introduction of the octacamo suit. The extent to which you can upgrade guns is truly incredible, and is by far the best upgrade system of any game ive ever played. MGS4 takes full advantage of the PS3 incredible power, and is the best example of its potential so far. The graphics are great, definitely some of the best ive ever seen, and the gameplay is unique and has you on the edge of your seat. MGS4 is one of the games the PS3 was made for, and is no doubt one of the best, if not the best game ever made. By far the best ending to one of the best series, a definite must buy!!!!

  10.  The marmite of next-gen...


    Turok in my opinion is the marmite of the gaming world, you either love it or you hate it, and i definitely love it. Turok is one of the best FPS games i have ever played, the gameplay is tense and difficult at times, and it definitely makes you sweat. Fighting raptors and the various other dinosaurs is great fun, especially with the knife, and the whole idea of luring raptors into fighting enemy soldiers was a great idea. Besides engaging in straight-out firefights, there are times when you have to sneak in the grass, silently taking out youre enemies with either the knife or the bow. The grapihcs are really good, especially the rainforests and the dinosaurs. All in all, a great game, and im serious when i say a definite buy, you wont get bored of it, its too much fun :)