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  1.  genuis


    bought these as my router is upstairs and my wd media streamer is downstairs connected to the tv, the wi-fi signal is not strong enough to stream hd movies to the wd without freezing and stuttering. read all the positive reviews and though i would give them ago. first off setup was instant, didn't even have to pair up the two devices a they were already paired up straight out the box. plugged one into my router then into a surge protected extension lead then went downstairs plugged the other into my media player and into another extension lead and that was it, job done. i can now stream full 1080p movies no problem and i can watch iplayer in hd without any freezing or stuttering. i'm getting nearly 20mb/s on my pc with a wired connection from my router and wondered what speed i could get from the powerline adapter i had plugged in downstairs, dug out my old pc connected it up to the powerline adapter downstairs, did a quick speed test and the connection was exactly the same as i get from my pc upstairs ( amazing ). also tried it on my sky hd box and anytime plus works perfect. cannot recomend these enough.

  2.  diamond album


    without a doubt the best album of 2010 so far. every track is a gem.

  3.  kerching


    peter kay cashing in again, is this guy ever gonna release any new material ???. do not line his pockets he does not deserve it.

  4.  wt do acoustic perfectly


    this is an amazing album, every song sounds so beautiful, just wish i could have been there. this band are so underrated. this is a collection of some of there best tracks preformed acoustic and it just works so well. buy it.

  5.  i have joined the resistance


    this is muse's fifth studio album and it an absolute corker, just can't stop playing it. muse are an amazing band and i was lucky enough to see them in teignmouth the other week, where they played 5 tracks from this new album. i knew straight away this album was going to be something special and i was not wrong. i'll rate each track for you.

    uprising 9.5/10 very catchy song, sounds even better live

    resistance 10/10 absolute corker of a song, starts slow then really gets going great chorus.

    undisclosed desires 9/10 differnt style for muse but it works well, sounds abit like depeche mode.

    united states of eurasia 9/10 wasn't sure about this one at first but it get's better with each listen, definite queen influence. beautiful piano at the end.

    guiding light 8.5/10 bit of a power ballad, sounds abit like invincable but better.

    unnatural selection 10/10 great riffs and great vocals

    mk ultra 9/10 another rocker this one old style muse.

    i belong to you 8.5/10 bit of a wierd song but it works well, matt singing in french halfway though aswell.

    exogenesis part 1,2,3 10/10 one of the most powerfull and beautiful pieces of music ive ever heard.

    totally blown away by this album.

  6.  most fun you can have with your wii


    Just got this game yesterday and it is so much better than i thought it could be. I'll be totally honest and say that i have not been on all the activities on here but i have had a good go on most of them. Sword fighting is really good. Basket ball was alot more fun than i thought it would be. Archery was amazing, played on that for a couple of hours already. Table tennis is so addictive i have played this the most so far aswell as frisbee which is more fun that playing it for real. All in all from what ive played so far i am totally impressed with this and i think the motion plus works very well indeed.

  7.  funnyest thing i have ever heard


    this is the most download podcast in the world and there is a reason for that, it's the funnyest thing i have ever had the privelige to listen to. it's just 3 blokes in a room talking, ricky gervais, stephen merchant and the legend that is karl pilkington. i have listened to everthing they have ever done and it's all amazing. karl has a really weird take on life and see things differn't from the rest of us, he has these mad theorys and ideas which are so funny to listen to. i cannot recomend this enough it's pure comedy gold.

  8.  this is how live music should be played


    wow what a performance from within temptation. if you like within temptation then you will be blown away by black symphony. they are playing live with a choir and the 60 piece dutch Metropole Orchestra, and it sounds fantastic. they play well over 2 hours and that is just one disc. the other dvd has another concert and some great extras including music videos and back stage footage. there are also 2 live cd's of the black symphony gig. well worth the £ 17.99 price tag. comes in a nice boxset aswell.

  9.  the greatest show on earth FACT


    I can not put into words how amazing this show is. I have watched alot of show's including lost , 24, heroes, prison break and while they are all great shows this one is a clear cut mile above anything i have ever seen before. I never watched it while it was being shown on tv and in a way i'm glad because it is much better to follow on dvd, no adverts and when you have seen one episode you can jump straight onto the next one, and when your watching pure class like this one episode is never enough. I'm extremely sad that this show has come to an end because it gripped me from episode one and it never let go. The acting is amazing the story lines are amazing the music i could go on. This may seem like alot of money to splash out on a dvd boxset but if you do, when you have watched the last episode you will know that it was worth every penny.

  10.  the best mp3 player on the market


    there are so many 5 star reviews on here and there's a reason why. this is without a shadow of a doubt the best mp3 player on the market. the sound quality is second to none. it is so simple to use anybody can figure it out. no need to download any software just drag & drop or sync with wmp 11 which comes on the disc if you havn't got it already. some people have had problems with the video but once you find the right software the results are amazing ( i use dvd fab platinum to rip dvd's ) work perfect if you rip to the ipod format and make sure the size is 240x320. earphones are amazing and they stay in your ears unlike others i have had. all in all i cannot find one single fault with this player. oh yea the battery goes on forever aswell.