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  1.  Great Game


    This is a Blockbuster for the casuals and hardcore alikes, Many girls enjoy the game and even some parents can pick and play this. Its coop friendly so two people can enjoy it together , and has great replay value because you can do so many different routes of the story and change the outcome.

    If you loved heavy rain, you will love this game

  2.  Excellent Little Vita TItle that feels like a PS3 game


    absolutely stunning, not as huge and heavy for graphics but man they sometimes look way polished on the vita but i guess its thanks to the screen on the device that makes it pop.

    great gameplay mechanics. lots of new extras and getting money in the game is soo addictive.

    not sure about the update i had loads of fun offline. in the story mode. if i feel like it i will play online. i played online on the BETA, it was good but hard. really hard. takes alot getting used to the analogue sticks.

    the game is amazing for a handheld game. and keeps me playing during my breaks. and thats what VIta is all about for me.

  3.  Best Game even without doubts


    Best Played 2 hours bursts, no phone, no interuption, no disturbances, in the dark, with good sound system or headphone.s
    Be absorbed by the world, enjoy the visuals take your time. Do not let anyone spoil it.

    Game is absolutely amazing, This game delivered, simple quick description that may entice others to play.

    Best Resident Evil Experience
    Best Silent Hill Experience
    Visual Splendour , Uncharted Style Experience
    Metal Gear Style Unique Experience
    Best Engaging Story With the Best outcome at end.
    Ico Style character attachment.

    All wrapped up into one package. Others may feel more was in there.


    i felt like buying a special edition or limited edition. but out of stock everywhere.

    i hope for any gamer and hardcore alike to not to miss this amazing game because this is literally the pinnacle of gaming of the ps3 era. dont let it go. Thanks Creators of Uncharted for trying something new and ambitious. NAUGHTY DOG are awesome. And thank God this whole game turned out the way it did.

    Just last thing.. The only other game to give me the feelings after playing this game, was final fantasy 7.

  4.  This is Not Need for Speed or Burnout - its REAL RACING


    The game may not be what people expected, but i have been blown away by how the game has kept me fully addicited since November 2010, i am still playing this in April thats 5months constant playing and playing, i wouldnt beleive this but im not far from getting a platinum but the last few trophies are getting gold standards, i looked at this before and expected myself never to even get to 50% of the trophies. and i only have 2 platinums in my whole gaming on ps3,

    The game forces you into races you wouldnt like to progress, even though i was let down by this but after getting the old car for and old or slow race, while racing i begin to actually enjoy it. the game brings out love towards old cars. it beings to grow on you.

    This is not your Need for speed or burnout at all. So you wont have the customisation need for speed or the damage crashes as burnout.

    i do like customisation and it is minimal in gt5 and i would like them to put a full editor in. When i race i play serious i dont go for crashes because ? i wouldnt do that in real life. most of my races would be a couple bumps between other cars or going off the road. the game is hard but only people who have real cars in real life will realise the feeling that gt5 gives compared to arcade racers.
    Forza had me addicted for quite a while. After having forza 3 for well over a year i can tell you that gt5 is miles better.

    My gripe is that it stops me from finishing my other games, like yakuza, killzone 3 and castlevaina.

    oh and the time to make the game and the wait was abit annoying.

    too many people mess about online on forza where as gt5 online has some serious gamers who are looking to race instead of crashing into each other or causeing problems to others.

  5.  Very Simple yet Rewarding and Addicting Gameplay


    This game probably took a small step forward with its transition to PS3 from the RPG powerhouse of PS2. PS3 is lacking RPG games and due to making games in HD era it takes a long time to make the game look good as well as play good.

    This got a few moments to get into but it is quite a simple and very addictive game. Story isnt flashy and does not really become epic. But it is like watching an Anime series with alot of cool stuff to do.

    if you like the previous games you will like it. but you will only be dissapointed by the fact it took too long to come onto the PS3. put that aside and you have a 4/5 Game that is worth getting into.



    Great system great hd movies , as it plays blurays slimmer and compact design , it is a powerhouse of a system with some great exclusive games , and it is planned to last 10 years worth of amazing titles just like ps1 and just like ps2 which is coming upto its 10th year.


  7.  If you like COD4 / COD5 and Crysis


    This game deservers to be bought just alone from liking the other games - you wont be let down by the game play at all- although very weird in throwing grenades but heck its a great blast on mp online - the beta was fantastic and people say the final product will be the best fps experience to date. I reallyh hope the single player is amazing. The online is perfect they just need to sort out a few single playuer promise and thats it hit the spot lets hope

  8.  great game should be a definitive buy


    The most engrossion mulitplayer coop for a long time, its an rpg online its just soo fun to play together against hords of enemies sometimmes over 40 of them for your team to kill. Over 100hours of online fun, you could literally buy this and be able to play it day in day out over your course of daily schedule and you wont need another game for a long long time to keep you entertained..

    They kind of messed up buy not having the main single player (althought amaziing on its own) but to be able to play it coop online so you enjoy the story together is one thing that annoyed me, even the offline coop is not here.

    Please note you can play online coop with a friend at home online

    Eg 2 of you playing on same tv splitscreen with other online players which is a feat of its own

  9.  Loved NFS underground - LOVE THIS


    I loved nfs underground for ps2 back in the day, there was a differnt level of playin on that, lots of games came and went, but nothing brought it back, but this game midnight club la does it well and then some, first of all there is a very ok but enjoyable story, plus races that are always hard yet satisfying when won. I will say this, its a little bit hard until you get one of the abillites eg emp, and nitrous, this makes the game much easier as you can plan your wins.

    Game is truly great fun, brings back good racing vibe that nfs underground brought me those years ago, but if your not into hard games then this might put you off

    Great races, great story , great car customisation, very deep, long lifespan great music

    The negatives are bit too hard, and the online is abit not upto scratch
    Overall well worth the 8.5



    When i play this fantastic unique game my jaw litterally drops to the floor. This is one of those game where you can play wiht your kids and not be bored, because its not a cars or shabby disney game but an amazing game for you and them.

    A few levels online you should check out jail break it was a fantastic level full on you have to see it. And play it

    Its like the best game to get if you have kids,, i cant stress this enough