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  1.  great game


    this is a quality game.. graphics, gameplay and the story, top notch. i give it 5 stars even though theres a few things i didn't like. theres 6 different endings, but unlike most peoples reviews, i found it quite boring, i couldn't go through it twice let alone 6 times. best improvement is being able to use both your weapon and your plasmid at the same time. i just found it too much like the first one, but it is a great game and a great buy.

  2.  addictive


    I'll be honest, this game doesnt hav great graphics and isnt well presented but the concept of it is great. Thers so much you can actually do on the game. You can find yourself playin for hours jus tryin 2 push into the first team n get your first goal... Great game, better than soccer life 2

  3.  gd game.. but why?


    gran turismo 5 prologue is a gr8 game, i playd on my m8s.. but after playin it, i thought, y wud u spend around £20 fr a demo, cos lets b fair thts all it is, 70 odd cars n 6 tracks
    thy're jus lukin fr a way 2 fund the very long release of gran turismo 5

  4.  got bored of it


    iv hd smackdown! frm the psone days, n i'd say tht smackdown 2 on psone has been the best in the series
    ever since the title of smackdown vs raw, nothin ever seems 2 chnge... all tht chnges is the background n layout of thngs, o n the conrtol system always chnges n gets worse each time.. storymodes predictable n allways the same, thy say thers loads of different storylines 2 follow but ther never is.... SvsR needs somethng new fr next yr

  5.  07 was better


    i thought 07 was alot better than 08... thy keep tryin 2 complicate the game more, takin thngs away n adding stuff thts useless, i use to like the backward n forward in ur stance, thts realistic so y take it off
    the graphics r a bit like thers a light mist all the tym, once agen 07 was better, graphics wer gd
    the tiger challenge is pretty poor aswell, i knw summit new wud b nice but its jus not as gd as 07
    08's bin a let down, lets hope 09's better

  6.  gd wen it first came out


    FEAR was the first game i got for ps3, i thought i was a gr8 game, gd graphics n gd gameplay, dark n spooky... i found it under a load of stuff recently n thought id giv it a blast agen... after playin resistance, cod4, turok and frontlines on xbox360.. FEAR really is a bad game lol but thts bein unfair as it was one of the first out fr ps3

  7.  not the best but fun


    playd the demo on ps3, n thought it was gd fun, clean graphics, nice n smooth.. annoying thng tho, players dont stretch fr the ball or put any effort in
    i bought it for the wii n its gr8 fr tht due to the control system, n it was onli £15, cheap, fun game.. so if uv got a wii, get it fr tht

  8.  EA's Best so Far


    playd the demo befor i got it, n tht was gr8.. now iv got the proper game, its bin polishd up a bit from the demo n its a gr8 game, gd flow to the game, captain your country is a gr8 addition
    if this is how good ea's footy games r gna b, wats FIFA09 gna b like.... PES myt as well giv up lol

  9.  didnt like it


    i got tiger woods with my wii... iv had every tiger woods since it came out from psone to ps3, n ther all gr8 games.. so wen i gt it fr the wii, i was feelin gd bout it but was let down.. i mean, yeh, gd graphics fr the wii, gd season mode n tiger challenge n tht, n all ur clubs, apparel n tht, but the gameplay itself lets the game dwn a bit
    wind has no affect on the ball, i always movd the target to compencate fr it but jus didnt wrk, straight line, even wit 20mph winds :S also i found the game hittin draws n fades wenever it likd, i thought it was me but i did several swings wen my wrist dint move at all n still went werever it likd... thers a few other bd thngs about it, but tht means mor typin lol
    overall, its an ok game tht needs wrk on it fr nxt yr... so probli best 2 wait till 2009

  10.  all the same


    as gd as EA's rugby games r, thy all seem the sme, thy keep tryin 2 add bits but generally its the sme gameplay n graphics... thy cud do wit bringin it out on PS3