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  1.  Outstanding


    Every game has a target audience, a group in the market which the game is most likely to appeal too. At first glance this game would appear to appeal to younger gamers with its basic platforming element, but then the ability to build/create your own levels and share them with the world is pointing towards the older generation of gamers. So it appears that this game is a game for everybody made to suit every target audiences needs. Saying your too old for this game or its babyish is a really bad reason to miss out on easily the best plat former since Super Mario Brothers on DS.
    The platforming element of the game is what makes the game so good the guys at media molecule have given Sackboy just enough moves and abilities to make it playable and simple with out the frustration created by many other Games. People will say its too simple buts that the beauty of it its there to make it playable for everyone not just hardcore gamers who want a challenge though the later levels will certainly give you that.
    The ability to create your own levels is brilliant you are only limited by your imagination, all the levels you see where created by media molecule using the same tools you did so anything is possible. You then can publish your levels and share them with the world though the game has only been out for a short time some of the level created by users are much better then the ones made by Media molecules and this will continue as people get more familiar with the tools.
    This game is all round an amazing game the game looks stunning and is easily one of the smoothest and best looking games out there for the PS3.
    How you can say it isn't suited to the PS3 it is easily the only True next generation game out there at the moment and other games are mile behind.
    What multimedia123 seems to be expecting is a gaming experience that isn't available on any console yet, we at the current rate of game development aren't even close to the perfect visuals, it will be a long time before they are perfect and every game made suit everyone.

  2.  A great idea


    Based on the demo.

    I would have to say this is easily up to scratch when you look at the graphics it could quite easily be compared to The likes of COD4.
    The gameplay took a while for me to get use to but the game provided a lot of fun and enjoyment playing through the first level many times and learning the controls . Holding down R3 all the time does get painful on the old thumbs after a while.
    Though i turned the Sixaxis off after my first few tries at using it to balance as i found to either be automatically fall to one side whatever i did or it failed to work all together.
    Then theres the combat it seems like one moment it can be so simple its unbelievable then the next the AI have become almost impossible to floor. Then the shoot mechanics they seem a little off even though the developers stated they don't want to encourage shooting your way through a level i don't think you would be able to but the developers are meant to be looking into this.
    The environment is very good considering most of it is on rooftops, with the colour red paving your way across the level. The ability to free roam is there though i expect there will be more in the actual game as in the demo you are only limited to a certain area .
    I have fallen in love with this game and simply cannot wait for it to come.

    In regards to Bluemonkeypets question 'this or little big planet' is a very hard one to answer as they are both completely different both are next gen games and both lead away from our usually expectation of games.
    I have little big planet and now the whole family are playing it , the ability to create and share is brilliant, yes the levels created by Media molecule aren't all classics but neither will all the levels in mirrors edge. But it is easily one of the best plat formers for years.
    If i was you i would wait to see the reviews of COD5 as there are many mixed opinions before buying it then decide which 2 to buy.
    Mirrors edge also has the ability to be a first person shooter as well as a brilliant First person free running game, while little big planet is easily contender for game of the year and some of the most fun i have had in ages and easily worth all the hype.
    Hope this helps

  3.  Great game needs a little work


    The opening scene is brilliant especially in HD expecting a great story mode but noooo! Takes 5-10 minutes before you can actually play your first game as you have register any new cards took me ages for just the 8 in the booster pack starter deck is already there. Once i had done this the camera required me to move the mat (included) again even though it was pretty close any way to the lines set out on the TV screen.
    First game here we come started chose default for the first time chose the COM to have starter deck started playing and while into to it then the computer starts to play cards that aren't in the starter deck or in the 8 extra cards i had. I stood no chance as his troops slaughtered mine. Retried another game this time on beginner same thing again. I can't try the online as i can't connect to any games on this game all my other games are working online . They probably add more servers some time.

    Overall great game brilliant opening, the only let down is no story mode online play there isn't any at the moment and takes a while to get started.

    Poor service from play.com for the first time still processing now, went and bought it from my local game (they had all the cards as well that play.com have delayed)