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  1.  He was a rutard! What!?


    This film was absoloutly hilarious! It had me and my mates laughing our heads off. It is definatly the best comedy i have seen this year and is a must buy!

  2.  The Best Zom-Com Since Shaun of the Dead!


    This film is the best movie I have seen in ages! The acting is great and you are glued to the screen for the whole hour and a half. Some bits can be gory so it is not for the faint hearted but the comedy is hilarious. I laughed my head of at some scenes. This is the best zombie comedy since shaun of the dead and I have t say, Zombieland was better. I recomend yo buy this amazing DVD!

  3.  Never seen such a good disaster movie!


    This film is absoloutly amazing! The special affects just put you on the edge of your seat! Until you have seen this, you haven't seen anything at all! I recomend you buy this DVD!

  4.  Silly, Funny and just a little bit violent!


    This film was pretty wierd. In some scenes it is like the style of epic or scary movie and everything looks a bit fake but thats only in some parts. Jack Black was halarious as his jokes were old fashioned but funny. Some jokes weren't as funny as they are shown on the trailer though. The blu ray really brings out the wild side of this film! Harold Ramis did a great job! GREAT MOVIE!!!!

  5.  The Ultimate In-Ear Headphones


    These headphones give out amazing sound, I can now hear noises that I didn't even know existed in certain songs! The only problem is the headphones are slightly to big for my ears, with the small adapters being slightly to small. These headphones are truly amazing, do not hesitate to buy!!



    Watched this at cinema and i have to say there was no story line it well, it was just rubbish. Do not buy!!!

  7.  WOOF!


    absoloutly brilliant
    marley is so cute and the acting is FAB. The book was better but the film was still great. Definetly worth the money.

  8.  Terrifyingly Brilliant


    this DVD just chilled me to the bone but only one bit was really scary
    the zombies are brilliantly made and look lifelike but best of all the acting of will smith and his dog sam is just amazing
    one bit is funny when he shoots the statue he calls Fred so overall its a very good movie

  9.  Demo is STUNNING


    Based on the demo this game is going to be in the top 3 this year (along with Modern Warfare 2). The graphics are amazing and the way the game just runs is stunning!

  10.  Alright


    I enjoyed this book but don't do what i did
    On the front it says ' not for the nervous
    Or frail' which put me off a bit but i did read it and i have to say
    It wasn't scary at all and if you like anthony
    Horowitz like me to be honest it was a bit of
    A let down so i hope this review helps