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  1.  Does the job very nicely


    Hi guys, here's the first review of this product.
    Firstly - the price: despite it saying 12.99 - I was only charged 10.39, so that was a nice surprise!
    Quality - took it out the bag and it had that slightly itchy feel of a t-shirt that isn't exactly the highest quality, but it softened up after a few washes, so it's fine. For the price, this is a great t-shirt and I happen to think it's the best design of the Top Gun t-shirts available here on play.com. Surprised it hasn't been bought / reviewed before! It's a cool design and much more original than some of the other cliched Top Gun ones.
    Buy it! Or don't... that way I'll be unique :-)
    Good t-shirt. 5/5 for the price it costs.

  2.  A Must See for Everyone of All Ages


    An absolutely brilliant series, which you just have to see to understand how good it is. Amazingly shot, beautiful locations (he gets to go everywhere, it's so unfair!), great graphics, and the brilliant enthusiasm of the Prof himself!

    And I know this isn't part of the review, but I have to say this because I know MANY people who read this will be glad to know.... He's back! The new series, Wonders of The Universe, starts on Sunday 6th March! Yay! :-)

  3.  The BBC strike again. Amazing!


    I was fortunate enough to have seen this incredible 3 part series when it aired on TV last year and I put it on my BluRay wish list straight away! The photography is STUNNING! You can see every single particle of diamond dust (watch it and you'll know what I'm on about!) blowing across your screen and it really puts you in the heart of Yellowstone. Incredible animals that you won't have seen before; incredible scenery; incredible everything! And at the end of each episode, there's a short 5/10 minute documentary about some of the people who work in the park. Every nature documentary lover should own this spectacular series. Only downside? It's over too quickly!!

  4.  Believe it... this rules!


    I completely agree with reviewking. This game is absolutely incredible.
    Can't believe I only discovered the wonder of Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction a couple of weeks ago - by accident nonetheless. I'm pretty sure this must be one of the best ways to spend a measly £15... it will keep you entertained for hours! I'll be sad when I complete it (there are so many awesome levels) but hey, maybe I'll just start all over again when I do!
    Amazing graphics, awesome storyline, really funny characters and dialogue, so much fun - grind rails anybody?! - and like the other people said, it's like seeing all the best Pixar movies and playing the best platformer ever... all at the same time! And did I say it's only £15?
    Buy this game! Buy it now! I hope they make another one. I'd gladly pay full price for a game of this outstanding quality.

  5.  Does exactly what it was made for!


    Five stars! It's small (considering what it does), it's light, it actually looks pretty cool and, most importantly, it works! It really does keep your laptop sooo much cooler and if you have a laptop that overheats and starts to perform less efficiently, then you need this! It's not even that noisy, I promise!

    A great product by Belkin and for a great price from play.com. Get one! By the way, I'm using it right now with the Belkin Cush Top that I just bought and they work together fine - it raises the laptop even more obviously, but fine nonetheless!

  6.  Really good...


    If you really do want to use your laptop as a LAP top, but you don't want to get your lap all hot then this is definitely what you need. It's great for using in bed too and apart from keeping your lap cooler, it also keeps the laptop cooler because the fans are not getting blocked by all the duvet!
    Like the reviewer below says, the only down side is that the central pocket is not big enough for the power supply of most laptops... but that's not that iportant and it's the only reason I can't give this five stars, otherwise it's brilliant! Get one! Forgot to say, they are really well made and very durable, fantastic price.

  7.  Words can't describe...


    ...HOW AMAZING THIS ALBUM IS !!! I've been waiting for this album to come out for soooo long, just like all the other die hard AB fans out there. Now it's here. And it kicks soooooo much ass. There isn't a bad song on the album. My advice to you if you don't like some of the songs: listen to the album three times in a row, because they WILL grow on you! Amazing lyrics, amazing vocals, amazing drumming, amazing bass...........and AMAZING GUITAR!! Mark Tremonti - you rock my world!!! BUY THIS ALBUM TODAY!! You haven't properly experienced decent modern rock until you've heard Alter Bridge. Trust me. Trust us - Alter Bridge fans RUUUUULE!!! ALTER BRIDGE RULE EVEN MORE!!!!!!!!!!!! One more time then.... amazing. Peace.